Summer Bucket List: Revisited

Well, we had quite a few things on the summer list and did a lot of them. Others were completely ignored. And a lot of my focus and goals began to change over the summer. But all in all, I’m thinking we had a good summer.

First let’s go with what we did! Not necessarily in order

  • UB40 Concert
  • Zaxby’s (if we had cards to use up we put it on the list
  • Katy came to visit and brought Shelby and we showed her around Nashville. We had a big weekend planned.
  • San Antonio – probably the highlight of my own summer was getting to see Kate and explore San Antonio with her and create a lot of memories – some better than others. (Bird incident, lol)
  • Got a long walk in. It must not have been too memorable but it was a walk so I checked it off the list. lol
  • Outback (we had a card)
  • We had friends over for a German dinner/evening (weekend) as they stayed over and we had breakfast and the girls shopped while the guys played Frisbee golf.
  • Father’s Day excursion – George had a list of places we went for this day tooling about doing all things George – I can’t remember what we did but pretty sure it involved a brewery and McKay’s and good food.
  • George’s Birthday excursions x 3. Thinking his birthday was going to be overshadowed by Global Celebration he scheduled 2 to 3 weekends of doing things – also including breweries, books, music, beer and expansion of my waistline
  • Global Celebration with Isagenix didn’t happen due to my changing jobs and not being able to be off, which actually was the straw that broke my already indecisiveness about pushing for my RV dreams, and decisions over my time and how much to donate to the cause. However, I did attend one thing, registration, so I could get my free products and backpack (:-P), so….I checked it off but also had an “x” through it.
  • Roger got his Rabies shot and it wasn’t time for Maisy’s yet
  • We went to Connor’s with our Crotchety Gourmet group. Our next outing is this weekend if I can find out information.
  • I made almond bread. It was ok. It wasn’t as good as the good/bad kind.
  • I tried Tai Chi. I liked it. I like the grace of it. I am not used to it so I haven’t migrated back. I’m not very graceful. I look like I’m trying to draw something in the air or reaching for things I can’t get on a shelf and toppling over rather than a person doing Tai Chi and seeming all balanced. I think yoga is more my style but I’m not giving up on it.
  • Although only 2 books are checked, I did reach my goal to do 3 books. And it might actually be more than that if you include all the audios. But I finished what I was calling my 3rd book this past weekend after this pic was taken.
  • We have indeed prepped for our yard sale. I didn’t check it off b/c it wasn’t finished.

And here are the things that were NOT accomplished (hanging my head in shame at some):

  • Candlelight Yoga – this seems so simple but the “candlelight” is what is holding me up. I keep thinking I need to do this at night and night is not convenient. So some Saturday morning I’m going to draw the blinds and do this, lol.
  • Centerville Wineries – We keep putting this on the list but never going. It is really something George wants to do but he plans a lot of our outings and it’s never mentioned so I think it’s not really a burning desire to do this. But perhaps we’ll take off and do it one day. Our fall is getting pretty booked though.
  • Implement Meditation. Well, I can’t say really that I didn’t do this. I could probably have checked it off as a yes, it’s done. I did check into meditation and I have “done it”, but really I think more than anything, I’ve created it as an option more so than a daily practice. I could do a mini blog entry but mainly just have learned two things: 1) that there are times we just need to sit and empty our minds and let the thoughts be felt and come and go 2) To let our minds do their own thing when waking up in the morning before grabbing the phone and seeings others agendas and thoughts b/c that gives us our own creative thought processes for the day. So in a way I’ve done this but it’s not like I’ve carved a time for meditation it’s just a method for getting up. Also prayer is another form of meditation in which I try to do each night in the deepest form. So “yes” but “no” – it’s just a way of life more than implementing a session.
  • Consultant. I did not enroll two consultants this summer. I did enroll a couple of people who wanted to improve their health. As mentioned the business goals to do this don’t have any fire anymore as there are no more dreams to fuel it. And no more time to fuel me with informational seminars in order to do it due to the job change so as mentioned that was the final event to knock this out completely but I was already on the fence. That said I’m still totally in love with these products and what they have done for me as far as energy and feeling better and the weight loss has been a plus. And I will be available for anyone interested and will still brag about these products and coach others if they are truly interested but I am not chasing after anyone trying to convince others to believe me. I’m just not into that. They can either seek me out and ask me questions or be without. I’m not chasing after folks. But I will share to those truly interested who are not afraid to spend a few bucks in the beginning to get started to build your inventory up. It’s kind of like getting married and setting up your kitchen groceries for the first time.
  • Weight loss goals. I really wanted to reach a certain point by now to keep losing. But I gave up cleansing during the payroll training b/c it was too much stress, plus all the eating we have done, plus my stress eating. I have to learn to not go all out on every excursion. My 25% eating bad and 75% good has turned in to 50/50 or 60/40. Not good. So I’m trying to reign it in a bit. We have had two much fun and I’ve let down my guard. My health numbers still not where I want them either. Working on cholesterol and bringing the sugar numbers down w/o the meds.
  • George didn’t get his wine kit – I don’t think. I think mainly is we have been buying some wines we like a various places reasonably and he probably just has wanted to spend his time doing other things. There is probably time to do a wine kit if he wants before the colder weather sets in, now that mowing will slow down for him. We’ll see, might put it on the fall list.

And that is all I have today, I will be working on our fall and holiday list to get us through Dec and then will do a winter list for Jan and Feb and March. I think it’s fun just to have a list to check off but we throw in a few other things as reminders – to use up gift cards or do things that we need to do sometimes that we don’t really want to do – like having a yard sale, lol. It just makes it a fun way to remember things or to look at when you have a free day and want to plan something.

So stay tuned for the Fall list. lol

Now to go get this payroll closed. Yesterday sure was a Monday in it’s truest form, but we got through it. At least with payroll there are definite answers and no “gray”. I’m a black and white person so that works for me. A bad day in payroll is better than a good day in some roles in my opinion, if you know what I mean. Let’s just say I was looking forward to going to work yesterday as I am today. When did that ever happen before?

Ya’ll have a good day. Maisy is much better but still not up to par. Considering vet. Tomorrow might be better than today though, but we’ll see. At least they are open after work. She is just not as excited and happy as she usually is.

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  1. I hope Maisy will be OK. Is she eating & drinking water? I wish they could just tell us what’s wrong I think the payroll position has given you more of a peace of mind. 😊 You did a lot on your list!

    • Yes, she is eating and drinking. She is still a bit under the weather as far as her spirits. But she is perking up. Will probably take her in Sat morning for rabies shot and maybe a blood test.

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