For everyone else it’s about the end of summer and for me it’s about having an extra day off. I feel like it’s a gift of gold. I worked in a “sortof” quiet office until after 6 last night. Everyone else gone home for the holidays – but even emergencies happen at 5 p.m. that needs HR right this minute – no later – but right now. Despite the urgent matters that cannot ever wait, I was able to finish with getting thirty or forty people individually enrolled in their life insurance for Sept (nothing is automated much so it’s a manual enrollment of each person on a web site). I guess that is akin to ordering forty orders on various websites, if you can imagine – having to enter all the name, address, and all the other data and their selections selections. It took several hours and then I got two months worth of OSHA log updates done. That was a relief. Now a new month is about to start, OY VEY, lol. So the fight for time continues. And it will either get done, or not. But you know I’ll give it my best try. I’m just not going to be working as many hours ongoing. I know, I know I have said that before, but…I am going to enjoy my fall and work is not going to destroy my life as it has done in the past in the fall and holiday months. Also quarter end is in Sept so I’ll be able to do even less for HR ongoing. Bless it’s heart. I feel bad but we need help. I’ve asked for help in the interim. We’ll see.

Wonder what will happen if I have to be off with Mom or someone in the family needs me for what ever reason. The company will be in a pickle with us short of help. Then it’ll be short two people. Nothing in life is guaranteed. We were short already before I moved to payroll. Anyway, Mom is getting older and will be needing me more and so this mess needs to sort itself out soon because we never know when we will be needed. I can’t be the savior of HR at this point. And I’m going to be scheduling a couple of days of vacation and I’ve decided not to wait to do it. Probably another day in Sept, another in Oct and then I have my Thanksgiving week when we go to Texas and then I have a few days in the month of December to shop and wrap. So hopefully they get someone in there soon b/c it’s all going to fall through the cracks in the floor if not. A lot already has. I can try to be glue to glue things back together but I can no longer keep the pot from breaking. That is best analogy I can give without writing a book on it.

So I have had some time this morning while sipping coffee to list all the things I’m behind on at home that I have on my to do list. Some perhaps I can get to this weekend as I FORGET that work exists.

  • Making George and I some “Nashville HOT Chicken”
  • Coming up with some new and easy work day recipes for healthier eating for the two of us.
  • Finding a Spring Form baking pan for the Spain dessert that I will be making for our Spain themed dinner in October.
  • Making sure mine and George’s calendars are meshing – there are some events that I don’t have on my calendar yet that he has. We have a tendency to get really busy in the fall months.
  • Plan our Thanksgiving week in Texas and make reservations
  • Plan our Thanksgiving weekend with Mom
  • Plan Christmas time
  • Decide on places for my list for our Anniversary (look up new places and see the suggestions that people gave me on Facebook). Then George and I are going to a brewery to “play the game” to select our spot. I am also going to have some “new twists” to the game as I am going to create some “cards” that we draw that say “skip a turn”, “add something to the list”, “cross off two”, “say something nice about your partner”, “talk about a favorite memory”, all amidst the picking. Normally “the game” is to take turns crossing off the list. But I plan to mix it up a bit.
  • Get a car wash
  • Pressure wash my car mats – they are Weather Tech but need cleaning
  • Go the grocery store – I missed last week and I spent lots of money on lunch this week – eating out and doing Uber Eats
  • Check on Katy and talk to her. Feel like we haven’t been able to talk much. I’m always working.
  • Figure out my vacay days so I can go get my glasses done.
  • We are getting my tires done today – two new ones
  • And we are shopping at Walmart for a lamp for my office at work so I can cut the overheads and have “soft light”.
  • Put my headphones and Ipod back into my work day backpack so I can listen to calming music next week.
  • Put a cot in my office (just kidding)
  • Wash the doggie blankets and change the people sheets
  • Get the yard sale date on the calendar and begin gathering and marking the items. Need to do that NOW.
  • Need to get some birthday reminders on the calendar
  • Christmas Ideas and websites that I have in mind.
  • Switch over the whites and the fall clothes b/w my current closet and the spare closet. I love playing with the clothes.
  • Finally get that new curling hair brush ordered
  • Get back with our Crochety Gourmet group and let them know if we can join them for the date they picked.
  • Pick movies on Netflix
  • Use my audible credits
  • Do some much needed Bible study
  • Watch 90210
  • Check on my friends
  • Do my Isagenix order
  • REorg the hall closet (Where we keep all kinds of lotions, meds, cleaners, household supplies and catch all stuff. Need to get rid of a lot that we are not going to use.
  • Work on my Magazine project. These are about a year’s worth of things I’ve folded over in magazines: websites to check out, products to check out, travel places to think about, recipes.
  • Reorg my office a bit. More on the reason for that later.
  • Look at the Mac computers and see what I think as far as which one is for me.
  • Blog decor. I’m over this “theme” but a little afraid to try a new one”, but I’m going to have to go for it. You know me, I really like having a change of theme to look at. Do you? Don’t you like that too? You like to come here and see the same thing all the time or enjoy looking at the variety of things?

