At the Airport… Here We Go..

Well I am writing from the airport. I have, as you know been very anxious as there have been so many things to consider and keep up with for this trip.

I won’t repeat myself too much, but… I do have my wipes, hand sanitizer in purse. Everything is in bags or checked bag. Made it thru before interstate closed as they are still restoring power and lights from tornado with rolling closures.

Security had no waiting at airport. However there are a lot of folks at the gate. But lighter than normal.

Met a girl at our parking shuttle hut who is going home to DC from Sewanee college and is not coming back this season due to virus. I told her the college will probably work something out for students on line to finish semester and wished her luck. We were glad to see another human at the bus stop.

I saw a friend’s car at the long term parking area. Called her and asked her how the ticketing worked. lol Was I to put in window or not. No it’s for me but keep it safe so you don’t lose it as you have to have it to get out.

I’m here early so able to do blog post.

Before getting to airport I stopped at Wendy’s for fast food breakfast. I always do a chicken biscuit before airplane travel. lol I holds me and it just works on a flight day. So Wendy’s is back to serving breakfast again. In the mid 80’s they served a breakfast sandwich that had the best bacon and egg on toast. I didn’t see that this time. But my chicken biscuit was good.

Well it is reassuring that we have people spraying down surfaces as people leave an area. I’m in the dining area and that may have been done anyway.

Katy is on her way to the airport 2 hrs away. So pray foR her and all of our travels to be healthy and safe.

Our area is expected to have tornado possibilities today. I will be out of here by then I thin. So pray for TN and KY expected to be stormy. And I hope we have a safe and smooth flight. Going south so maybe we will miss it but I think we will have to push through it at some point.

Maisy is coughing her head off and George may have to take her to the vet if not clearing. I didn’t sleep well last night as I had to take both dogs out in the middle of the night. But got to sleep a bit extra this morning since I didn’t have to leave for work. I left about 7:30 this morning instead of the normal 6:30 to 7:00. So slept a bit more.

We should have a comfy bed tonight. No dogs so I’m hoping for a good nights sleep.

Well going to get off here and get to gals room. Wash hands again. And get to gate. If all goes as planned I’ll be seeing my girl here about 1:45 today. She is getting us lunch as she is getting to Dallas airport a bit early.

I think I need to wipe down my purse handles and iPhone and iPad. You touch things then touch them. And have you noticed how much your face itches when you are not supposed to touch it? lol

Ok I’ll post tomorrow hopefully. I’ll feel relieved when I see my girls face. Then we will weather whatever together.

Be safe and let me hear from you. You all doing well in this corona crises? And Tom and Rita Hanks have it! Take care.

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  1. Glad your well on your way, no doubt now you will have met up with Kate, don’t forget to give her my love. I’m sure you will both have a lovely time. I know it’s hard not to talk about the virus, but do try, you are doing everything possible to avoid being in contact with it. Kate is young and healthy so even if she does get a temp. She is probably just having a usual cold and flu. So try to think like that and you will feel better. Take care keep washing the hands and most of all ENJOY. Love to you both. Hope all is well at home….xxxxx

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