Rain and Storms, Shopping and Eating, and Life’s Updates

Rainy Week for Greater Nashville, TN Area

Wow, it’s true! I’m really sitting here getting to blog. I’ve wanted to do it for a couple of days but life has kept me truly busy.

Sunday. I was under the weather with something I ate and I did not feel like doing anything so ALL of Sunday’s plans ending up getting pushed off until every day after work and spread out across the week.

Monday. After work I went to Belk and Target, looking for capri jeans for me and casual jogger type pants for Mom in capri style or pant style. I found some crop pants that folded over above the ankle for me that were lightweight and good for hot weather. (I only have one pair that fits that is good for summer and I need 3 pair to get me through the week for Fri Sat and Sun). I will have to buy another pair in spring when they come out again. I did find a pair of jean shorts that fit me that came to the knees and that was nice and surprising. They looked good and that will be useful. I’ll try to get a pic of those two things (jeans and shorts) along with the two tops I bought. I have not even had time to take them out of the sack.

I found Mom two pairs of Men’s pants b/c the women’s all were slim fit type of leggings and such. So I’ll see if those will fit. I’d wear the mens if they fit. I thought they were kinda cute. But, sometimes they are cut different. I made sure they didn’t have the demoflitcher male opening section since she did not have any male parts to whip out of it on a whim. I giggled in the mens department while perusing various mens jogger pants picking them out for Mom. I thought she’d get me if I bought home some with “demoflitchers” in the front. I think I just made up a word.

After shopping, there was just enough time to call Mom, eat and go to bed. Dexter slept with me ALL night. 🙂

Items in my Target Haul.

While at Target I enjoyed a brief look around. I found these items (and bought them) in the little bins up front where they have the $1 to $5 items. I love to have decorative items to sit about on the mantle and a few other spots. And these will be great. Many of these items were $1, some $3 and the frame might have been $5. I plan to put Little Roo (grandson) in the frame and use another frame that Little Roo is in for Dexter’s pic. This one below looks a little too “angelic” for Dexter. Oh, and I looked up a pic of the Dexter in the movies or TV shows, and my Dexter’s eyes and smile looks like him. No wonder they named him Dexter. It’s the squared off smile that does it.

Being in the shops sort of put me in the mood for the holidays – fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you count the weekends til Christmas it’s not enough! lol We’ve got to start now!

Tuesday. I had my hair cut. I had her chop it pretty good. I’ve not been very good at styling it. And I need to be better at it. I protected my front with no bangs added and nothing cut above my ears in the front and she gave me soft layers in the back to ease the heaviness of the back. I did not let her texturize it since my hair is doing some weird curly q things lately. I will know what it really looks like tomorrow after I wash it. I’ll probably try to style it with my heating brush tomorrow. I see how she styled it to get it straight. George said it looked good.

When I got home I had to wrap George’s birthday presents as his Birthday is Friday. He mainly has plans to eat all weekend! LOL. I’ll let you know how it goes and what I got him for his birthday.

I also drove home in a pretty bad storm that got my heart rate up but I prayed and God whispered to just trust Him. So I did. But the wind got up and it hailed and very heavy downpours. I was in the middle of nowhere on this highway.

It was the Blue Dot below – that red cell blew up out of no where.

Tuesday I also decided to change my schedule – kindof on a whim. I have been blogging and vlogging in the mornings and only going in early on Tuesday’s (to make up for mom’s eye appt day once a month). Well with school starting back and people seemingly going back to work – my drive is starting to take almost an hour instead of the 35 min it used to be. It keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve been having to wait in long lines at stop lights, stop signs, and finally Tuesday morning I’d had enough. I don’t have the time to give. So I noticed on Tuesday mornings when I go in early the traffic is so light and it’s such an easier drive. So going in early I’ll also leave early and make the drive home easier. Well 30 min to work and 30 min home. Bam I have an hour back in each day. I’ll still have to work til my normal time on Tuesday’s though b/c of Mom’s doc appt. So this helps with everything! It helps with 1) My time for commute 2) Dexter left alone an hour less in the day. 3) It’ll help me with mom’s afternoon/evening appointments and getting to her after work on the evenings we have plans or places to be 4) Safety factor in traffic because it was kinda becoming unsafe with so many cars and everyone trying to pull out in front of you and so forth. There have been so many snafu’s in traffic lately. I’ve seen some bad things. This makes me happy. I still get my exercise time in though b/w feeding Dexter and shower time. Then I just get ready and go to work and blog/vlog when I get home.

