Getting the House Back in Shape for Fall

Yay, the sun room – she is back in order and it feels REAL GOOD! I worked hard on it yesterday. Also worked on laundry and the kitchen too. Was on my feet most all day except for eating and a little break to watch a show. Sipped on water, ice tea, more water, and then George fixed us a special cocktail and then a fine dinner! It was a great Saturday and a much needed day at home for a final push at getting the house back in order. There’s no A/C in the sunroom and it was pretty hot out there. I had a few windows open and fans going.

I had hoped for rain but the rain was west of us. I’m glad it DIDN’T rain here as it “trained” over the same areas. People west of here were in horrible floods with 10 inches of rain in a few short hours. Sadly there were lives lost. Ten as of now with 40 others missing. This is a terrible situation so please pray for these families. There is a pain in my heart as I talk about putting my house back together and realizing these folks lives and houses have fallen apart.

I changed George’s sheets and found Roger’s monkey that we washed was mixed in among the sheets. My guess is that George is sleeping with a stuffed animal too, lol. There is just something calming about being dogless when you have a substitute dog. We had slept with our dogs for so long. So when I made his bed, I put “monkey” on the pillow. Maybe it was a fluke, but I think not. I also took the pic of Roger that I’d had at the office and put it by his bedside. So he will see it every night and smile.

Part of putting up things meant I had to put all the dishes up that went in the bottom of the china cabinet. Most of these were on the couch in the sun room, lol. I moved them in the dining room/living room and put them in the floor along with pillows for me to sit on.

Got it done. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had to make numerous trips to carry things downstairs. So while the sunroom looked good, other parts of my house were now messy, lol. But as George said “you gotta start somewhere”. I have a method of doing things and it messed more up midstream but by day’s end it was all put up!

Before….and this was only 1/3 of what went downstairs!
After, and all cleaned up just before dinner time!

Not sure where the extra laundry basket came from. lol. But Roger’s dog beds are now downstairs. And I found some lamps in the process to experiment in new places. One is in the kitchen to give Mom some lights. The under counter lights that she bought don’t really work as well as she’d hoped. I have to work on the cord. lol. I don’t really like cords showing.

Not really fond of it there but we can remove it when she leaves. I like the light but not really liking the lamp there. It works though. And will help her a little bit. Mom seemed more excited about the puzzle table being added back. Yes, it’s amid musical instruments but what can you do? lol

This is the one I chose to work. It’s perfect for the “end of summer”.

Just when I went to sit down I realized the dining table had clutter and also I had put picture frames in my seat. So nope….work wasn’t over yet.

All of the above had to find homes too.

Most of it worked into here in this little cabinet. No – it’s not pretty. I’ll have to rearrange later. Despite my efforts at trying to make it look nice, it ended up being crammed in there. Another day. I mean, good grief who cares when it’s amid musical instruments and puzzle tables – at this point it’s just about function and that is really what matters to me. I’m not even a glassware person. But I do have some favorites. These I had to wash. They were greasy/funky. A bit of warm soapy water with a bit of vinegar in the water – a tip from Mom, and a tip from her Mom too I guess.

These two are my favorites of the little cordial glasses. We rarely use them. I told George we should use them sometime. Winter nights is a good time with a little Drambuie after dinner?

While in the basement, I found this lamp that I had put aside for some reason. I think Mom didn’t like it in her bedroom and wants her own lamp instead as it put out more light. It matches the decor here and gives the foyer a different feel. I hadn’t even realized there was a plug in the wall here. It covers up the painting a bit but it doesn’t look weird. It caught my eye all night as I passed it in the hallway. And this table also was cleared of clutter.

When I finally sat down yesterday it felt so good. I was very stiff this morning getting up out of bed too!

I will leave you with Fancy – I call her “Fancy Lou”. I always greet her with “Fancy Lou, How are You?” lol.

And I guess we need to work on the hearth next. I see I need to change some things there and I’ll work on that in a couple of weeks when I redecorate for fall. But it has been a blessing to be home with no plans this weekend. A chance to “bless the nest”.

I have a couple of other things to share, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. I need to go make coffee. I’ve been awake since 3:30 with an active mind. Best to just go ahead and get up when that happens. I got a lot of sleep Friday night so it’s all good. I was holding off making the coffee b/c it would be cold when everyone else got up.

We are going to church this morning and I think George will be working on the yard some – weed eating. Mom and I want to go out for lunch – she hasn’t been out much this week so that will be good for her even if it is a drive thru. I will let her choose. The virus on the uptick in these parts so we will likely need to hang low these days, but will see what she wants to do. Drive thru works.

So ya’ll have an excellent Sunday. Gotta get that coffee started! 😉 Up nearly two hours now and I’m ready for it!

6 responses to “Getting the House Back in Shape for Fall”

  1. Your sunroom looks amazing. That is such a nice room. I would want to spend time out there. Great place to sit & read or chat or just relax. Beautiful!
    I know how tiring putting “stuff” back in place can be. Awesome job girlfriend!
    The foyer looks elegant. Wow.
    I’m sure George appreciated his bed. I felt a little teary seeing that.
    I hope you get lots of downtime today.
    Take care 🤗

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I had a big down time day! I got all the rest of the video edited, music added it’s up on YouTube. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I got nothing much else done but my devotional!

  2. You did well-getting things back in order. I like the furniture in your sunroom. Have you ever watched the show Marie kondo? She also has a book The life-changing magic of tidying up.
    After I watch her it makes me want to clean and organize things.
    There is a girl on Tic Toc I love to watch Kaelimalee. She has so many good ideas and tips. I can watch her for hours.
    I thought that was so sweet keeping Roger’s monkey. I know you and George miss him.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Oh Sonya, what an AMAZING day you had. Everything looks great, we are so pleased for you. I know just how difficult you find looking at everything cluttered up, I would be the same, so to see it all tidy and looking just as you want I,t is a lovely feeling. I hope you enjoyed church this morning ,just as we did. Although I had a bit of a fright as the service was about to start my phone rang…that has NEVER EVER happened, I just had to answer it, it was my neighbour Rob I think I told you he had a motorbike accident 10 days ago, Anyway he was in agony and had to go to our local small hospital to have his dressing redone as it had come off and he was in a bad way. I said hang on Rob I will be home ASAP but certainly by 12noon it was 11am. Thankfully our loving God knew and our service ended at 11.40 I normally stop to speak at various members but I shot out as if I was on fire ! Throwing a message to a couple saying I had to go fast to get my neighbour to hospital …..Anyway I got home had a quick cuppa and then took him to hospital, they redressed his wounds so hopefully that will be ok till I take him to,our own Dr on Tuesday…Anyway after that drama it’s been a lovely day the sun is shining and I’ve had a seat outside this afternoon before coming in to think about our dinner…tonight. Stir fry…..keep safe from the storms. God Bless…

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