Pitiful Situation

Happy Friday!

Just saying “hi”. I’m not far away – just over worked. No one wants to sit and here me rant and whine and complain. And I haven’t had time to come here in the mornings as work has taken over my life. And this situation is most definitely NOT under control. There is still no HR Manager to take my place at work. So much of it is just not getting done and so many things going South. And it’ll just have to. Doing the best I can with 12 hour days – 13 and 14 something if you include the drive to work and back. Trying to solve needs but my best is not good enough. When people’s needs are not met they will just go hire attorneys I’m afraid. I’ve been able to field a lot of that off in the other position but there is no time to solve issues and do compliance and all that now. I don’t have time to do much of it or even have conversations with people, so it collects in huge stacks and issues unresolved or sent for someone else to do.

I work long days and then get tired (and a bit bent- that this has gone on so long) and then I will work a few short days to rest and just let the work stack up I guess b/c I deserve a life. Then I go back to longer days and try to catch up b/c I care about the people having their needs met. But I realize the more I try the more I realize there is to do and I’m like “one more hour” “ok another hour”….but I never get there. And just leave in frustration.

I’m glad we have a holiday. It forces me to take a day off. Because I’m about burned out now. And then next week is a 4 day week. It’ll be hard enough getting my own job done with payroll next week. I’ll be living at work paying for the holiday day off. But Thursday I have an appointment at 5 so I’ll have to leave early that day. Regardless of what sits on the table as I’ve had this appt set for weeks. It’ll be all I can do to get the payroll job done and checks out. So —oh well. I need to go get my new glasses so I can see but they are only open during the week. I’ll be scheduling that soon regardless of what is going on.

But I’ve been drinking coffee and playing a game in the mornings to get my mind off of things as I wake up instead of starting my day with my feelings here. Best just to ignore them and how I feel. But I figured you wondered where I am. I’m just floored right now that it has been a month and still no one here yet. I know they are trying as they have time and have someone in mind. I could sit in a ball and cry though til this all gets resolved. I am so tired. And over it already.

I’m sitting here thinking to myself, is all this healthy and worth it? No it’s not. I’m not going to be able to continue these hours to try and do both.

I’m going to love the new job when the old one quits knocking at the door. It’s just sad. It’s like turning a relative away at the door and saying I have no room at the Inn for you. But that is what it is like. It’s so hard to just turn your back on what you have worked so hard at. But I have no choice. There is only so many hours in the day and so it all just sits there in a pile, or on a voice mail, or on an email. But just having to tell folks – “someone will get to it when they can as HR is down a person”. I don’t know how the government compliance will like that answer though? Bless their hearts. lol “Sorry ain’t nobody got time for dat new EEO reporting you guys came up with.” I had to tell my old boss about that one so he can get someone to do it. I won’t be able to.

You can’t tell people – if you are not a component of payroll or a tax or an auditor -(yes, even that is happening this week of all things) you don’t get any attention, lol! But that’s kinda what is happening b/c there’s not enough of me to go around to meet all the needs in this situation. I kinda think George is tired of picking up the slack too. I come home, eat, go to bed, get up and do it again. Not much time for anything else and I’m all beat to death anyway by the time I get home. I am not in the mood for household chores – no time for it anyway.

So it’s Friday and while everyone else is joyous, I’m over here biting my nails wondering how bad next week is gonna be since it’s a 4 day week.


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  1. I was hoping things were getting better for you. It’s not good to have that much stress all the time, along with the long hours. It seems like your employer is just expecting you to do it all. Try to put work out of your mind over the weekend.

  2. They should have had a full HR department several years ago. They are just too large for you and one assistant with the complexity of their business. They need to take the responsibility of taking care of HR and letting you take care of payroll. I know you need to help the replacement but they need to be there taking responsibility

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