She is happy as a clam! We went Monday morning for the walk through, called “The Welcome Home” tour. It is bright and sunny. There were a few things still remaining that had not been completed or that we found needed to be worked on. Those are:

  • Sod needed to be put in
  • Garage pressure washed
  • A blue mark (electrician marking) needed to be removed near a ceiling light
  • Small hole (dime size) in the flooring in the kitchen
  • The two remotes to the garage were missing
  • Sliding Screen door to the patio door needed to be put in
  • They owe her the 2 keys to her mail box

There are several things we have to do on our own.

  • Grout needs to be sealed with backsplash
  • Granite needs to be sealed
  • The driveway is recommended to be sealed

We were worried we might have to go to her bank in Columbia to get the money situated, but she was able to get it done on the phone and money transferred to the closing agents. They verified it had been received. I have worried over this part that the money would go to the wrong place and we’d never see it again. It’s very scary. But when I got home yesterday she told me all was handled and the closing folks verified it came through. All she has to do is sign papers on Friday.

I took a few pics of the inside. The bedrooms were hard to take a pic of and the pictures make them look smaller. I’m not sure I even ended up with her bedroom. I’ll have to remember to take another picture. And of course as things settle and gets decorated I’ll take more pics.

You can see the front door there and the open kitchen.

Her bedroom is the door on the right. And you can see the sliding glass door to the patio – which is what sold her on the place!

They really should have taken more care to get the mud off the back porch for the welcome home walk through. Maybe they did and a construction worker messed it up – you know I’ll give my opinion, lol. Personally, I’d have had someone there an hour before to ensure these final things were done. But all is well.

I was in a hurry and being rushed and didn’t get to focus too much on the pictures. I did a quick walk through of a video also for an upcoming video. Didn’t really have time to do what I planned there either as the crew showed up as I was about to film an introduction. lol. So I’ll just do voiceovers like always. So, that said, the rest of the pics were hurried and the lighting is not good. Once everyone was was gone I thought I’d be able to focus on pics but then Mom rushed me out the door as she didn’t have anywhere to sit. I should have let her go in the car but I just snapped what I could and left. I had to get her home and get to work anyway. But here’s what I got.

The above pics are each side of master bedroom which then leads into a big walk in closet.

The guest bedroom is pretty darn small. But hopefully a bed and a small dresser will fit. Fingers crossed. A closet is the length of the wall behind behind me there. Guest bathroom there.

And I guess I just totally didn’t get a pic of her bedroom and the flex room in the middle which could be an office or sitting room. I just got hurried and didn’t get it. I was interrupted several times while trying to get pics as it was. Anyway, this is what I ended up with to share. It all just happened so fast and then it was over and being rushed out. I think they should have a place (folding chair/table) for people to sit to go over things as it was an hour and half that Mom had to stand. I felt bad for her and if I’d known I’d have brought her a camp chair from the garage. I guess I knew it would be an hour but didn’t really consider there would be no chair or seating for a long meeting. Didn’t even cross my mind really. I’m not used to having to look after another person. lol

After dropping Mom off, I realized I was going to miss lunch time. I had already taken Mom to get a sausage biscuit from Wendy’s before the meeting, so before heading in to work I went through a drive through and got the Slim’s Salad at Slim Chickens. Their food is so good. I sat in a nearby parking lot and ate it and then headed in to work.

Not a bad view.

I got all the necessary things done for payroll in a few short hours Monday. I had taken half day of PTO.

George fixed a hamburger pizza casserole for dinner. It had pillsbury crust on top. It was really good. We had mozzarella (the real kind) and pepperonis left over from the pizzettes he made on the weekend.

So this brings us to Tuesday. Yesterday was my early day. And for whatever reason, even though I had a really good and deep 8 hour sleep – I was just foggy and sleepy all day and just generally tired and did not feel good. I feel much better today and had another really good sleep last night. If I only wake up once and go back to sleep quickly I can call it a good night. I’ve been to bed pretty early the last two nights – early by 8:30 – which digs deep into my evenings not giving me much time after work.

