Christmas Update

I had to go back and read where I left off. Seems I last blogged Wednesday. Highly unlike me – although since in the new job, I’ve blogged a little less so I could get in earlier. But – we have been focused on getting everything ready and I have focused on getting ready for 2020 at work – and cleaning and just trying to survive and rest too. So something had to go.

Drink and a Dinner Out: Taking a Fun Break Mid-Week

We did indeed go and get some goof off time Wednesday night after work. We had some errands to run anyway and we had a couple of gift cards burning a hole in our wallets. So off to Cheddars we went.

Thursday, we had our meal event at work. I meant to get pics and I forgot to take them. We had pasta. It was really nice. Thursday night I finished up any wrapping I had that had come in for George, a few last minute surprises.

Tis the Season for LOTS of caffeine

I have focused on getting a lot of things ready for 2020 processing. And have also had extra caffeine as well to knock off fog from the pasta, a little bit of sugar (this time of year ya know, you allow yourself a bite or two), and also the worst of it – the construction company working in the building next door has for some reason decided to do me in. Fumes are coming into my office and making me about as high as a kite and a little nauseated at one point til I got out of there and worked in someone else’s office for a bit that wasn’t there that day. Apparently it’s fumes from a kerosene heater so they could work. It smells like diesel fuel. My boss called someone and maintenance came over as did the construction manager. I was so embarrassed but yet it really was a problem. I’m hoping it is gone when I go back. Friday was NOT pleasant. I started to take off and go home early but I really wanted to get done what I wanted to get done. Me=Stubborn.

Christmas is almost ready.

So we began the clean up last night and especially diving in this morning. We went to the store around 8 a.m. and got there early so you could get through the aisles. Recently at these after work runs to the grocery – it’s been a little crazy – parking heavy and then once inside you seem to be in everyone’s way – even though you were there first. (One of my major pet peeves). So we had a very pleasant shop this morning and came in and got everything put up. The house has been vacuumed and picked up and cleaned up. So we are ready for Christmas now.

The afternoon passed quickly. I stopped and rewarded myself with quick You Tube videos. And caught up some, but I am sooo behind on all my travelers.

I have also in recent days, while needing a quick side bar, downloaded a web cam app. It has really captured my attention and is addictive. There are pet cams and fish cams and port cams and ocean cams and hair cut cams and OMG even living room cams. I have really enjoyed watching this one family get ready for Christmas with their living room cam. It seems invasive but they allow you to see it and it’s all clean. Reality TV at another level I guess. So I did that to unwind this week instead of my games. On Thurs night the Mom was wrapping gifts and then last night she was a busy bee and she even had her son running around doing things giving him projects. I had to laugh as they have 3 dogs. One is a big one. It’s fun to watch the dogs. So I pop in on their household (it sounds so wrong, lol) and this morning at 5 while I was drinking my coffee – 2 of the dogs got up and wandered around. lol Later today when I took a break, I popped in and they were having their Christmas party with the family. It was precious. The dogs sitting in people’s laps, the people loving on the babies, a pregnant person came in and I loved watching all the people come rub her belly and smiles and hugs all around. It was so sweet. I felt like God or something – snoopin’ in on the family. I will have to look up the webcam app and also let you know what to look for. I’ve always loved webcams – just the ability to take you somewhere where you are not – like sunset cams, the beach, and so forth. You know me – I love real life adventure. Anyway I’ll let you know soon when I’m able to look it all up. It’s all fresh and new and I’m in a hurry today.

The Pet Table

Katy and Cody have just come and gone. We had happy hour. I will share pics later. I started this blog earlier today and just now finishing it up. It’s just that way.

Also we have had a call that there has been a death in the family and we are waiting to hear more information. Regardless of what is going on, I will be still hosting our family get together here as my family comes up on Christmas Eve and we are having a Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Day it is Christmas with everyone. It’s a rare time and our family has rarely been able to get together here at our house. So we’ll figure it out and I’ll be there for George as needed and work around whatever is happening. It’s very sad and we got the call just as Katy and Cody were walking in the door and getting their appetizers.

Well, that said, I’ve got to work tomorrow. And it’s kind of weird to know that you alone are responsible for so many people getting paid on time. I never feel that way the other weeks, but I feel that way this week since I am working tomorrow. I’ve know this day was coming for a while and even so – it ends up being our day to spend with Cody and Katy while they are here. Sadly I can’t participate until the end of day. It is what it is. We have reservations tomorrow night at a nice restaurant out – just the four of us. We are all looking forward to that. It’s our celebrating their birthday’s which is in December and sort of our Christmas activity together while they are here.

So, I’m going to go and will share more later. I’m not sure when. Just a lot going on b/w work, Christmas, family coming and now a death in the family – so I’ll be back when I can.

My pretty Maisy!

On a good note, we have our “Fin Fin” (Findlay, Katy and Cody’s doggie) staying with us for the week. And Katy and Cody brought us a cooler full of deer meat, sausage, tamales and I’m not sure what all. There is even pheasant in there. All an early Christmas gift for George.

So, gone to go talk to George and await news on what is going on.

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  1. It sounds like a hectic time at the office. just take a deep breath and dive in. and you’ll then be free to celebrate. i am glad katy and cody got there safely. sounds like you have wonderful plans for christmas. enjoy. take care. so sorry to hear about a death in the family at this time of year. you have my condolences.

  2. It’s always sad to hear of a death at Christmas but it is apart of life so we carry on. This is the first time I remember you doing the family Christmas in all the years I’ve known you I do hope it is happy time for everyone. Having to do payroll is a very important thing. Hope it goes smoothly and everyone is appreciative that they get paid !

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