Our Labor Day Meal, Some Healthy Treats, and Free Fall / Autumn Wallpapers

The Labor Day meal was spectacular. Everything we wanted it to be! The weekend was restful but yet productive as well. Work was really long though going back doing two days into one. I arrived by 6 a.m. and left a few minutes shy of 4:30. Got home around 5, so a long day. But had leftovers from the big Labor Day meal so it was great!

I was happy to find these guys. A reasonably priced almond flour bar for an on-the-go breakfast. It must have a lot of the same ingredients as the one I used to buy from my wellness company. It tasted about the same. And about $12 less per box, lol.

I treated myself with an Italian water yesterday since it was a long day. This water just tastes so pure. It goes down easily. I enjoy drinking it. It was gone in no time. But it’s a splurge I won’t allow myself to do very often. It’s from Tuscany.

I had to look to see if my post yesterday took. It did. It is rare to have ZERO comments. So I wasn’t sure that it had even showed up. I have to go back and see if it was something I said that kept it from showing up. These days mentioning the wrong word here and there can make a whole post just sort of go back to the end of the shuffle pile. I hate that. No more free speech. I probably mentioned God, or YouTube, or did something against the algorithm’s liking, or the SEO lineup. Who knows. It could just be all my normal commenters were busy. I saw I had two likes so I know someone saw it. It makes me wonder if going to the effort to do posts is worth it sometimes. Or maybe it was just too long of a post. But I had a lot to post. Or maybe the files/video talk bores everyone to tears. Who knows.

Even if no one reads, I did it for myself, which was the original intent.

And today I didn’t mean to blog long. I need to get in a bit earlier if I can as I take Mom to her Primary Care doc so she can start getting her blood pressure meds filled up here. Her doc back home filled as long as they can without her coming back in. So I will have to leave work at 2 today.

Yesterday George was off and took Mom to get her new tires. He had noticed the tread was wearing. So he helped her pick which ones to get and took her to get them. Bless him for that.

The week is already almost half over. That is fine by me. I love a 4 day week. It’s challenging to get things done but at least it makes the week shorter. I’m tired already though.

I guess we have had some really acidic meals lately. I have a sore on the roof of my mouth and also under my tongue and in the corner of the inside of my lip. What on earth??? I had bought strawberries and we have had lemon tea and we’ve had lots of tomatoes. It’s going on to day 4 of one of them and the other three came on yesterday. It’s very annoying.

So I’m going to leave you with some phone wall papers which you can download of you want. Some of them are my wall art, rugs, or just anything that I could find with texture, and some are from Canva! lol.

And we’ll throw in one springy one. That is my tea pitcher, lol.

So what are you guys up to this week? And, don’t forget to read the previous post if you missed it. Ya’ll take care. I’ll either be back tomorrow or Friday.

Started the next video and beginning to edit it.

Take care, everyone and be safe!

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  1. Hi Sonya, well I’m sure I responded yesterday….so don’t know where it went. After I’ve read the blog and answered I usually delete this one as I hate having to scroll through loads of mail to get to just the one….so as your yesterday’s is not now in my in box I know for sure I commented….. I’m always worried about you having to start into work so early I know you’ve got to leave early today but the hours you give that company I’m sure outnumber the ones you have to take off…
    I too was up and out early today. My old neighbour is going to be 90 on Monday and as I am going up to Scotland with Peter on Monday (and now probably Mary as well). I wanted to go shopping for a birthday cake for Muriel. I knew our local supermarket had them so I left here just before 7 as the shop opened at 7 it was lovely as hardly much traffic about and was able to take my choice of disabled parking bays…of course once your in a shop you always see things you never went in for but popped in my basket !! I found the cakes there was quite a lot to choose from but they were really all a bit to big. However one of the assistants was around and asked if she could help, anyway between us we chose one that is pale pink and has butterflies on it. It looks pretty and I have the two candles to put on before giving it to her on Sunday….by the time she cuts it in half she can then give big slices to her few friends and it’s eat by date is the 24th. It’s a Madeira cake so hopefully should taste ok. When I got home I was amused to see that I had gone for exactly one hour ! So I had half an hour before Mary appeared for breakfast. My niece and husband came over to help with the garden. Barbara loves gardening and set to to get rid of weeds etc and used the weed killer between Mary’s garden and mine as the weeds etc are coming over to my bit under the fence etc. I have asked John who does Mary’s garden to trim it back again and again but he never does…..David decided to clean my car out for me,they brought a small hand held vacuum with them and it took him ages to do the inside even though it was not to his satisfaction it certainly looks great to me.
    Barbara also repotted quite a few tulip bulbs in pots so hopefully in 5/6 months they will make a nice display again…. It’s not so hot today thankfully it’s only 27 outside and 28 inside this afternoon a big change from yesterday’s 34 and 32.
    Even at 9 pm last night the temp was 22. It might be thunder/ lightning tonight but I feel it will pass over us. Barbara also brought Muriel a gift for her birthday, I don’t know what it is as she didn’t say but it was wrapped in a bottle bag ..it’s not heavy enough for wine, but I smiled to see the bag was decorated with butterflies…..same as the cake I had just bought……Mary is now bringing me a nice refreshing cup of tea, so I’m away out to the deck to catch a breeze. Hope Mums Doctors appointment goes well…Safe driving. God Bless…