So I left the house by 6 a.m. if not a little before, and then got home a little before 6 p.m. last night. Although I had a list of stuff I could have done, I grabbed a glass of wine and the remote and after Mom’s show she was watching was over (One Day at a Time), I asked for the remote to watch something. (She’d had the TV all day – it’s our turn when we get home, lol). But I did ask. Anyway, I watched some of my YouTube Shows. I’ve added one that I’m going back to the beginning to binge watch (well binge over time as time allows). I have been wanting to find some other interesting “vloggers” out there. This one lives in Svalbard on the North Pole. I think she said it was -8 right here. She has a couple of dogs too. The scenery is beautiful and I’m looking forward to watching to see what it is like living in Svalbard. It’ll be cold and sometimes no sun. That is for sure.

Just wanted to share with you. It’s hard to find people to follow on there. A lot of them are younger (she is too) or there are some doing makeovers or hair and things like that but I like the complete lifestyle vlogs similar to what I am doing (just vlogging about your life and lifestyle) and hope to find some that are my age or at least closer to it. But I guess I’m not searching in the right place. Surely I’m not the only almost senior vlogger out there. lol. It’s hard to build up a community. And I have had very little time to try – so there’s that. But just in a general search they way YouTube is set up, it’s been difficult to find what I’m looking for. But somehow this one popped up in once of my searches at 1 a.m in the morning. I want one that publishes regularly. I can’t wait til I personally can publish weekly myself. But I just can’t even set that as a goal right now. I’d have to give up my family lol. They would give me up as I’d always be in here editing and that won’t work. So three weeks is a best a commitment I can give and then sometimes it might be 4 if it’s a busy time like the upcoming time will be.

If I am the only almost senior vlogger out there then they say “being first, being really good, or being unique/different” you can be a success on there. Well I don’t know about good, but different aught to do it, lol lol and if there’s not many of us my age doing it – that should help if I market it right. ha!

Anyway I’ve blogged for too long and don’t have much time for hair and make up. It doesn’t look like much anyway when I style it these days. I’m not used to it being longer and I’m struggling to tame it and deal with it. This is what happens when I don’t cut it. Then I have a Mom who keeps saying I need to use her shampoo for gray hair making me think there is something wrong with it. I almost just came home and cut it all off on my own yesterday, if it looks that bad that people are telling me what I ought to do with it. lol

We are going to Lowe’s tonight to get a fridge (Mom’s) that is only on sale through tomorrow I think. We will go back Thursday in hopes that the washer and dryer she wants will be on sale. The sales guy said there was a chance but no guarantee so we’ll wait a couple of days to see. I will work on the next video in the morning and will be back on Friday morning for blog post, Lord willing! We close Friday! So we’ll see if I have time. If not I will post as I can! The week going by fast and lots to do at work. It’s month end (taxes due by the 15th) and I have a 4 day week this week and 3 day week next week, so again….another crunch time. May have to work some longer days. That is the thing with vacations now days. You don’t really get much of it. You work the hours before and after to make up for it. ::sigh:: Not what it’s all cracked up to be but at least I’ll be glad to have some time off to help Mom even if I have to work extra before and after. Be back when I can!

Anyway over and out!

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  1. Hi Thank you for giving us the news about the house, I have been quite anxious waiting for . GOOD news. Thank God Mum was ok….I’m busy so have to stop but just wanted you to know how pleased I am….I’m sorry I had meant to say to take a seat for Mum to sit on….sorry

  2. It’s a pretty place. I hope your Mom will be very happy there. It is just the right size for her. Not too much to clean.

  3. Definitely take a chair over there when you next go over and leave it in the garage as I guarantee you will need it for the move-in times. 😉

    Looks fantastic they did an amazing job I think. I can see those panels in the front door now. Definitely have a go with the rabbitgoo stuff from amazon as I think that is pretty good as long as you apply it right and it is a reasonably priced option.

    I would suggest also with the sliding glass door, it doesn’t seem to have any stickers on it to show you it is closed? In Australia they tend to come with that on the door when they install it, like the photo I have put a link to below. But the amount of times we’ve had someone try to walk through the glass door even with the stickers on is a lot, especially my Mum tends to do it.

    I think the stickers on the sliding door should be more at eye height myself. 🙂 I would probably rabbitgoo part of that door as well, we are going to try it when we get a chance.

    • Good ideas! Mom always keeps her sliding door closed so she always knows to open. It’s too many folks around to leave open and unlocked. She’s had the same set up. But yeah we will have to get chairs over there while we do grout sealing and granite sealing and shelf lining.

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