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I’m a big huge fan of filling up one’s life full of adventure, travel, exploring, learning, and yes even working! But there is nothing as special as slowing down, sipping your morning coffee, and allowing the filling of your mind with thoughts, dreams, ideas, and future missions to conquer as you relive the happenings of yesterday and contemplate its after-effects. It’s my realization that most of us rush too much and fail to slow down to enjoy our lives and allow necessary creative moments in time.

For the record, anything written here, is either written with a cup of coffee at hand, a glass of iced tea, or while sipping a precious glass of wine. Time stops for a moment, yesterday remembered, goals put in place, dreams of tomorrow brought to present, sips taken, words typed…..That is this blog. And you are welcome here to enjoy a slice of my daily reality blog.

About me, the author, Sonya, also known as The Back Porch Writer, based in the Nashville, TN area, I have blogged for approximately 17 years as of this date across many sites. Past blogs include the AOL Journal of My Southern Home and Blogger’s Mellow Pages, Back Porch Tales, and Southern Fried L’Attitudes. Now further blog adventures will occur here with Word Press on Less Hustle More Coffee, so let’s carry on from here.

I am married to George and live outside of Nashville with our two dogs, Roger and Maisy, and two outdoor cats named Little Bit and Itty Bitty Kitty. We have a daughter named Katy who is married to Cody and lives in Texas on a big huge ranch. Between the two of us we only have one parent living, my Mom, “Momma Billie” who lives about an hour and a half south of us. We enjoy our family, our friends, and both work Full Time with my spouse in Purchasing and myself in HR/Benefits/Payroll.

I am an introvert and geek at heart but allow myself to enjoy extrovert tendencies. I love to write, blog, take pics (although I know very little about photography), make graphics, read, try new apps, new recipes, love to travel and love to go on daily adventures and excursions. I love to plan, love to watch You Tube reality RV and Sailing shows. And have a dream to go long-term RVing one day.

I have a new quest in healthy living, and changing my relationship with food – but I love good cuisine and good wine and an occasional craft beer. You will find I will talk about food A LOT!

God is my leader and sets my paths. I’m always seeking to live the best life I can and be the best persona that I know how to be. My human-ness comes out at times though. While I can be honest, determined, hopeful, and quiet in spirit, I can also dig my heels in, show my stubborn side, be brutally honest, and even be very bear-like when needed to protect myself, my persona, and my vision – if at stake.

I am sometimes weird, goofy, clumsy, and odd situations migrate toward me so I’ll just go ahead and own it because it’s intriguing -even to me!

I struggle daily with how much to say and how much to leave off of a blog. A writer exposes the truth quite often and finds that others do not like seeing said truth in black and white as it makes it more real and tells the tale of what was hoped would be forgotten. I often am pretty open about my own feelings of how my day went the day before. Mostly I just desire to share my life as it is and as it occurs. I hope you will enjoy my “daily reality blog”.

Disclaimer: The words and opinions in this blog are my own and not of any company or entity. This is my view of reality and my life as I saw it from my perspective. Any art or graphics here are my own or shared to me by talented others for public use.

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  1. Very easy to visit!! I like the Intro.. has it been 17 years?? Looking forward to seeing more.

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