“Oh the Things You Will Write on a Piece of Scrap Paper”

Saturday morning here. Normally I’d wait til afternoon to post, or perhaps tomorrow, depending on the time. But yesterday one of my precious readers said “I wish you would post more!” What a compliment. It made my day – heck, it made my year.

I will do my best to stick an extra post in even if it’s short. I had been dividing my time b/w movie editing and blog posting. And if I’m going to get the videos done (I’m only in Feb’s now and it’s July, LOL LOL), I’ll have to keep focusing on that.

Not even sure enough has happened since my last blog post, but I always USED to blog EVERY morning. When you do that, you end up blogging more about your feelings I guess b/c there was not much else to write about in a day’s time.

It’s been the kind of year where you almost didn’t even have time for feelings. Have you ever been that busy? Often though I have thoughts in the car and I’ll grab a piece of scratch paper – whatever I can find once I arrive in the parking lot and scribble my thinking. Sometimes I have to turn off the audio book and just have silence so that I can let my thoughts meander. And sometimes something in an audio book gives me an idea or a thought and I run with it.

I thought I’d share some of those scribbles from some of those mornings where my thought lines were able to run free and not taken up by anyone else’s agenda or work day. I often like to ask myself questions and then spend time coming up with the answers. LOL. Yes, I guess I have internal conversations with myself, hahahahaha. Is that normal? Probably not, but I never claimed to be and a pyschology teacher once said “define normal?”

Once I remember asking myself when I was a little bit uncontent:


  1. Creative time – Time to write, make lists, think, invent, ponder, and do.
  2. Organizing time – Dividing and organizing my world – all of it in places where it should go – things and thoughts
  3. Planning time – Time to figure out when, where, what, who, how and getting it on the calendar
  4. Cleaning time – Nice, neat, clean lines – everything has a place and in it’s place
  5. Space – Room to do what I need to do
  6. Time to “do the things”
  7. Quiet Time – I guess to do the things above?

I discovered if I have all these things, I’m a happy and content woman! When I don’t I’m longing for them. Of course there are always other needs such as food and shelter, but after you get those basic needs taken care of and working on one’s life, it’s those above that make me a less than perfect human if I do NOT have them.

So it’s not always “oh the places you will go” sometimes it’s “oh things you will write on a scrap piece of paper”.


Now I can throw that scrap of paper in the trash. I answered my question and then wrote about it. Oh there’s more, trust me! Have a good day.

5 responses to ““Oh the Things You Will Write on a Piece of Scrap Paper””

  1. I love my quiet time. My brain needs quiet time. It is when I reflect on things which then allows me to live mindfully. Plus, as I think you know, quiet time is needed to be creative. And some of us, like you and me, crave to be creative. I also write in my gratitude journal when I have quiet time. I like this post!

  2. Oh Sonya, you do make me laugh, with all your chat, I enjoy/ love reading your blog because your so….normal !!!….and write just what’s happening in your life. Or what you hope will happen…Today has been a nice day over here. Started by going to Chippenham…our nearest small town , Peter always drives on a Saturday and that pleases me. Mary and I didn’t really need to go as we were there yesterday, however Peter likes to go for a big breakfast !! Mary and I just first have a wander round the centre, looking in the shop windows, we rarely buy anything as truth be told we really don’t need anything…once we have had a good look round we meet up with Peter in our fav. Cafe called Boswells….I usually just have ne usual toast smothered in butter I manage a slice and a half and Peter ends up having the last piece!! Then it was home just in time for Val one of our neighbours who comes visiting most days from 10.30 – 11.45 today she stayed longer it was after mid day when she went. Almost time for Mary and me to have a sandwich for lunch. In between this I was reading mail that had been delivered and glancing at the daily paper. This afternoon another neighbour pops over she is 90 and is lovely. We play games of Majhong with her….So that’s almost my day. I have to go look what we can have for dinner tonight….take care and God Bless…Hope you manage to fit in shopping today to check out floor coverings ? Bye for now. God Bless

  3. Thank you! ❤
    You always have something to say. Words to pass on.
    I know your days are full so I thank you for taking the time out.
    Have a beautiful day!
    precious here 😇

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