    • Hmmm I know you commented recently too. But the blog post didn’t show any comments on the previous post. I’m thankful to get one coming thru so I know it works! I’m thinking what did I do wrong! lol 😝 Had to look up Madeira cake- almost called it Muriel cake 🎂- well it’s that too! But we call that a “pound cake” over here! You taught me something today! Y’all have fun! Win at Mahjong or let Muriel win since it’s her birthday!

  2. Your fall decor looks pretty. We had a great weekend too. I will have to try your baked bean recipe.
    I am getting house ready for when the painters come. So many things to put away or cover-up. Now if my husband and I can agree on the paint color. He has decided he wants gray. I don’t really care for gray that much but I can live with it. So far we have narrowed it down to three Light french gray, Destiny Gray, and repose gray. Can you believe it is September already? Time is going by too fast.
    I don’t know what your daughter is feeding Little Roo but he sure is growing fast. He is a big boy now.

    • Grey is a relaxing color and many seem to be going with it. It mixes with so many colors so you can change your decor. The lighter will be brighter. We did 3 varying colors of beige/latte/cappuccino type colors in our main rooms. There’s a chair rail too in dining and hall which was a good separator. I will post the exact recipe since you are interested because this was the best bean recipe I’ve had! I have some sweet pictures to post tomorrow of Little River Roo! She took a pic of him in the grass with overalls and a straw hat! May have to get that one framed! Have fun painting! Look up grey rooms on Pinterest and get ideas and see how it looks! Test it in the lights and dimness (your samples) to make sure not too blue or too purple- my bedroom/office grey turns blue and purple sometimes.

  3. Hi there!
    I read your previous post and was in the middle of commenting and my grandson started talking to me and I stopped! lol And you know when you’re doing something and then go back to it you think to yourself “what the heck was I going to do or write?” Thats me! lol But I think your fall house looks so nice! Don’t you love to take everything down and clean and then put the new season up? I do! Makes me happy! I’m a bit much for Christmas but learning to scale down some in my older years! lol A whole 58! So old! 🙂

    Sounds like a great Labor Day for you and your mom and hubby! We took a nice slow day. Watched a new series on HULU. Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy. So far its pretty good. I hope it gets juicer! lol

    And here we are into Wed already! The weeks just fly by now! Time needs to slow down!

    Have a great day!

    • Well we are the same age! Yes I forget what I’m doing too – too much to keep up with unless there is a list. I wasn’t sure the post was showing so I’m glad it was showing up! That movie series sounds good! I don’t have HULU – yet!

  4. What day it is!
    I read your post yesterday but I just didn’t have the time to comment. Sorry:(
    Your baked beans 👀 really good. Dang!!
    I feel like the summer is over & it’s almost Fall. The next week is hot. I have to go back to the hell hole city next week
    & it will be in the 90’s. I’m dreading that, but then I can breathe & go all out for Autumn. ☺️
    I need to get a haircut. Soon.

    • It’s ok – what’s funny is somebody always posts or comments of the like 5 of you that do lol. And when no one did I thought something was wrong! lol 😂 Glad you did today! I’ll post recipe itself before week is out – hope I remember! What hell hole 🕳 city?

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