Wednesday. Well. So I began the new schedule today and Dexter was happy to see me. My boss said she didn’t blame me for making the switch. I’m basically working her schedule. I didn’t quite get out in time which is always the risk. But if I work any over the allotted time then I’ll just “bucket” the time to make sure doc appts are covered. My goal is to make sure work time is at least a full schedule. I’ve worked so many hours in the past on the HR job and sometimes in this job that no one really needs to count up the bucket hours – lol – there’s infinity amounts in there, but I figured in case anyone says anything I’ll have my records to prove.

Mom. Her foot is better. We haven’t had crises this week. I’m always thrown off in emergencies and don’t feel like I do a very good job juggling during them. I tend to panic at having to juggle so much. Since everything is on a tight schedule. But God whispered to just take things one day at a time. Because my payroll job has to be done and I worry about that and getting my time in. She had a couple of Amazon orders for me to do and of course trying to find her pants after work. I’ll try Walmart tomorrow after work to see what they have as far as loose fitting jogger type pants. I imagine next week I’ll have to return the Target ones. I’m not getting my hopes up that they will work.

Show’s. We are watching Virgin River’s new season, and also The Bear.

Video Update. Next one is done. I just need to finish the Thumbnail in Canva. And then get it scheduled for Saturday morning at 7:00. As always I’ll come back and give you the link. It’s already uploaded. I am doing all that tonight hopefully. I’ve started it but didn’t get finished. Story of my life. I can never finish anything before I have to be on to something else. The stress of that factor alone disgusts me, makes me mad, and also messes with my nerves b/c I am the type of person to push and push til I make whatever I want to happen, happen. I don’t give up until I am forced to. And I keep lists until forever is finished and until I get done what I need to get done and things have really been stacking up in my days. I just keep rolling over the todo’s and trying and trying again.

Hello Fresh. See for yourself. We did some “upgrades” this week and next for George’s birthday. I picked this week and he picked next week’s. We had Ramen one night and it was very filling with chicken and spinach and the onion crisps on top. I think that is very much worth the upgrade. Actually after so many meals you get some free upgrades anyway so we will take advantage of those.

Here was the steak with smothered onions and baked Brussel sprouts and potatoes with rosemary. This was also an upgrade. Of course steak is an upgrade. It was very good.

Reconstructing Less Hustle More Coffee’s Structure and Set-Up, Improving the Game, Learning Sessions. I’ve been pondering having a day off to work on some things – kind of like a seminar day or just a work zone day, but I’m afraid I’ll be sorry and need it later during the holiday time. But I’m considering having a day off to do all things Less Hustle More Coffee. If I did I would do the following:

  • Work on plans to take the Vlog to the next level – the intentional vlogging – not just about our lifestyle (what is in my photos and videos) but intentionally filmed content. I still want to include the other around it though, lol. It’s just people need to see helpful and meaningful content that will help them. I plan to start this in the 2023 year. But I have to be ready to go! And I want to catch up to more current time. I’m trying! And we are coming into the busy time of the year and it’s very hard.
  • Planning content and filming ideas and setting up a log plan.
  • Finally get the training done on YouTube and Tube Buddy. I have access to so much that I’m not utilizing. I love learning and growing and can’t wait to get to this. Right now it keeps sitting in my to do lists because I cannot get the time w/o a day off.
  • Working and redefining my “niche”. I know what I want to do but I don’t know what to call it. I don’t want to narrow down my niche. I like doing a lot of things but I just need to word my descriptions better and work on the branding of LHMC and how to deliver that to people in social media. People have no idea what I do and what LHMC is. lol
  • Updating photos and descriptions on all platforms for an updated fresher look along with the description: YouTube, Blog, Insta, FB, etc.
  • Work on the new intro including Dexter. I need to go ahead and be collecting the info for this: music, clips, et. I want a new song.
  • Need to carve out some specific schedule time for filming things each week. Maybe in the afternoons now.
  • Future plans.

