New Summer Decor and the Excitement of Summers Growing Up

Had to share my new “runner” this morning. This is the only kind of “runner” you will find in this household, lol. Lisa gave me an Aztec or Southwest runner with my favorite colors in it. It’s so pretty and perfect for summer. I had some summer placemats already and although they are more of a Tuscan feel, the colors work.

So the table is coming together for summer. I may do a rearrange though for July 4th. We will be eating at the table a lot with Mom there. We usually eat with our plates and watch Netflix, but I’m not going to make Mom do that. A side benefit of this is that I’m starting to see my dining room table again. George should be glad I have been patient with this. Mom never allowed anything to remain on her dining room table for longer than an hour at most. I’ve been called in many a disturbance of what I was doing to come clear my things from the table growing up. Didn’t matter, studying, sleeping, talking on the phone – if you had something on the table and Mom saw it – you were in there pronto picking it up.

He has only a few things left on it. At least he knows and has removed his things without me having to say something or do it. He knows I’d just clean it off and dump it in a box or spread it all around and he’d have to resort it. lol.

All that said, we are borrowing Mom’s lazy Susan while she is there. My table is wide enough that I think it will come in handy as we “pass the buttah” across the table.

That green bowl there is one I bought to put cold salads in. Pasta salad, chicken salad, bean salad – those types of salads.

Lisa also gave me the birdhouse on the right. It fit perfectly in this spot. I might find a little bird to perch on the little hole there.

June Flashbacks / Memory Lane as a Child

As May morphed into June, I had some flashbacks into my youth. I’m not sure what prompted all this, perhaps it was spending more time with Mom, having a grandson now, but forwhatever reason, my mind took me back to memories I’d not thought of in a long time.

I remember being in school at various ages at the end of May and I remember the feelings that came along with that as school ended and summer approached. Lots of excitement in the days ahead. Not having to get up early and get ready for school, no tests, the thoughts of getting to sleep late, and a day being a clean slate with nothing but what you wanted to do.

There were end of school open houses and carnivals in elementary school. I loved those. I loved getting to show my parents our classroom, our artwork, where I spent my day. I loved the elements of surprise at the booths at the carnivals and potential prizes that could be won, or bought if you didn’t win, lol.

As I aged, into 5th or 6th grade, there were end of year chorus shows for the parents. Sometimes put on by the whole grade class and then I participated in chorus and we’d sing the songs we’d practiced for months just for that night.

In the eighth and ninth grades, the peer pressure was definitely there as most of my thoughts were tightly wrapped into what my friends were doing, thinking about doing, and of course we were thinking about the boys. The thought of summer arriving meant not seeing friends as much unless it was church or especially arranged.

And then there was church camp! lol All the churches of christ would come together and hold a couple of weeks of camp in the summer. I would get with my friends and we’d see which week to go so we could get in the same cabin together. We’d get to the church early to get in line to make sure we got the week we wanted and friends lined up together and made sure to write each others names on the form as to who to be in the cabin with.

How fun it would be to “get ready for camp”. A shopping trip for new shorts and tops, a bathing suit, beach towel, summer sandals, bug spray, and toiletries, complete with razor and shaving cream for those two hairs on our legs, lol.

I also remember the annuals coming out before school ended and the signing of the annuals. I remember getting my favorite crushes (there were always several) to sign and I would cherish the words written. lol I remember the anticipation of hardly being able to wait to see what they had written. Did they sign it “love”, xxx000? lol lol lol

In high school, and while driving, I had a little more independence. Summer meant working in the evenings and weekends in retail at Parks Belk, part of the Belk system at that time. But in the days at lunch I would meet friends sometimes, particularly my friend Sheila. We would have lunch, might shop somewhere, and a few times would hang at her pool.

I remember the summer before college, Sheila and I were going to Lipscomb – then David Lipscomb College – Now Lipscomb University. We had a blast all summer planning our dorm room. We were so excited.

I remember the excitement of it all, of move-in day, of my independence FINALLY. No one to tell me what to do, what not to do. I remember the excitement of that feeling of a clean slate and that I could be who I wanted to be. Who DID I want to be?

I remember wanting to “have my space” decorated with plants, a stereo, a phone (we didn’t have cell phones but a phone in the room was the access point to ones significant other at that time). I just remember the glee of having my own space and independence. I didn’t have a car until late fall my first freshman year. It became apparent that I would need one. My grandparents bought it for me and I paid them like $68 a month for it. Eventually they gave me the gift of not having to pay anymore on it.

But going back a bit into my younger summers when I was in elementary school, I remember going to the farm with Mom and my grandfather. We packed our lunch for the day, big jugs of water, and I was encouraged to pack a “to do bag” to draw or write or whatever in case I got bored. To me that was fun as we were “going on a day trip” of sorts. It was “hay day”! And Mom drove the truck while the hay bales were picked up. I remember one day there were bunnies under a hay bale. I also remember the garden and picking peas and beans and digging’ up taters. And later shelling them on the porch while homemade ice cream was churning.

