Thanksgiving Changes, Challenges of Working from Home, and a Bobcat Visit

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And leaping off of yesterday’s post where I ended the day with trying to be the Little Train that Could, meeting all responsibilities, it seems appropriate to begin this blog post with the fact that I’m about out of steam! LOL

I am truly happy that it is Friday. And my favorite Friday phrase. “If it weren’t Friday, I’d be making it Friday”. I truly need a change of pace. I am ready as Freddy for this Friday to be done and on into our weekend. We have worked hard all week, done errands and to do’s at night (plus dinner and a show). Sleep has been both good and missing depending on the night in question. But last night it was a good one but I am feeling very tired and just need a day or two of hanging out in PJ’s!

So I’ve run out of steam but getting some good steam from my hot coffee this morning! That wonderful God given brown brew that just ignites my light in the mornings.

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Thanksgiving Plans Changed

So the latest. Mom has decided not to come for Thanksgiving. I knew it was coming. She feels more comfortable in her world and with the virus and all. I felt the responsibility to tell her that people I am around have COVID in their immediate household. She asked about their 14 day quarantine and I told her for the most part I didn’t see where there was any 14 day quarantine. So that took the safety feature out of it for her. And she decided it best to not come. She said she has worked hard all these months to stay home and then be around us who could pass it on to her. It’s just too close in. This makes me very sad.

Another plan we’ve made for naught. Another example of God saying you might as well give up making any plans. We should just all crawl in a hole and sit there I guess. In a way that is like saying “Throw me in a briarpatch b/c I do like having my home time”. And so we still have plans just minus Momma. So we will have a big Thanksgiving dinner – and now with bigger leftovers, and with less travel, which Mom really doesn’t like being on the interstate either, so I’m sure she is also happy about staying home in her PJ’s and not going anywhere. We were looking forward to her coming but it’s not the end of the world yet and we will still enjoy our holiday. It’s probably best this way, with COVID moving closer in upon us. I think we are at high risk now with the 14 day quarantines not happening. I don’t really know what the rules are or supposed to be but it used to be if you were around someone that had it you had to quarantine for 14 days. But it may just be so unrealistic to do that now. For example, I heard someone say someone had been through 3 fourteen day quarantines now. lol. I don’t ask the questions, I just keep praying we don’t get it – and we may have even already had it. Who knows.

Anyway, it is what it is.

Company Gift

George got the most wonderful Thanksgiving gift from his company. They had them bring a cooler to work and they gave them several packages of bacon, a ham, brats, and sausages and such. What a cool gift. We had the ham last night for dinner and will be having sandwiches from it today!

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George will be working from home the week after Thanksgiving. Our offices will be minimal as well. I’m not sure what my schedule will be. If I have to work at home, I’ll have to have help moving back and forth. I have to take back and forth a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and about 20 or so files and it’s too much trouble for having to do an every other day thing. Everything I need is in the office. I don’t have ability to scan or print and it just makes things really difficult. There’s only so much I can do it home. As much as I’d love to work from home, for payroll it’s just not going to work. I was so happy when we actually got to just stay at work. I was so tired of lugging things back and forth. I’m in a corner so I hope I get to stay. If not it’ll put us behind right when I need for things to not be behind. When Katy has her baby I need to be leaving with things “ahead”. But what have we learned in the past year?

We have very little control over anything! It matters not what I think or feel. I know better than to make any plans at all. It’s easier this year to just be a damn feather in the wind. A lot less frustrating anyway. If I get to work in the office I’ll get more efficiently done. If I don’t I won’t. And it will be what it will be.

Jokingly, but not really, I can’t control the fact that my water bottles lean. That is a pet peeve – when companies make things so cheap it reveals itself. I mean if you are going to put water in a bottle, why not put it in something that is not going to potentially topple over at least. It didn’t topple over but it’s base was not secure and it wobbled. I mean really?

The Bobcat Visit

You know this is just a weird year anyway. When a bobcat comes and sits in your window at work in your office complex? You can barely see his head there in the window b/c of the reflection. Yeah it’s just a weird year for sure.

So when a bobcat comes to YOUR WINDOW, you can’t pass up the opportunity to look up the symbolism and meaning for that. Was God sending me a message? Probably not, but in case He was – as I had prayed intensely about a few things that very morning after listening to an audio by Max Lucado, You are Not Alone. So I decided I best pay attention to this bobcat for meaning.

