Three Meals, a Light Dessert, and Extreme Fatigue

The eating is always good the day after a cleanse day. I broke it with a blueberry shake. Vanilla with some blueberries tossed in.

I wish I had anything interesting to report. Absolutely nothing going on but yet everything happening at the same time. Just work and planning this move.

I have been EXTREMELY FATIGUED since Saturday. I had mentioned before I have no idea whether it was from the shot, the move, taking the new supplement Moringa, blood pressure, lack of sleep, too many supplements with cross effects, too much exercise without having a recovery period, or what. But my muscles have been to the point where I had to work hard to exert my muscles to work. I’ve just wanted to stay seated and have wanted to be in bed, but of course couldn’t be. The last two days have been about 40% better. I also quit taking the Moringa just in case that was the culprit.

I’m very close to going to the doctor for help. I keep taking vitamins and supplements and usually that will keep the fatigue down, but I’m really struggling here. I want to take a day off but need to save my PTO days for all we have to do this year. So I keep pushing.

This salad was so good yesterday. I have to say I think we get about 3 to 4 less chicken than we used to with this salad from Cracker Barrel. It used to cover more of the salad, but oh man this was good. I have thought about this salad for two days. I used to have these the day after cleanse day before and so when I did cleanse day Tuesday, the craving kicked in. This salad made my day.

I cooked up a meal yesterday, inspired by one of my YouTubers that I watch, Traveling Robert. He has the micro Minnie and travels around doing the videos, but he often will take us inside the micro Minnie and fix a one pot meal. I like this style of cooking as it is usually similar to how I make my spaghetti and my soups. He’ll start with some onion and garlic and meat and will add veggies and sauces, hot sauce, and will continue to build it up with whatever is on hand. So on instagram, I mentioned Traveling Robert in my story, thanking him for the inspiration – and guess what! He mentioned me in his! Made my evening!

Feel free to follow him on Instagram but the most important place is on YouTube. I think you can find him by searching for Traveling Robert or “Free in My RV” which is his slogan. His style of YouTube makes you feel like you have come along for the entire trip – scenes from the road, the campground, his mini trailer, hikes he goes on, restaurants he visits, historical places. He gives you a feel for the town as he will drive through and point things out. And he’s known to stop for an IPA every now and then and often will take us inside a brewery. Always enjoy his videos. Sybil, I know you like short videos – his are a bit longer but a lot more interesting than mine as he is actually going somewhere and not stuck at home, lol!

We finished off the evening with a bit of fruit and jello. I bought some squirty whip cream this week to go with the fruit. We are trying to work fruit into our week and also really have to work at getting the greens in. I put green peas in our dinner. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I don’t have anything exciting. Can’t even get time to work on many projects.

But the video I have worked on some. It’s down to 22 minutes. I just need to tweak it a bit more for reader/watcher Sybil, LOL. And maybe add some more music. I’m picking on you Sybil – she is my honest and best critic! I’m not sure if she wants the title, but she earns it and she lets me truly know what she thinks. And while that is hard sometime I have to remember that it is for improvement sake and that she cares! So it’s all good! But I laugh when I think of how I have to get it shorter for Sybil! ;-). Tell Mary hello and I hope the Mahjong goes well. Who usually wins?

So off to work I go here in a few. I’m hoping to beat the storms today. And I’ll be eating lunch at my desk and will leave a bit early today. I go to Columbia to get Mom and bring her here so she and George can go to the Low Voltage Meeting tomorrow.

The photo crew comes in today at her house to video it. She was very tired yesterday and a bit annoyed with the whole process when I talked with her and sounded like she needed a loooooong rest. She is like me and thinks of so much at once and then worries over it. She had worried herself into a knot yesterday over so much. I was even a little anxious myself afterwards.

I’m hoping we don’t have to do three trips to Columbia in almost as many days. George is still pondering about Sunday. I just need a day off to do some things around here. I told him if we go to Columbia he will most certainly not have clean laundry! lol. He is just trying to get as much here as soon as he can because he fears when the house sells we won’t have time to get things moved and he panics about that some.

So I’m going to get her today, we will take her back on Saturday and then Sunday depends on how much we get done Saturday I think.

These are certainly tiring times but I really need my body to work for me! So prayers for feeling better are coveted. If it continues I’ll go to the doc with pleas for help. Which will probably mean a sync up with my BP machine and his. Mine is so sporadic that it’s not dependable, and I’ll ask for bloodwork. I usually try to doctor myself, but this week it has not been working too well. And there are so many variables that it’s hard to know what it is. I think all in all, I just need some rest and that does not appear to be happening any time soon!

I often get some kind of auto immune response when life gets too busy and I think that is what is going on. I probably just need rest but as they say, “no rest for the weary” so I’ll just have to pray for strength, from the one who sustains us!

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  1. Morning Sonya, hope you can see this I can’t see what I’m writing so going to say your in my prayers love. I’m sure your just exhausted by all the things going on and you know that yourself…but I will just keep asking our loving Lord to give you some extra energy. Take care driving for Mum. I worry about you driving when your so weary… just hope this has gone to you,,,

  2. Are you taking your vitamin D as you should be. When tired and I need a pop of energy I pop a dissolveable B12 under my tongue. That gives me a lift almost immediatley.

  3. Take care of yourself. Maybe your iron is low. Hope you feel better soon. Rest and sleep seem to revive me when I get run down and feel tired all the time.
    Listen to your body.

  4. im sorry to hear how fatigued you are. i haven’t been posting or commenting much because of my fatigue. it’s literally sucking the life out of me. so i understand how you feel. hang in there.i have lupus and other auto immune issues, and so much wrong it isn’t funny. all you can do is take things one day at a time. this move with your mom is draining too, so that complicates the situation i know. i’ll be saying prayers. avisit to the doc might be in order. take care.

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