Successful Shopping and other Saturday Morning Sentiments.

Once I could finally get away from the house with everything seeming to set me back yesterday – I found success. I was kinda afraid to go out after my unorganized morning, lol. But I DID find success. It always amazes me how much I *think* I can do in one day and then how much I really can do in one day. I pictured me shopping from one side of Mount Juliet all the way to the other side to Hermitage and back. lol Not that many stores really. I ended up going to only two stores but was able to get what I wanted and needed with such success that I figured I’d stop there.

I stopped at O’Charlies to get a salad to take me thru the rest of the day til dinner. Says the girl who said she’d never eat again, lol. I ordered just the “half salad”. It was HUGE. I couldn’t eat all the cranberries. There was probably a whole bag of dried cranberries on there. But the California salad was an excellent salad, for sure. It hit the spot with my “unsweet ice tea”. I really prefer half n half (sweet/unsweet) but with my trying to cut out some sugar – I decided to go full on with my non-caloric drinks – except for alcholic ones which I go as dry as I can and usually no sweet fruity ones- unless I’m craving fruit lol. Speaking of fruit – the strawberries and mandarin oranges were excellent in this salad. I could have done w/o the cranberries b/c the blue cheese and cranberry sort of clashed a bit. But I did take favor to the candied pecans – a little treat. And ooops the lady poured a little sweet tea in my unsweet to top it off and then said “oh I’m sorry you had unsweet didn’t you?” I smiled and said “it’s ok – really”. 😉

California Half Salad at O’Charlies.

George – who loves to give me things to do on my off day (lol but not often) -asked if I’d be available around 3:30 to 4 so we could pick up the RAV4 from the shop. Of course doing it yesterday would mean I wouldn’t have to leave early on another day so it was a good time to get it. He had said if I was still shopping not to worry with it. But it was an excellent time to go get it. We had it towed from here b/c it wouldn’t start but over there it started and nothing was wrong with it except the guy said George probably flooded it. I am afraid to drive George’s new car. I told him I’d let the dust settle a bit. So I drove the RAV4 home.

Oh my word the RAV4 -it is soooooooo different but yet familiar. The steering felt tight, the brakes felt different, and it was lower to the road. I was glad I didn’t have to drive it far. But it was a bitter sweet ride in this car that held so many memories, so much drive time, a lot of laughter b/w me and Kate, a lot of shopping excursions, trips, and getting us scuttled back and forth for many years. And I lot of drive thru burgers – and especiall Sonics. So we paid around $111 for towing and having a look. The guy really didn’t charge a lot.

My suspicion at me messing up people’s computers continues. I’m being funny here but sometimes you wonder. I was at Target yesterday and their computers were slow and the little display machines where you put your cards didn’t want to work properly. Then when we picked up the car – their computers didn’t want to bring up their program to check us out. They had to do it by paper. lol Maybe I am just a solar storm entering the room. I felt like a solar storm yesterday. hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Anyway I am happy and relieved that I have accomplished a chunk of his Christmas so I don’t feel so behind. When we get back from the trip it will be December and we all know how fast that goes.

So we have another day of shopping planned and that should be fun.

Someone asked what a Krystal was.

Krystal Burgers

From Wikipedia: Krystal is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in AtlantaGeorgia, with restaurants in the Southeastern United States.[5] It is known for its small, square hamburgers, called sliders in places other than the Southeast, with steamed-in onions. Krystal moved its corporate headquarters from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it had been based since 1932, to Atlanta in early 2013.[6]

I guess I hadn’t realized that Krystal was just in the Southeast. Well, that makes them more special then. As you can see they have been around since 1932 in these parts. Known for their small burgers and “12 or 18” pack meals. They have fries and cokes and such. Back in the day they served coffee in real mugs and their food on glass dishes. But it’s all “fast food” service now. I remember in Columbia where I grew up, we could get a Krystal for 33 cents and fries for 33 and also a coke for 33. For a little over a dollar, I could eat dinner (supper as they call it in Columbia as Mom thinks dinner is lunch) cheaply before going to my 5 to 9 job at Parks Belk Department Store. I ate there and McDonald’s often before work.

I love Krystals but try to stay away from burgers or I would eat them every stinkin’ day! My favorite food I always said is spaghetti and it probably is really a tie b/w burgers, prime rib, and pizza. With chili and salads following a close 2nd.

Anyway, the time has come for me to switch from blog mode to shopping mode again. Here we go! What you doing on this fine Saturday? Oh and tomorrow…I will do nails a devo and pack! And my planner comes in. I love a day with the new planner. 😉

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  1. I googled krystal & fell in love😛
    Glad you had a good shopping day. I’m doing housework today. Looking at the snow outside. I say “supper”& people have no clue.haha
    Take care and enjoy!

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