Here is what I found:

And copied some of it here:

Bobcats tend to hang alone or simply co-exist in their environment. When they are among other Bobcats, their actions belie wariness; this means that Bobcat recognizes that even family and friends may not always have your back. Bobcat constantly measures everything and knows when to step in or step out of a situation.

Because of Bobcat’s independent nature, this Spirit is a perfect helpmate for keeping secrets. Those who walk with Bobcat can be trusted wholeheartedly. Knowing when to speak or be silent is among Bobcat’s gifts. Mind you, this comes with great responsibility. You are honoring someone’s trust. Once broken, it will be very hard to reclaim it.

The quiet time for Bobcat Spirit is one of introspection; this is when the unseen world meets here and now. One of Bobcat’s great lessons is that we live with all manner of energies every day, but rarely stop to notice them! Each human also has many levels of self that remain unexplored. Bobcat’s message encourages both endeavors.

While the Bobcat sounds imposing, like all felines, He has a love of play. When the opportunity arises, they will roll and romp with the best of them. Here Bobcat reminds us that play is very important to our inner child’s wellbeing (let alone our stress levels).

Shamanic traditions consider Bobcat a very wise and ancient soul who is often attracted to other old souls in the earth plane. Old souls often have problems sorting out the vast amount of mystical information gathered over lifetimes. They also often feel that they are not well understood by their peers as their maturity level far exceeds the standard. In this Bobcat comes to say, you are not alone. This Spirit helps you navigate the wilderness gracefully so you can integrate your life.

So yeah I could take a lot from that. I do not believe in spirituality of animals – but I do believe that as a creature of God that He can send us messages through them. If I had more time to blog I would analyze some of the sections and try to make sense of it. But that is for another day.

Have to get off and go spend my energies elsewhere. The coffee has revived me and off I go!

5 responses to “Thanksgiving Changes, Challenges of Working from Home, and a Bobcat Visit”

  1. Hi Sonya, firstly I’m sorry that Mom has decided not to come for thanksgiving but I think I kind of agree with her. That virus really is into it’s second round and although thankfully the Drs have learnt quite a lot from treatment given during the first wave, it dosnt mean that it is any less dangerous. Because the UK is quite small considering the size of the US we find it easier to know what regulations are in force and which are recommended and which are law. Over here everybody is now in our area Not allowed to go to clubs, pubs, restaurants, health clubs. Hairdressers chiropodists etc. they are all closed until 2nd Dec. No weddings, Funerals can only be held with immediate family present..they are all laws…It is recommended that we only go out for exercise, 1 person in the household can go grocery shopping, travel only if urgent. Work only if you cannot work from home….cannot have more than 5 in any household this includes children Ipresume if you’ve got more than that you can have them.!! But it’s mainly to be aware we shouldn’t have more than one visitor ..That’s about it these are recommended….Some certain cities where there is a very high rate of infections have even stricter rules. The government is hoping to relax the rules so that families in particular can meet up over Xmas…..but….we are warned to do that we may need even stricter rules come january….It’s getting very wearying….Anyway love if you don’t have Mom you might have some extra time to yourselves just to relax and do what you love most…..that was a fab gift George’s Company gave….I had better go Mary is bringing me my afternoon cuppa…take care. Be safe.

  2. Sorry to hear that Billie is not coming up for Thanksgiving. I was hoping she would enjoy getting out. She is really frightened by this virus. Even more now that she can put a name to people who have had it. I have been after her to tale Zinc and she has not started it. I believe it works. We take it daily along with D.

  3. So sorry your Mom could not come. I know how important these times are in times of trouble.
    My sister had a coworker who had covid. She had to be tested and quarantined for 2 weeks. She could not go to her workplace. She opens and closes so they have been very short-handed. She tested negative. Both my daughter and sil tested yesterday waiting for the results of the test.
    They were testing here yesterday. A long line of cars waiting. We haven’t tested but we may if it continues to spread. We both only go out when we have to. I had a Dr. appt and Eye Dr. appt. They both came out and took my temperature before I could enter the building. Then I went to eye mart and picked out my glasses. All this is nerve-racking. Next month I have to get a mammogram. I am dreading it. I always wear my mask and use Lysol wipes I keep in my car on my hands. So am being as cautious as I can. I really miss my family. I haven’t seen my sister in months.
    And once again there is no toilet paper in the stores. I had bought some last week so should be ok for a while. I am heading out to the market today. Sun is out and it is a beautiful day. 66 degrees.
    I hope everyone stays safe. Take care.

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