Next You Tube Video is Published

Enjoy! Bloopers at the End!

In good shape this week. Very busy. Worked 10 hours yesterday. Month End taxes are paid! Now to conquer this week’s work.

Came home and worked on the laundry, packing supplements and vitamins for the next few work days, gave myself a pedicure. Hopefully the last self given one for a while. September I plan to go get one – I think.

Brought the suitcase upstairs, watered the plant outside and gave the cat more water. Charged another camera battery. Fixed/repaired my ear buds, and packed a few more things. Every night has his list like the above. It just takes a while to get ready for a trip. Just a whole lot of itty bitty details.

Worked on the thumb nail for video this morning as I was too tired last night since my mornings are starting at 4:00. So I’m kinda running behind on my morning and now need to catch up to get to work at the allotted time I had decided on.

I was going to wash dishes. Oh well, no time. I had saved it for last. ha. Dishwasher guy comes today to fix it – hopefully. So George is working from home today awaiting his arrival.

Gotta go ya’ll. See ya!

9 responses to “Next You Tube Video is Published”

  1. That video was FAB….loved every bit of it. You and George at the very end was pure bliss !! Highlight for me ? Difficult to point out as it was all so good. Loved the recipes, absolutely adored seeing the deer moving around and glancing over at Masy …Enjoyed the sunset…perhaps you could end each video with that calming scene of the sun going down…….Now looking forward to the next video…

  2. So glad your dishwasher will be fixed we sure do take them for granted until they don’t work! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. Cute video. I love the deer and Little Roger barking at them. Your cat has the most beautiful green eyes. I know you will enjoy the camera. It looks like a good one.
    It is nice how you and your husband work as a team cooking. You make a cute couple.

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