Black Friday Shopping on our last full day in TX

How quickly our time has come and gone. We have had a great week. We got up yesterday and headed out by 9:45 a.m. for a breakfast burrito and Black Friday at a favorite shop in Breckenridge that has 50 % off for 2 hours only. Oh my I’m sure some kind of fire code broken (lol) as we were packed. I think George May have been the only male in the place. I had to restrain myself because 50% is a lot. We did this last year too. This wa my view in line at the counter.

Another fun shop in Breckenridge

We also went to some other shops in town. And then headed out for Mineral Wells to help Katy find a deal on King Size bed and mattress. Success there! Hunger set in by 2:00 p.m. and we hit a BBQ restaurant that had a variety of other things on the menu, called The Mesquite Pit.

My view at the Mesquite Pit

I tossed all care aside and ordered fried chicken tenders and honey mustard dressing but – I did order the mesquite grilled veggie skewer which was out of this world delicious. And a side salad. It was so good.

I drove back to the ranch. We got here about 4:30 and took care of doggies. We played on iPads while Katy finished decorating and did things in the house. George helped her set up the new TV in their bedroom. Cody was working- and has been all week. He was off most of Thanksgiving Day but had responsibilities that morning. We always get to see him at night.

I washed a load of darks so we’d have clean jeans and I’d have PJs to get through the weekend. We will be leaving this morning to go to Hot Springs, our halfway point and we have a place we will be eating seafood at tonight. Tomorrow we point toward home.

I am looking forward to our king size bed. It’s been hard with two people and two dogs in a regular size bed. The last two mornings I’ve given up sleep and up before 4. Tonight we will also have a King in our hotel. I’m also looking forward to getting our house decorated for Christmas now.

We have good news…Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are coming up to spend Christmas and bringing Mom. I’m so excited! Katy and Cody will be coming too but will be staying at his parents. George was very excited also. Tears stung my eyes when I told him the news and he said that would make Christmas extra special this year. So we are excited. The only problem is…..if it snows they won’t. So please weatherman no snow. So looking forward to getting ready for them. George and I will be sleeping on the sofas but we are ok with that. We have really comfy sofas and have no problem with that! I had turned one of our two guest bedrooms into an office. So we only have one now but we can do this easily to be able to have them with us.

And that said I’m going to get more coffee, watch the sun come up, shower, and get the suit cases packed. I have my little bag packed for our overnight in Hot Springs. But here are some Christmas decor pics and pics of the doggies. Prayers please for safe travels over the next couple of days.

Curious what you did on Black Friday????


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  1. You will be in my prayers for a safe trip home sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas to look forward to jingle all the way!

  2. Your Thanksgiving week with Katy was wonderful, Sonya! I’m so glad you got to go. Oh man, I’d love those cute stores you went to for Black Friday, and those chicken tenders and veggie skewer look SO YUMMY! I didn’t do anything for Black Friday because I’m sick this year. Oh well. Next year. I know you’ll have a special Christmas now. Yay! Sure wish you had more time off for it though, darn it. You’ll make the most of what time you have though I’m sure! Safe travels to you and George and the doggies.

  3. I am glad you got to spend time with your girl. Everything looks good. I know she misses you and her Dad too. It is wonderful you get to see them at Christmas. We drove home from daughters this Black Friday Today I am resting. We had a good trip and a wonderful dinner. Sil cooked the Turkey on the Grill. It was so tender it fell off the bone. We will be doing that again. Safe travels for you and Your husband and little doggies.

  4. Exactly which Black Friday would you be enquiring about? In Australia, we do not have Thanksgiving but the retailers have certainly been trying very hard to make Black Friday a thing. According to my shopping emails, Black Friday began here on Friday the 22nd of November and it continues to this very day which is now Sunday the 1st of December. Black Friday involved a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, second Saturday, and a second Sunday. What an amazing day to last 10 days. And for all I know it will continue on tomorrow!

    To add insult to this injury, in Australia Black Friday has a very different meaning – it refers to a terrible bushfire event in 1939 where 71 people died in the fires.

    So this is the one retail event of the year where I entirely boycott. But I did go to two shops on the actual Friday – the local hardware store, and a supermarket to grab some stuff we needed. 🙂

    I’d accept this retail insanity IF we had the Thanksgiving to go with it. But we do not. So it is just an excuse for the shops to try and get us to spend $$, and we have more than enough of those already. 🙂

    • Yes I was talking about the retail Black Friday which is big huge in US. It lasts usually through Cyber Monday but depends on the business as some have better deals on Friday and the first few often get bigger deals so the stores kept opening earlier and earlier even on Thanksgiving which has been a controversy.

  5. what a wonderful holiday week you had. i know how much you miss katy. so its great you got to spend the whole week with her and cody. drive carefully. i will say a little prayer that you have safe travels. i spent thanksgiving day with one of my daughters. then in the evening in a local store buying clothing for my grandchildren . prices were 40, 50 and 60 percent off. got some great deals. and the crowds were sparse. then went home got online and ordered the rest. i’m about done decorating and gift wrapping.

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