Thank You to my Readers and Supporters and Our Yard’s Spring Blooms

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Well, THANK YOU – each one of you that commented either here or my Facebook or Instagram. I appreciate you so much. I felt your support yesterday. We were all so tired. I think our nerves had built up over the past 2 weeks as we realized how possible and how quick the ball would start rolling. It was a lot to think about at once. Poor Mom’s head must be exhausted. She was praised for her fervor and inquisitiveness in our meetings. She is a sharp one and she thinks of a lot of things and wants to be prepared for everything and very careful. It’s kinda neat that we all have our “roles” we can play in this to make it happen. Each of our talents bouncing off each other as a team to “get her done”. And I appreciate your support. As I mentioned we have a long way to go before this actually happens, but it seems very probable and if something were to change there are options and minimal losses. But we are all rolling forward. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and comments after the contract was signed yesterday.

We have a little more energy today. A few more plans! I took Mom home mid day and made the trek back in. I have video’d some today from a spring aspect. Got me some “B Roll” activity. Bees and flowers! ;-). Here’s a shot of our blooms this weekend. We loved seeing the dogwoods!

George worked in the yard some while I took Mom home. I was supposed to start my weigh in numbers today but Mom was here and we were busy this morning. I reserve the right to do this any day of this week. Sunday was going to be my weigh in day. I’m too tired at days end now. So I’ll put it off. I’d rather relax and blog as the sun is low in the sky, George has fixed me a “sun downer” and my rest and planning mode is beginning.

I’ve much to do personally. I also have some other things to share on some things I’ve done research on as time allows.

I’ll probably not post again until Tues morning or Wed morning. George just said dinner was ready so I gotta run.

4 responses to “Thank You to my Readers and Supporters and Our Yard’s Spring Blooms”

  1. I believe this will all work out. The biggest thing is your mom is on board & into it. I know you & George are invaluable to her right now. She knows what she wants & she’ll get it. This will be the best thing for all.

  2. Good morning Sonya, well I think you will be reading this on Monday morning as it’s just after 7 am here I think you should be in bed,,hopefully sound asleep …
    It was so nice of you to thank us when as far as I am concerned it’s we who should be thanking you for allowing us a peep into the excitement of Mums house hunting. I think it is amazing that it has all happened so quickly, it just goes to show that it is the right thing to do. I just hope that you will now be able to relax a bit and take some …me….time just to sit and let your mind go empty for a while , it will be so good for you lovely one. I hope Mum is also resting now…..
    Take care driving to work today…..hope Roger is behaving himself and not keeping you awake again. God Bless

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