If I can just get a day to do all this without actually working on a video – I could accomplish so much.

Work. It’s just been crazy busy. On top of already being busy. I’ve not had much time to work on Month End this week but here’s to hoping that tomorrow and Friday are good days to finish it up. If not there is Monday but I don’t like being that close. I will have to ignore everything else until I finish at this point. We’ve just been having to pull a lot of records and print records until we are blue in the face and just have just about not been able to do our regular jobs, lol. So that will have to stop for a couple of days until I finish. Tribe has spoken. lol

Here’s looking out of the parking lot from work as the rain clouds moved in. We had some big rains today.

Little Roo called me today. I miss him so much it hurts. He’s talking up a storm but won’t talk too much when we are on the phone. He gets shy. But he did all the animal noises for me. He is starting to make brief short sentences she says. But you can’t understand him too well.

Upcoming. Well, we have George’s birthday weekend and will be eating out a lot. We also will take Fancy to get her shots. And then Mom wants to take George out for lunch and then I think she wants to go to Aldi. We’ll have to see what she wants to do as she said she can only do one thing at a time. With all her wants and needs and desires, it’ll take us the rest of the year to accomplish them one at a time. Or not. We just can’t go out and do things every day to get them done like I have this week. It’s driven me crazy not having any time the last couple of weeks as I’ve had so much to do after work. But like I said I panic and just need to take one day at a time.

Shingles Shot. I think I’ve decided to get one. I’m afraid my nerves are going to send me into having these and then also I read an article that the shot could help offset Alzheimer’s as it blocks the proteins that create the problems in the brain. At least they think it is. So I’m going to get scheduled for this in our already busy fall schedule. What about you? Did you get the shot series? It’s a series of two.

Well sorry for the long post but if I don’t blog daily anymore it takes longer to catch up and post. I’ll try to post again Friday afternoon. I’m switching my time to blog to the afternoon’s instead of mornings because of the schedule change.

Ya’ll take care and have a great rest of the week.

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  1. Pooh! No notifications of posts. Ugh!!
    My husband got the Shingle vaccine x 2. I’m on the fence. But I probably will.
    I’ve had shingles, definitely stress related, and it was not fun.
    I like the Turkey you got on your shopping trip. He’s cute 😍
    We’ve had a lot of rain & storms the past week. Next week our temps are headed for the 60’s daytime.
    I had more to say but laundry is calling my name.

    • Not sure what’s going on with notifications. Seems more people commenting today than usual and page views are up. I’m sorry they aren’t coming through for you. Sometimes computer software doesn’t behave.

  2. Hi Sonya, glad you’ve changed your work hours. I’m sure less traffic will mean less worry. I hate driving when the roads are busy. In fact I’ve really gone of driving altogether and only drive when I have to and if it’s local….silly really as I used to love driving……as well as less traffic to worry about I think it’s such a good idea to have that slightly more …home time….I was sorry you had to travel in that terrible rain storm. We would love to have had the rain, we are suffering a drought over here and an Amber warning about the high temps in the next few days I like the warm weather and love sitting in the sun but I’ve not been able to do it for the last two weeks as it’s just toooo hot. Even sleeping has been difficult last night I was still awake at 1.30 and yet I still wake at around 5….Ah well better get on with my day…..take care. God Bless

    • Yes it’s been hot here too. We have good a/c most of the time but when it’s 100 degrees it puts a strain and hard to get cool. We just had a front come through. Maybe your temps will ease and I’ll pray it does as well as rain.

      Yes the schedule will work until I have to drive in dark and then I will have to reconsider.

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