How we Managed to Stay Married for Thirty 30 Years / The Surprises We Found in Our Freezer

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How on earth did these two opposites manage to stay together? She is serious and focused, he’s all humor driven and laid back. I tackle a few ideas of how we managed to pull it off so far!

To top it off we decide to go through our freezer and well, there may be a few surprises in there. Take a few minutes this morning to be entertained or…amused – either one.

Ya’ll have a great Saturday.

6 responses to “How we Managed to Stay Married for Thirty 30 Years / The Surprises We Found in Our Freezer”

  1. I really enjoyed your video. I can’t believe how much you have in your freezer. It is great though. You two won’t go hungry.

  2. Thanks for the humor and another great video!!
    You & George are something else. LOL
    What a bunch of odds and ends in that freezer. I think that’s kind of a common issue.
    New stuff goes on top and odds & ends end up in the freezer. I hate to waste & I always think
    I’ll use “it” or need “it”. But of course I end up forgetting “it”.
    I liked your evening out on your 30th anniversary. Good times:}
    And Fall & Halloween decorations threw me off a bit, but I got back.
    I actually watched this video on my desktop computer. The last time I turned this on was to do
    taxes a few months back. I use my phone 97% of the time. I do miss things by using my phone but the PC seems so dated. lol
    I hope you’re enjoying Dexter this weekend. LOVE is what it’s all about.

  3. Loved the video. If I didn’t say it then. Happy Anniversary. And I’m going to try to make the scotch eggs. They looked yummy

  4. I’m so glad you liked the video! It was fun to do. I’m behind on doing them chronologically but with some extra time I’ll be getting them done faster. You can watch on a smart TV of you have one or through a streaming device like Hulu and download YouTube app. Dexter is doing great. He has a few stubborn moments but it’s expected as he needs to get out the energy and his breed says they have a stubborn will. So training is going well and he is smart. Gets us up early though on the weekends lol

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