Friday Notes, Dexter Vet Update, Making Enchiladas, and Weekend Ahead

Hello lovelies! Just a quick pop in here. I think I have a couple of updates to share. Not much going on other than working and taking care of Mr. Dexter. But here are a few updates. Just rambling here today!

Dexter’s vet appointment went well. They were amazed that he looked as though he had doubled in size in two weeks. We got him at 11 lbs and now he’s at 16lbs – or he was a day or so ago, lol. The fecal test showed some puppy parasites. She said it was common and usually clears on its on. It was clear on the last test so I thought we’d done something wrong or something had come from my house, but she said he has had it all along and it just wasn’t in the sample they took. So hopefully in two to three weeks it’ll be better when we go again. But he got his 2nd round of shots. He felt bad I think because after playing a bit, he became a limp noodle and didn’t want to do anything but lay around. Next morning though he was back to being a spastic puppy and was ready to get up and eat and play. He’s been a good boy this week other than he learned how to break out into the other areas of the house so we are having to beef up perimeter security, lol.

It cracks me up when a dog lays like this. It’s like the doggie splits! lol

Hello Fresh has been delicious this week. The enchiladas were so good. I am failing at taking pictures but I’ll try to do a better job next week of the final product. I’m learning how to make a lot of Mexican food. I made bean paste (pretty much just mashed 1/2 the black beans and seasonings) and you put the bean paste on tortillas and made the filling (meatless this time but with the other half of the black beans, half tomato, poblano pepper, and half the chives). The other half of these things were put on fresh on the top after the enchiladas baked. It had me whisk together a Mexican “crema” sauce out of sour cream and that drizzled over it also after baking. The “crema” was made by adding southwestern seasoning and then warm water enough to make it drizzle consistency.

I love learning how to cook these things. I love that I can roll things in a tortilla and bake them w/o it falling out. You put your filling on one half of the tortilla – not the whole thing. You start rolling from the filling side and it scoots over as you roll tightly. You bake with the seam side down. Top with mozzarella cheese and bake it. These were baked just until the cheese melted on a high heat of 450. And it gave the enchiladas a steamed effect. It was sooooo good!

I think I have cooked three days this week! I cooked spaghetti last night. George has had to work over a couple of nights so he gets 1/2 day on Friday. He will enjoy the minimal Friday (today). So will Dexter. But on those days I have left to get home with dog and have started dinner as he also has had to work in the yard some. The heat has been horrible and his riding mower died. The man that works on them has retired. ::sigh:: So he ordered the part and I guess will try to fix it himself or find someone else to. Meanwhile he used the push mower in 102 degrees heat – I’m not sure what the heat index was but he started in the shaded area first and the other areas as the sun was lowering in the sky. He had water and popsicles ready to go.

I’ve been faithful at the 15 to 20 minute exercise routine – mainly steps and arms – but it’s nice to do this inside. Dexter is good while I do this. If not I throw tennis balls in b/w steps. George wakes up to dance music, ;-). I try to start it down low but sometimes it is really loud til I get it lowered.

I went to Chic Filet for breakfast yesterday. I got the “egg white grill” and I was pretty impressed. It had grilled chicken on what appeared to be a whole grain or whole wheat muffin and it had cheese on it and the egg was good. I think that is awesome. I also get fruit and unsweet ice tea. I try to go once a week. Can you believe that it’s $10 to get that so that is $40 month. I might have to quit that. But it is nice to have that treat once a week. I usually also eat out once in while for lunch.

I am going to be curbing expenses some in the coming months because of all the increases in prices. I’m working on my list to share with you. I haven’t had time to go through my blog notes to blog on various topics as I do sometimes. My life has been dexterized so I’ve spent less time in my office. lol lol lol

I am trying to hold things together though and looking forward to another relaxing catch up weekend. George is taking Mom to church Sunday. It’s working well for now with the new doggie to take turns so that we minimize his time alone so he doesn’t become neurotic, lol. It says on line Beagles can have issues if left alone for too long. We already hope the work week is not damaging to him. Anyway once he gets settled a bit we can do more things. We are trying to spend time with him though so he doesn’t have too much separation anxiety and all. This swapping of time allows us to have more time for home projects and getting things done.

George is looking forward to Father’s Day weekend though. Even though he’s offered for me to stay home Sunday, he will take her to church and then help her some in the garage Sunday. She wanted him to come sooner rather than later but he was busy last week with working over, I had my hair cut one day which meant he had dog duty, and then he had yard work. So tomorrow his treat (since Katy is not here) is to go to McKay’s bookstore and do a few errands tomorrow. I’m sure he will enjoy working in a garage on Father’s Day, lol. But he will get Mom’s green chair out and load some goodwill up. A neighbor is helping her unpack some things. I’m so glad b/c after a year of moving mom (twice), packing, unpacking – we have got to catch up and have time in our lives. We have promised work days here and there but we usually give her 2-3 days of our time in errands and doc appts and church and store, so it’s just hard to keep her up and us too. But we do what we can. I think she doesn’t grasp sometimes how much time it takes to work full time, plus commute, plus take care of our own needs, store runs, pay bills, yard, housekeep. So when she needs a chair moved it’s hard to just drop everything and go move a chair. Now we have dog dog to consider and have to be here for him right after work – one of us does.

