Unexpected Urgent Care Experience Traumatizes the Day

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Yesterday was traumatizing. I thought I was going back for a check up to make sure that the healing of the place on my back was truly healing with no infection. I was told that it was a cyst that had a sac and that all must be removed or it would come back. I was given 6 shots to deaden it so they could lance it and try to get it out. The shots hurt like hades. Then the pressure of trying to get it out as they pushed, squeezed, and pinched. It was still very painful even though it was deadened. It seemed to go on forever. Tears came, and I actually prayed out loud for it to end with the nurse behind the doctor saying “prayer works, sister”. They were unable to get the entire sac. It was deep and big and had been there a while.

I’ve had these things on my head and had those removed in the past. I didn’t realize this was the same thing. My Dad had these and so did his Mom. Anyway, I suppose it is NOT over yet. I have to go back Monday. I have no idea what will happen THEN. So I am left with my traumatized memory. I say just let the thing heal and if it becomes an issue again we’ll let the dermatologist handle it.

This on top of everything else in life is about to send me over the edge. I absolutely DO NOT have time to deal with this.

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After this afternoon in hell, I got in the car and remembered I needed gas. It was closer to “E” than it needed to be. So I went to SHELL and all the open pumps had bags over them. GRrreeeAT! I was, however, in great pain and on edge and couldn’t lean back at all in the seat. So I went on to Publix as they wanted me to take Ibuprofen and I only had acetaminophen. GRrreeeAT again! I called George quickly to explain my delays as I had told him it should be a quick visit to urgent care and home. He said “please get an onion at the store”. OK onion and ibuprofen. Yum. I also grabbed two Yogurts since I’m taking antibiotics, to offset their side effects.

So there was a gas station easy to get to once I was leaving Publix and I filled up – AFTER I swallowed two Ibuprofen. I was always take less than the doc recommended as I rarely take anything like that for pain so it doesn’t take much. Plus I knew I was going to have a glass of wine.

While on the way to Publix Mom called and told me several things. Lord help me if I remember it all. No pen and paper and I was in such pain as the numbing was wearing off.

I got home and had fully intended on starting on laundry and on the house, but I was in no shape for housework. I needed to get my mind off the pain and the traumatization of pretty much this entire week! So I did something fun, I picked out music for the next video and began plugging it in. Then dinner was ready. We ate an Indian Chicken dish and watched another Lilyhammer show.

Then I changed into jammies and went to bed. While changing I noticed the bandages were all bloody. It wasn’t seeping through but I wasn’t supposed to remove them until today. She packed the wound and George has to pull a string to remove it quickly so it doesn’t hurt. You know I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep was good to take me out of the misery, although I awoke several times. I sleep on my left side and that is the side on my back where the sore is. So I was afraid I was hurting it. I woke up twice to make sure I didn’t have blood on the sheets or my pjs. Good there.

At 4:30 I got up and made coffee. Feeling good and have had no need for any more pain meds. I plan to take some though an hour before George removes the bandage.

I have to look up the flight information for Katy and Cody – they will be here today. I’m also trying to clean up the house and George has bought our zoo tickets for the day we go to the zoo.

The laundry is going and there is a lot of it too. My house is horrible with not much attention given to it in weeks. It is what it is. One can only do so much.

I know that THIS TOO WILL PASS. And I have a lot to do today. I’m a bit uncomfortable but not much pain. So things could be worse. They ARE sending the culture off to be tested to make sure it’s not a really bad bacteria of some type. She did not think so but said stronger antibiotics would be needed if it was. So I don’t think it would be too big of a deal. Anyway, words cannot describe all this.

I keep thinking “what did I do to deserve having a week like this?”. Then I remember how much worse it could be and then it’s not so bad. Well, it was bad, but…yeah could have been a much worse scenario.

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So we’ll do what God suggests we do. Focus on all things beautiful. And I get to see my little River Roo today! That will make everything brighter!

5 responses to “Unexpected Urgent Care Experience Traumatizes the Day”

  1. Any time my kids are coming to visit, I don’t worry about the house. They grew up with my sloppy housekeeping… and whoever they married is used to it by now. I simply relax and start making cookies and all is well.

  2. Oh my dear Sonya, I’m so sorry you had to go through such an ordeal …thank goodness they tried to deaden any pain, just imagine how it would have been if they hadn’t done that….just praying that the antibiotics keep working and the result of the biopsy is that it’s going to be ok with no need for more treatment. Thank goodness you did go though, at least they are checking it’s nothing nasty. I hope that you have a lovely day today smothering wee Roo in cuddles and kisses. Mind you he I,s just at the age when he might be getting a bit clingy to Mum but I hope he will be happy in your arms and George’s. Have a lovely few days with them. Only sorry you can’t take much time of work…or am I wrong thinking that ? You are having a few days ? That would be wonderful both to give you a rest and enjoy Kate being with you. Take care. God Bless

  3. I am sorry you had to go through that. I hope now they got most of the cyst out that it will feel better.. My husbands was deep too. He let it go too long. I kept telling him he had a lump in the middle of his back. I just ask him if it was painful when they removed it he said no they had numbed it. I remember driving him to the surgeon.
    I hope you have a good day with your family. I am sure your Little Roo will be excited to be at grandmas house.

  4. Oh, this sounds painful. Yikes!
    But it’s good you are taking care of it now. Timing sucks for sure.
    Hopefully you can put all this mess behind you this weekend. 🙏
    Enjoy the weekend with family 🤗

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