Snow Melting and Pros and Cons of Working at Home

Little Bit greets you! After losing MaisyDog, it’s been really nice to have Little Bit at my side. Truthfully, I think I’m his default plan. Roger dog is with George and so he doesn’t prefer to hang out with Roger so he hangs out with me. But I’ll take it. I do miss the photo opps that pets bring. I love taking pics of them in the house. They are our children. Maisy loved having her photo taken and I snapped away with my phone or camera. Sadly Roger is not too photo opp worthy right now. He needs a good grooming in a terrible way! We shall soon be making many appointments as March approaches. I’ve deemed it “appointment month”. If you were on Instagram you have seen a lot of these today.

Had the workday today. Had some payroll things to solve. Got it all taken care of. Well everything that I can do here. The official plan is to do housework and goals tomorrow and then work on Sunday. It’s going to be very very busy Sunday too. But it’s necessary. There are some critical pieces to my week and mainly getting ready for the next payroll.

Melting but Streets are VERY icy!

The snow began melting today. I loved to hear the sounds it was making. However, it’s not melted anything from our streets. If anything it’s icier.

Here’s George trying to get up the drive to go to Walmart. RogerDog is out of diapers. It took 3 tries. Here’s the first one. The rest of the videos are on Instagram. You can follow at @lesshustlemorecoffee – also a link in my side bar if you are on the pc. If on the phone or iPad, scroll to the end to follow. Love to have you!

Took some afternoon shots in the snow, messing around taking pics of shadows and light.

The above would make a good iPhone Wallpaper if you are into the ice and the color! I tried it and it looks nice.

Other than that our day was just busy working. I did however, make a list though of what I like and dislike about working from home. I think it would vary according to what job you are doing and what the situation is. But here are my thoughts on working from home in the payroll/tax position that I am in.

Pros for Working from Home

  • No drive to work
  • No having to pack lunch
  • Get to work with pets
  • Get to work in your sweats
  • Get your own bathroom
  • Can do laundry while you work
  • Can prep for dinner on your breaks
  • Get to sleep later
  • Chat with your Spouse if he’s home too
  • Watch a show on the Big TV on your lunch break
  • Can get caught up on lenghty but piddly data entry projects as there are so many things I can’t do from home.

Cons of Working at Home

  • Some urgent things cannot be done from home due to lack of proper equipment: supplies, technology (can’t print, scan, create checks, or send overnights from home, and my tax files are at work)
  • Creates a lot of anxiety at times when you feel helpless to be able to resolve something.
  • In my HR/Payroll Career (leaving specific companies out of it), it has always surprises me if someone thinks you should have lasso’d the moon when they know you don’t have the _______ (fill in the blank for the situation) to do it. I used to be anxious because of these rude surprises. It’s like a Jack-In-the-Box and it Pops Up to scare you on a whim when you least expect it, especially if someone yells or gets angry, embarrasses you, or creates a hostile work environment for you. And that is a big NO NO! Happy to say I don’t usually encounter these types of issues now, but if anything gets close to that I have ways of dealing with it.
  • Hampers plans, schedules, and routines. Since my job is not normally a work at home position, it means that it’s temporary for now and often it’s on a whim – something has happened – COVID, Ice Storms, or whatever. So there is not a lot of time to prep for it. You grab and go! So NOT having the supplies and technology you need hampers getting things done in a big way. That brings us to the next point.
  • Working longer hours when you go back to worksite to make up for what didn’t happen at home.

Some Work Surprises in Alternative Working Conditions can Pop Up When Least Expected

But it’s ALL GOOD. I always work out whatever issues or problems that come along as soon as I can. Maybe on another blog post I’ll share some of my ways I’ve dealt with anxiety and job stress and dealing with others who cause the same. I think we learn to be anxious by our experiences. I’ve learned so much in my career about stress, anxiety, dealing with _____________ (fill in the blank)! I’m happy to share.

Let me know if there is anything you particularly would like for me to share or discuss and I’ll be happy to write on the subject. Or feel free to ask questions. Much like Sybil asked about my work a day or two ago – I got two blog entries out of the subject. LOL

Awwww ya’ll. I’m just so happy that we are thawing out soon and life can get to some sort of normal – whatever that is these days. I’m happy, content, and looking forward to many things in the days to come – even if they are simple! Despite all that happens, we are blessed, loved, and have God to watch over us. And He does. He even sees that the birds have what they need. He says “don’t you know I’ll take care of you too?”.

Nite Nite <—–I used to end my blogs of long ago with Nite Nite. I used to blog in the evenings like I’m doing now. I think I prefer mornings, but as I said – when you work from home you get off your routines. Somehow I have done that!


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  1. so according to your lists… working at home is a tossup. here running out of ink or paper is always a distraction. good luck finishing up . the snow pics are beautiful. warming up to the 30’s monday from 7 below. a virtual heatwave. LOL. Stay safe. take care.

  2. Like your work station with the cat. Poor George – think he needed 4 strong men to push him up the driveway to the road. Guess a lot of this country got snowed in – I know we did in Arkansas. Lovely pictures.

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