Anyway, time is always an issue but we are doing the best we can. When we say “ok but not today” it doesn’t mean we don’t want to help, it really does mean what we say it means, no underlying hidden meanings, it means “ok but not today”. So many of us don’t take things at face value because so many of us have hidden agendas and manipulations, lol lol lol.

Anyway enough on that. I gotta get ready and get out the door. Enjoy your Friday and enjoy your weekend. I’m looking forward to mine. What you gonna do this weekend. And has the weather been hot?

Take care.

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  1. I wonder if the lawnmower might need a new battery? I went out to my car yesterday and it wouldn’t crank. It was 100 degrees again, husband said it was the battery. Sometimes when it is hot like that water evaporates out of the battery and kills it. You use to could add water but they fixed it now to where you can’t do that and will have to buy a new one.
    He had to go buy a new one and it was $200.00. The last time I bought a car battery it was around $ 50.00. If prices continue to rise that much I don’t know what people are going to do.
    I am going to have to try Hello Fresh. I like the sound of everything you need to try new recipes. We don’t really have any plans yet for the weekend. We may just stay home. I am cooking my husband a steak for Father’s day. My Dad died years ago. We celebrated with our Daughter last week. I am sure you and your Mom will make sure your husband has a good day. I am thankful for all the great Dads out there. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Could be. I will tell him to check on battery. I figure he probably did check that first though. He seemed to know what part was not working. I think I can send you a code for HelloFresh and you get some free meals for trying if you are interested. I probably get some kind of credit too for sharing but I haven’t paid much attention. My coworker shared with me and I got so many meals free.

  2. Mr. Dexter aka dog dog is adorable! He looks like a Dexter. I mean a boy dog! Love the leg split, too. 🙂 They sure do tug at the heartstrings thats for sure!
    OMG! My hubby’s rider just went too! So he got someone to come and get it to see if they can fix it. Sadly it has to be put out to pasture because the engine was blown. Specifically the repair guy said “you were very lucky it didn’t blow up on you while on it!” “The most I can do for you is trash it or it will cost you about 1500 bucks to fix it!” Umm.. no thanks! So now he is on the hunt for a new one. Do you know, well probably your hubby would know this. There are no ride on lawn mowers with in X amount of miles of where we live? Not a one We are in Berkshire county, Ma and no one can help him. So weird. So his hunt continues!

    Awesome news that your mom has someone to help unpack some boxes for her. That will be a big help for all around.

    This weekend is Fathers Day. So we will go see my dad who is 89 soon and doesn’t care about to much anymore. But we’ll go and say hi. Tom *hubby* has one daughter but they don’t see each other and rarely speak so I give him a few things he loves. He collects/wears Boston Scally hats and their collectable pins that go with the hat. So I have another one coming for him. And he will go to a Festival of music. He loves music so this is perfect for him. He will go with my son. They get along nicely and both love the same music. And its a win win for me because I don’t have to stand in the heat all day and night! YIPPEE!! lol

    And then it will be Monday again….. wash , rinse and repeat! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That little rascal aka Dexter has just made your life better. I’m not surprised he found a way out of the hallway. lol
    He has all day to investigate. Don’t you just love him even more?
    I hope George got his rider going. This heat is rough on the mowers.
    I think it’s great that your mom has a friend she would even think to let help her go thru stuff. That’s a big plus.
    We might do some shopping this weekend & park some $$. 🤣
    Nite- nite

  4. Hi Love, good Saturday morning from Box. I hope you are sound asleep at this time, I’ve no idea how many hours behind us you are but it’s 7am over here. I’m so glad that things are working well with Dexter, he really seems to be a great puppy being left alone for so long during the day. I presume he isn’t barking or howling or your neighbours might have told you……unless you don’t have immediate neighbours ? ….I think your meals sound really good and they are also saving you on time if George can do other chores whilst your enjoying making the meal, I hope he wasn’t too exhausted doing the mowing in the heat. Yes we to have had an extremely hot week ( our HOT is not the same as your heat LOL as normally our hot summer weather would be around 75f but this week we have had it really high 75+ indeed yesterday was the hottest day of the year and it got up to 90f. I think we get that high perhaps once in 10+ years !) thankfully it has gone down to the more reasonable temp today of around 68/70 today. We are going up to Edinburgh tomorrow and it will be cooler up there. Must go now and get my day started. Keep enjoying Dexter, give his wee tummy a rub from me. Xxx

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