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  • Nashville area: Autumn in TN, What’s in Our Freezer, Yard Sailing, Trying an Acai Bowl

    Good morning! Here is a “week in my life” vlog during a really nice fall week here in Tennessee. Little snippets of life during the work week and lots of activity on the weekend. We go yard sailing, do a freezer dive, and I share our foliage with you at the end on a beautiful…

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  • Under 300 Subscribers on YouTube! Should I Consider Giving Up?

    Oh there are some days…..and yesterday was one of them. And I had a day last week as well. Should I throw in the towel and just give it up? Should I quit the videos, maybe even the blog itself? Should I start a new blog with a new theme? Should I do something different…

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  • The Busiest Weekend Ever

    Our Friday night started with me doing laundry so that I would have half a chance of finishing our weekly 6 loads of 2 darks, 1 color, whites, towels, and sheets. I began fussing Friday night, knowing I was going to have to race and fight the clock to get things done. All week long…

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  • Getting Ready for Company, Pop Shelf Visit, Dexter’s Trick, and This Week’s Update

    Good morning everyone! Sharing a few days with you, as it was – a couple of weeks ago when we prepped for our Life Group gathering, had a Saturday at home. I also take you shopping at Pop Shelf. And Dexter shows you his trick. As usual you will see your favorite side kick, George.…

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  • Retirement, Halloween, and November Projects

    Now that it’s NOV 1st, I added the turkey decor to the table. I love this little google-eyed turkey. So how are you guys doing? I think I’m just floating along. Trying to get the most important things done, responsibilities met, and then doing things from there when I can sneak them in. The feel…

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  • Happy Halloween Everyone

    Hope you all have a happier Halloween! I’m doing payroll today. Currently at lunch! I’m eating a Marie Calendar’s Pot Pie and it is hitting the spot today! The cooler air has arrived. We are in our warmer clothes. Are you all dressing up today? One of our office mates brought candy. My favorite is…

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