I was never a fan of the wasps and bees nor the hot humid weather though in the summers. I wanted to play tennis so bad. I loved it. I would be excited for summer to come to play and would go with friends and we’d play 30 minutes and it be too hot and go get ice cream! lol

I enjoyed the farm days though and went with Grandaddy often through the years. He would count the cows, check on the horses and sometimes we’d ride them, and sometimes we’d fish in the pond. Once I caught a snapping turtle. In college he took me to Panama City and we went deep sea fishing. Then I caught an Octopus. lol

I then remember in all of those summers though, how bored we’d get by the time July 4th was over. We missed our friends, sometimes camps were over, the days got hot, you were forced inside by the scorching heat, parents began insisting on extra chores – mow the yard, vacuum and dust, clean out your closet. We would go through the summer doldrums and boredoms. I would listen to music, draw, write, watch TV, listen to the radio, learn the words to music by recording the songs on my tape player from the radio and play them over and over again. I would dream and plan the future, lol. And we’d meet friends on Friday nights for the matinee and new movie of the week and see some friends in the nice air conditioned building. Or perhaps we’d go skating on Tues/Thurs nights to see friends.

And sometime toward the end of July the excitement of school starting again was just what the doctor ordered! School supplies, school clothes, conversations with friends over what teacher we’d get and would we be in each other’s classroom. And picking the next year’s “notebook” was a big deal. Negotiations began in the aisle at K-Mart b/w me and Mom or Dad over the notebook “that one is too expensive, pick a different one”. Most of the time though I got the one I wanted. New hip jeans were a must! New tennis shoes and socks. Grandparents often kicked in and helped. Nanny (Mom’s Mom) often would buy me a few pieces or even make me some. My high school year she made me some cute dresses and tops, allowing me to pick the patterns and materials. I bought jewelry and accessories to go with them. I got “best dressed” in my senior year, lol. Thanks to Nanny.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. Before I go I have to mention a period of time in my high school years of the “preppy look” – I worked in jewelry and accessories and saw so much of the styles. Do you remember any of them and were they stylish in your neck of the woods? Aigner everything – key chains, billfolds, purses, and even sweaters. Monogrammed everything. Whales and frogs on belts and key chains. Pink and green together.

Of course the best thing I loved about summer was getting to go to Florida or going on a trip and that is a whole nother blog post! lol

If I reminded you of your own memories, I’d love to hear a memory that you thought of while reading this. Please tell me something about your summers growing up. What did you get excited about as school ended and summer started? Did you always get excited when it was time to go back to school in the fall?

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  1. The runner looks very nice. I love the green dish. I could use that. I’m serious here.
    I enjoyed your walk down memory lane. I could relate to that journey. Something I hadn’t thought about in yearz. WOW!!
    I was always excited for school to start & especially excited for the school year to end.
    Sometimes I think I should have my own blog because I really can never say everything that I want to in a comment. My comments could be a blog entry on their own. lolol
    We have had the best weather this week. Windows open. Listening to the clink clink of chimes. 🤗

  2. Hi Sonya, I have so enjoyed your holiday remembrances. It is so very very different from what happened over here. We lived a very dull life when I read what happened to you. I think that things have changed now from what it was like when I was at school from 1049 to 1960 it’s a long long time ago and our summer holidays always started the first Friday. In July ..I
    You must forgive me if I’ve missed a bit as when I’m typing I can’t see what is there..I can only see the top half of the words. This has been they way it’s been for ages. It usually dosn’t matter as I don’t need to go back to see what I’ve written but today I can’t remember where I stopped….anyway we had 6 weeks summer holidays from School from first weekend in July till aprox 25 th August. We rarely went away anywhere. Mum might take me and my friend Ohil on the train to the seaside part of Edinburgh called Portobello. Where we loved going to a fairground, having ice creams,, and even playing rounders on the sand with other kids we met. Sometimes we went for a week to stay with an Aunt and Uncle of my Dads they stayed in a magical Estate called Blair Drummond. My Uncle was the head gardener and had an amazing garden I loved going there. I was allowed to roam in the estate but warned not to let the Lady of the House see me….when I was a bit older we actually went a ..real holiday…to Aberdeen a town in the North East of Scotland. We actually stayed in a boarding house and had our meals made for us ! It was there I met the ladies granddaughter Trudie and we became firm friends it was Trudie who introduced me to horse riding and I spent many hours with her riding on another friends docile horse ! It’s the thing that stayed with me throughout many years, riding was my fav. Hobby…I’m going to stop now I have already written to much. One day I may reminisce oin a long letter !! For now it’s Good Bight God Bless…

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