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  • A Warm Breckenridge Welcome, Seeing our Grandson, Happy Times!

    We drove through Dallas yesterday and headed west toward Breckenridge. Our day seemed long. We had a few laughs on the way and traffic was bad in a couple of spots. The interstate was shut down at one point. We stopped at In/Out Burger and it was busy as always. That was in Arlington, TX. […]

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  • Our “Sweet” Suite Hotel in Hot Springs and Flea Market Fun!

    I started this new plan on YouVersion and it’s very good, just reminding me to make sure my goals and God’s are aligned. With my Nov challenge I’m trying to make sure I get some Bible or spiritual lessons (podcasts/YouTube) daily. I’ve succeeded most days. Here’s a revisit of my monthly challenge. I’m doing ok […]

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  • Life with a New Puppy: Challenges and Adjustments

    Below is the link to the latest video. I hope you enjoy it. I also left a post late late late last night. Been a busy week. But next week’s video is also scheduled. Whew! Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more of our videos and of Dexter! I thank you so […]

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  • It’s Been an Insanely Busy Week for Me, but I’m Ready for Vacation

    Wow, I would have really liked to have had a little bit more time at home this week. It’s quite pitiful to be running from “thing” to “thing” all week. So much going on. I meant to get here sooner. But the work week is done, all the side activities are done, all the doc […]

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  • Thanksgiving with Mom | Details from the Busy Family Weekend

    To have had such a nasty bad week last week, with outbursts from my Mom accusing us of not treating her properly and saying we need to do more, leading me to schedule an appointment with a therapist to learn how to set appropriate boundaries, deal with my own hurt psyche, and learn not to […]

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  • Our Experience Adopting a Dog Wasn’t as Easy as We Thought

    The embed is below of our experience adopting Dexter. I hope you enjoy. There are lots of pics/videos to music of Dexter as a puppy and our first days with him. He’s so cute. We are happy proud parents. Look at that puppy smile! Click on “Watch on YouTube” below for best experience. If you […]

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