And just some other things on my mind:

  1. I have made the decision (over time) – as God, George, and work, and my own desires/wishes for my life – have come to fruition. I will no longer be treating Isagenix as a “side hustle business” for me. I reserve the right to change that at any time, and may at some point. But for the following reasons, I’ve decided not to actively pursue and push for the goals I had set from a business perspective.
  • Work is really stressful right now and yes it will iron itself out once everyone gets the ducks in a row. But the truth of the matter is, it is difficult to get to the New Year kick off and now that I am in payroll/accounting there is to much going on for me to be traveling. And the Global event for sure is on a Monday. I’m probably not going to be planning but one vacay a year that involves a full week and I want to spend that with family. And when I take vacay for these events, it takes away vacay with the family. Last year worked great b/c George didn’t get vacay and I needed to burn the time. Plus in the upcoming years I’ll be needing to take FMLA time to care for Mom and such so will be burning hours for that. And they say your success is really if you can get to the events and if that is out then I’m kinda already not “in the game”.
  • I was missing having time for myself. To be able to enjoy time off, play a game, read, watch shows, and found myself doing that anyway and forsaking the business. I would try to have “power hours” and while I did very much enjoy connecting with people and planning business posts and doing all that, there were other parts of my life I was missing.
  • When it became evident that George did not really seem interested in traveling much and was telling me I’d be leaving him if I set off on such an adventure on my own – I had to make a decision – pretty much – whether I wanted to save my marriage or not. Well hell no, I’m not going to give up my marriage for an adventure. I won’t say that is not tempting at times, lol. But no I am not going to do that. No it’s not fair to have to give up my dream but my goal was to buy a really cool RV with the money from Isagenix as I progressed with the business over several years. And with him not very interested it just seems pointless to work my butt off in a side hustle for an RV just to have for a periodic 2 hour trip away somewhere every now and then. Why pay for that when you can plan weekend gettaways and just stay in a hotel. He doesn’t share this dream with me and so it seems pointless.
  • I’m almost 57. And the above said, I don’t really want to spend the rest of days “hustling” – lol. Thus this blog. I also don’t want to be hustling at work either doing double days of work. It hurts your feelings and makes you feel taken advantage of when you are there early and also the last one to leave by hours. It’s just not right. I’m ready to slow down in my life and not work harder than ever before. So having a side hustle with no reason now, is just not necessary. Tribe has spoken.
  • I’m tired of “the hype”. I’m tired of posts that are meant to make you feel guilty b/c if you are not doing what everyone wants you to do people will post things that try to make you feel bad, guilty, or that you are not doing enough and all that. I see right through that. My uppers were great for me and they have been so good to me and this is not about them. They have let me be me and love me anyway and I love them to death.
  • People don’t believe you when you tell them how good the product is. I’m not a very good sales person. I love to talk about it but there is so much out there that people just think you are there to sell to them and well of course we were selling it, but the fact is – there is nothing that has helped me as much as this system, but b/c you ARE selling it, people don’t believe you. I’m ok with continuing to sell it and I’m not quitting that part. If someone wants it they can let me know. And I may post about it and encourage it as I truly do want to be able to “help” people with this nutrition thing. I will always be available for that and may talk about it and even push that at times. But I’m done trying to set appointments and connecting and going outside my comfort zone. I don’t have to so therefore I’m not. I don’t like trying to convince people to believe what I believe. They can either believe or not. Their choice. Also their loss if they don’t but I’ll never say that to anyone. lol There are other ways to get nutrition but its just not as easy. The cost seems high but it’s really not once it levels out and you spread it out over time. It’s helped me so much having all this on hand. But I’m done with the phone calls unless someone schedules it with me. I won’t be the one knocking on their facebook in box.
  • I’m wanting my Tuesday nights back. I’m tired of the “fads” changing of what to try for prospecting. lol Everyweek its another thing. It was fun for a while but I found myself running around like a chicken and the way I work – I’m either all in or can’t do it b/c my heart is one of those thorough types and I can’t half way do anything. I didn’t have time to do this FT or I would have been powerfully successful at it. But I’m just over it all. I need my time back. I need my life back. No more side hustles and no more working two jobs at my own FT job. Tribe has spoken again. lol
  • All that said I love Isagenix and I am willing to help anyone but I’m not chasing after anybody. They are gonna have to come knocking on my door and asking for my time. Which I will find time for but that is just the way it will be. And no one gets an RV off THAT but I’ve decided that is ok. Life will go on and if God wants me to have an RV, he’ll provide the way, the RV, the time, and the money. He knows the desires of my heart. But I’m not leaving my marriage to do it. Even though some days I feel like walking out of my job, driving over to the RV place down the road and just picking an RV and going. I would never do that but I do fantasize about it when work gets crazy.

