Feeling Accomplished and Refreshed

Almost Turkey Time

Ahhh, it feels good sitting here drinking a cup of coffee coming off of a very productive weekend. Sometimes I laugh at the irony of the Less Hustle and More Coffee title on this blog. It should be Hurry Up and Hope to Get Some Coffee. But, everyone can dream. Three day weekends “are the bomb” as the young ones would say. It brings so much more balance to your life. Of course the devil and “the curse” of sin keeps us working and toiling – whether at work or at home. But oh the joy of that 3 days to bring balance to the home time.

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen (twice), did laundry, more ironing, continued packing, updated the new planner (love it), caught up on all the You Tube shows and checked out some new ones, played games on my iPad til I was sick of it, and read some. It was a grand day and felt like a “snow day” to me in a way. I needed this day so badly.

I checked in with Katebug yesterday. I always used to call her my Katebug. And she had a sinus infection with fever. She didn’t ache so no flu. So hopefully she will feel better soon. She was worried about getting ready for us, but she will have most of the weekend I suppose.

It feels good going into this week knowing that we have a chunk of Christmas behind us. Enough so that the rest should be pretty easy. Once we come back, I’ll gather up all the fall decor, dust, and then put out the Christmas decor – at least a bit of it. And bring all the Christmas wrapping stuff up.

I’m pleased there are not a lot of things planned in December and pretty much think it needs to stay that way. We have dog trims on the first Saturday and a friend has a party on the 2nd one, I think. And the rest we will need for finalizing Christmas shopping, wrapping, and seeing family and doing payroll. I will have to work some of the weekends getting payroll done, so there is not much time really. I won’t be getting any PTO time in Dec and I’m used to getting about 4 days. So all of that time will be crunched up into the other days as far as prep time. However, good or bad, we just don’t have as many to buy for as we did at one time. And the ones we do – we at least have a head start or know what we are getting.

I have the Pre- Vacation Jitters I guess you could say. Excited to go, a bit worried over the travel. Mainly worry about those that cannot drive or won’t get off their phone or intoxicated. I will always worry about that. So I ask for your travel prayers/blessings and that everyone be well and happy over our trip and that the dogs do well. It is long long journey to have an antsy dog riding in your lap for 6 hours. We’ll do two 6 hour days. I just don’t think any of us can do the full 12 hours journey anymore in one day EVER. Just no. So we will be staying in Hot Springs to break it up.

I will be trying to blog some during our journey but might not be able to do so every single day – depending on the situation. I’m on word press now and I think it’s easier to blog on the go. They at least seem to update their software and pay attention to it unlike the blogger account.

I can’t think of anything else to share this morning and I guess I’ll get ready and go on in. Since I was off on Friday I think I’ll have a lot of PTO forms to print off and code. I have to code their average pay with their incentive based off of the prior week’s average pay. So it takes a while. Lately it seems like there have been lots of PTO time. Like 30 people or so taking little 2 to 3 hour chunks of personal/sick time. I think maybe hours have been cut or something. I don’t really know but it seems that way. So I’m entering a lot of PTO time every week now.

Getting my nails done tonight so they will be ready for our trip and I’m having a cleanse day today. I am happy to say that my pants are back to normal now. Not as tight and today will help too. I will reign it in until Hot Springs – and will try to do my shakes this week and salads and lean lunches.

I better get at it so I can get on it! Have a great week ahead!

8 responses to “Feeling Accomplished and Refreshed”

  1. So Mylar you had such a great 3 days to enjoy since you won’t have them later on it’s going to be wonderful seeing your daughter and nice to be able to take the Dods along hope you have a great week

  2. I think a 4 day work week would be better for everyone. By the time you clean and grocery shop on your days off, there is not much time left. I know you can’t wait to see your daughter. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  3. three day weekends are the best. sounds like you got alot done. i know how excited you are to see katy. saying a prayer for your safe travels. my wrapping and packing for christmas is almost done. i did it early cause i’m having health issues. did it in between hospital testing. be sure to show lots of photos when you decorate. i love seeing them. fills me with the joy of the season.

  4. Have a great trip to see Cody and Katy. I know you will enjoy your time there. I do not know what we are doing on the holidays this year. Ken has not said what he wants to do. I am planning on a ham and possibly a smoked turkey breast for the holiday.

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