Receiving My First Covid Shot and My Gluten Free Chicken Sandwich Fiasco

The vaccine went well. I went to Walmart for my appointment. Registering on line had been easy – except for maybe getting a convenient appointment time. But my appointment was set for lunch time and although longer than a normal lunch, it was a good cause that will protect my coworkers, so hopefully no one minded my long lunch. If so, then “bless their hearts”.

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Chic Filet Fiasco

I went thru Chic Filet Drive thru, after my shot, which is quite popular in the noon o’clock hour. Determined as we all were to get our chicken, we all endured the line. I got a grilled chicken on a gluten free bun and it was horrible. I’m trying to be good, but that does not work for me, lol. I’ve been other places where the gluten free bun was good. I guess next time I’ll try the whole grain – you can ask for either one.

The gluten free bun came in a plastic wrap and the rest of the sandwich came in a flat bowl with a top. It made it very difficult to eat on the way. I had to put the sandwich together at the red light. It had hoards of lettuce just howling off of every side. (Yes I know “howling” is not the appropriate word but I want to use it as that is what it felt like). And was I supposed to ask for a sauce? It had NO dressing on it whatsoever. But rest assured the juice from the tomato and the liquid they cooked the spicy grilled chicken in, had no problem finding places on my clothing to rest as it dripped and dripped. I quickly grabbed napkins and put it under the sandwich and then tried my best not to eat the napkin itself while driving as the bun and the napkin likely tasted about the same. Luckily my tunic top covered the greasy stained pants I was wearing, as I stood up. Later I found a little packet of dressing sauce thrown into my fruit cup bag. Now why didn’t they put that in my sandwich bag where it belonged? Anyway, lessons learned in trying to eat better. Gluten free ain’t always good.

It’s a maze of trying to figure things out – and the hardest part of all is figuring out what foods work that taste good ON THE GO! Let me know your tricks please? What do you order in the drive thrus across America when you have to eat on the go?

I went back to work and got the hardest return done – it’s an all in one for Oregon that includes withholding, unemployment taxes, as well as two or three other taxes that Oregon has. So that is done. Today at work I’ll work on all the unemployment returns for various states. Next week I’ll have to work on Transport company unemployment returns.

Later at Home

Once home and no plans I was able to work on the house a bit. I did two loads of laundry, started the dishwasher, and ironed up a few things for next week, and reloaded my vitamins for next week. I also made an appointment to have my nails done after work today (Friday). I took some things down to the basement for storage, and I cleaned off all of my stuff from the kitchen table.

I also created a bag to go for when we go to Mom’s Saturday – sharpies, florescent stickers, her jewelry she left here, her mail which I forgot to give her when I drove off last weekend (can you tell we are all stressed?, lol).

It felt so good to have a couple of hours to GET SOMETHING DONE!

Tonight when I get home I have to get this shower gift wrapped that I’ve been trying to wrap for ages. I wish they had given an address so we could just ship it once to the Momma to be -but they forgot to give an address so I have to wrap it and reship it to the Momma to Be now that I have the address. I didn’t go to the shower. It was in a different city an hour away and we had Mom and was involved in the house buying. So hopefully I can get that gift wrapping done. We will be going to the Post Office tomorrow to send that and also to drop off my now filled “Thred Up” bag which I have clothes in it I’m no longer wearing. That’ll be too big items out of my way that I’ve been tripping over the last few weeks!

George and I watched Designated Survivor and then I crashed. Bed felt so good.

Middle of the Night Stomach Ache

I had a mild tummy ache in the afternoon yesterday and then a more persistent one in the overnight. I wondered if I was getting appendicitis. It was different than the diverticulitis feelings. It was very sharp. I couldn’t tell if it was ovaries or stomach. I figure it was from the shot. But the pain was persistent so I got up and found the acetaminophen bottle. Try opening that at 1:00 a.m. in the dark. I was trying not to turn the light on, but I could not align those notches in the dark. lol. I needed a bit of light so I fiddled around and found my phone and finally found the flashlight on there and then the blind could see, and probably so could the neighbors. Anyway, got the top off. I was afraid I’d be too awake to go back to sleep but I slept with no problem. I did not want to get up this morning though. I wondered if it was the shot that made me hurt like that. I have no idea!

Blood Pressure Update

So it’s still a bit high. The worst today was 154/99 and then the best was 144/89. I’ve been taking it in the morning which is after I’ve slept, but after my shower. And also before I take my BP meds. So they have worn off a bit by then I guess. I will take some readings in the afternoon. Maybe even take it to work and take a reading. But my plan is that after a week of monitoring it, if I don’t see a decrease, I’ll call the doc and let him know. The meds had been working so well for me. This year is not going to get any less stressful so I need to figure it out. I will monitor it through the 20th and make my call to the doc around the 21st, whatever day that is. If it starts coming down though I won’t call. It’s at least a plan. So I’m not going to worry over it, I’ll just follow my plan! I will continue to try to thwart the stress though. I thought I left all the stress when I left HR but apparently moving/house buying and the time it takes to build a house for Mom is equally as stressful as an HR job as the BP is going up again! Oh well! I’ll figure it out. I always do.

I need to start walking some and trying to exercise, but I have no idea when the time would be for that! I don’t want to give up blogging, but I may have to on some days. Or give up doing housework but that will make my blood pressure rise just seeing the house messed up. I cannot stand a messy house. It’s mess now as I’ve not had time to even sneeze if I wanted to.

Ok off to work now. Probably no post tomorrow as we’ll be heading to Mom’s.

Take care ya’ll.

9 responses to “Receiving My First Covid Shot and My Gluten Free Chicken Sandwich Fiasco”

  1. I had a friend who took up walking in order to avoid going on blood pressure meds. You have a lot going on. I love walking; it is beneficial in so many ways. Happy Friday!

  2. The stomach issue was most likely from something you digested & not the vaccine. Your nerves can trigger stomach issues also.
    I hope you are getting thru your Friday without any hiccups. You’re almost there! 🙂

  3. Hi Sonya, Sorry I’m late today getting my comment written, I don’t know where the day has gone. I’ve thought it was Saturday all day, isn’t it funny when you get something into your head like that. …It’s been a nice dry day again and mostly sunny but certainly not warm enough to sit out. Oh how I long long for some warmth in that sun and no north winds. ..however the forecast for next week is for it to get warmer next week… I hang on to that. I’m sorry you had tummy trouble, hope it was just a passing grumbling tum. Put it down to that chicken you ate it didn’t sound very nice anyway. Hope today work has gone ok it will soon be going home time for you. Take care tomorrow going to Mums I know you are so tired, at least George will be driving. Try to have an early night tonight and a wee lie in in the morning. There is no work to get up for so take it easy….Night night from Box.

  4. Hi there!
    I came back to see if you had any side effects from the Covid vaccine. I got mine today and with in one hour my arm was already very sore and felt heavy to lift. And now a few hours later, I have a headache . I listened to what everyone said and drank plenty of water the day before and day of the shot and while sitting waiting for the 15 mins after I was moving my arm around like a silly person! lol I must of looked ridiculous ! lol But if a sore arm and headache is all I get I’ll be happy!

    I hope yours proved to be Ok, too!

      • I got the Pfizer one. No side effects and my arm soreness is much better today. So glad we didn’t get any sickness!

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