And that is why I want to reorg my office a bit and make it repurposed for what I need it for now that I’ve made this decision. My personal files will be in the top drawer instead of the business files. I will be throwing some stuff away, and using the calendars and bulletin boards for other things, to do lists, and other things. It’s kinda sad in a way that I got so excited over this business and it was all manifested by being able to dream about getting the RV and traveling extendedly and then it began to fizzle when George didn’t share my excitement and now with the job change – there is just less time and opportunity to be able to do this and do it right. And just no reason to do it now. I’ll keep on doing the nutrition and will be able to sell if I choose but it’s not going to be a full on “side hustle” anymore. It’s not going to invade the every pocket of time I have anymore. I’m enjoying my time now (what little I’m not on the day job) doing other things I enjoy. It’s taken this job change to finally convince me fully. But I’m there. And I will be happy with that decision. Just mainly there is no point in breaking your neck for what would really ultimately be breaking your marriage. Because he is not wanting the same retirement dream. It’s not appealing to him. There is no dream that I can tell. So I will just be planning on playing games and reading and sitting in my recliner I guess, watching others live their dreams. lol.

And if you read all that to the very end, you MUST let me know so I can appreciate you. And that lets me say the second thing that is on my mind.

2. I appreciate all of you for reading and commenting and liking and all the things that you do in support of me and my life. You have no idea how much it means to know you read. 😉 Thank you!

Sorry no pics much today. Will have to do better about getting snapshots of my day. I’ve just been so focused on work that I’ve not had much of a social media presence anywhere lately.

But ahhhhh the holiday weekend is here. Let the home to do list be put in full force.

8 responses to “OFF WORK!”

  1. The management at your job need to get on the ball and relieve you of the HR responsibilities. That is not fair or right on their part. I feel you are being taken advantage of. I think giving up the side job is a great idea, for now, anyways. I hope you can breathe and enjoy the long weekend.
    Take care, Monica

  2. . Enjoy Your weekend!! Looking forward to the weekend myself! Enjoy!! The year is going bu fast!! <3 🙂

  3. Life is so fragile and short. Do what is best for you and your family. Stress will kill you let it. I hope they get you some help with your old job. I was thinking back to jobs I had in the past. We always had a human resource person. At my last place of employment, we had two! It looks like they would get someone from a temp service or something that could help with the paperwork or until they could place a fulltime person. On a Happier note, the sun is shining it is going to be a good weekend. I have family coming over tomorrow. Enjoy your time off.

  4. There is no reason to give up on your dreams just because your life partner does not share the exact same dream. Many “grey nomads” here in Australia spend time apart living their dream while the other partner takes that time to do their dream.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say, and a little time apart can be a good thing for a marriage. While you might not want to buy an RV if it is just going to be you doing it, there is absolutely no reason you can’t rent one on your own and go off for a little adventure.

    There are many apps here in Australia now for renting someone else’s rv and there are some that cover the USA too – RVshare, outdoorsy are a couple of examples.

    You might also find if you can talk George into doing an RV rental, he may discover that he does love it and does want to share that dream with you.

    Anyway I am just throwing that out there. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. 🙂

    You’ve come so far with the nutrition aspect of things, if that is no longer lighting your fire at the moment I wouldn’t throw things out, I would just pack them away because who knows – maybe once there is a new HR person and you are on top of your current job, you might want to go back to it.

    I am now a big believer in never close a door entirely forever – just shut it for the time being and see if one day you want to reopen it again.

  5. I think you are doing what is best for you at this time in your life. You and George can rent an RV and take a little vacation in it without doing it the way you originally wanted. It’ll be fun and give you a little thrill without upending your life. Meanwhile focus on the job at hand and eventually everything will fall into place.

  6. Good morning, Sonya. I hope you’re enjoying your much needed holiday weekend! That sounds like a good decision to put aside the side business, at least for now. You have SO much on your plate right now. Hoping things settle down at work for you soon!

  7. I’m a few days behind but agree the ‘side hustle’ is more stress you don’t need at this time. They need to hire an HR person and quit putting more on your plate. I think you’ll figure out a way to feed your adventurous side with George included. Take care, Sheila

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