Busy Days with Dexter Dog | Stopping the Puppy Biting | Redirecting Puppy Chewing

The last two days have been packed full. Tuesday was a very long work day, leaving here about 5:40 and arriving at work around 6:15. I had to do TWO days worth of payroll activities and get it done all in one day. I worried about the little toot, Dexter all day. It was his first day alone (probably ever) and I wondered if he was just absolutely freaked out. I had imagined every worse case scenario. Needing a little love and support, I posted that I was worried about him. Instead of comfort and “don’t worries” I was met with “what, you didn’t leave him in crate”? Hell no we didn’t leave him in a crate. We shut all the bedroom doors and gave him the run of the hallway and the foyer of the bathroom. We shall have NO broken teeth from being in crates all day. For this dog that would be cruel. I felt like kinda like I had been judged (you know how Facebook is, lol). Everyone takes a side path and totally misses the whole point. I was worried about his feelings more than our doors or walls, but had made a reference to it jokingly and then felt judged by comments. (Insert eye emoji here.) I had rather him have all his teeth and a few scratches on the doors and walls.

When we came home, there was not a scratch on anything the last two days. He seemed to be enjoying his time of rest, lol. However, he was a live wire when we came home Tuesday. Everything was happening at once. Katy faced time and we tried to talk with River while trying to feed and entertain the dog, and feed the cat, and communicate about the day. I had to apologize to Katy for being so distracted and all over the place.

So we are learning as well as Dexter. What are we learning? Well we already knew he would be a live wire at times. No surprise there. But I am overjoyed that he has less of the puppy times than normal and can be really laid back at times. So we have taken him for yard walks. He can’t be around other dogs til he gets all of his shots, so we’ve been doing yard walks in our own yard. But mainly what we have been learning is how to teach a dog “no no”. The saying “he thinks his name is No No” comes to mind. So Tuesday was a lot of no no no—ing and enh enh enh—ing, almost to the point of frustration.

But a little bit of googling we are handling things a little different and it’s much less frustrating. Aside from the fact that I had to get up about 8 times (not exaggerating) to get this blog started so I could do the following.

Instead of Yelling No No and Getting Frustrated with Your Doggie

  1. Distract the dog and give him something different to chew on (versus his bed, our furniture, the carpet in the bedrooms, my robe, my pants hems).
  2. Take him outside for walks a lot and throw the tennis ball (he can already retrieve it) and tire him out.
  3. Give belly rubs and pat him and give him attention.
  4. Go ahead and eliminate anything you know he’s going to be getting into, to the best of your ability and set him up for success.
  5. When puppy biting/play biting give a little “yelp” like a sibling pup would do and it teaches the dog to go lighter on you next time. He’s learning too how much is too hard. And the internet said that they normally learn this from their siblings so we have to pretend to be their siblings. Allow him to nibble on your fingers but yelp if it’s too hard. It worked last night, but it might not always.

All that still didn’t help me get my blog entry done. I finally had to shut the door with coffee and let George take a turn occupying his mind while I at least got my blog entry done. I am not going to work til I get the blog entry done! (Tribe has spoken, as always!)

He is doing great and house trained to the paper and going outside. He is faithful. Sometimes he misses but we have the flooring now so that is not an issue. That has been so easy.

So the house looks crazy with pee pads everywhere. Eventually we will get down to one or two, but for now we want to have them available in most all rooms where he will see them til he gets used to our lay out.

I was amazed this morning when I did a work out that he let me do it without trying to bite my feet or clothes. He stayed back, played with toys and at some points just laid and watched. So that was good to know. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do my exercising but that was easy. I only did 10 minutes this morning.

He is a sweet heart. He sleeps all night. We both wake up about 3:30 though. And then we both have to gooooooo. Sometimes that is my fault as I get up first. But he is a good sleeper.

So yesterday, was a big day also. I had a shorter day at work since my Tuesday was so long. I got there around 7:15 to 7:30 I think, and then left around 3:30 to meet George at the vet at 4:30.

The good news is that he does not have intestinal worms. He had been given treatment for that as all dogs are when they come into the adoption center and the meds worked. But they gave us more meds for heart worm prevention, ticks, and also the intestinal worms, etc. It’s a one for all. And what they do for all young pups. We have all of his shots scheduled for the next two trips. In our world we have to set appointments ahead of time so we can get them around work and also around Mom’s doc appointments and around my own.

As for neutering, we have to wait until that last round of shots to decide so they can see his weight and determine the best time to do it. While he is asleep they will also do the chip.

Then after the vet appointment I went to get Mom and we splurged and ate out at Outback. Very expensive to get steak but we did it anyway. And then went to Aldi’s. Aldi’s was pitiful. I’ve never seen it in such disarray. The produce section was picked over and not very neat. Bags of lettuce wilted and brown in the bags. Mom and I both bought a few things. I took Mom home.

Mom has lost her blood pressure meds. She had two bottles and doesn’t know what she did with one of them. She went through her trash to make sure she didn’t throw it away. I searched the fridge and drawers and cabinets and did not see it. She finally told me to go on as it was getting close to my bed time. I told her to just call and order more and explain what happened.

Mom has not been feeling too well since the graduation. She said the day wore her out. I was pleased that Mom said thank you yesterday for doing what we do for her. I appreciated that. I thanked her for saying it. She was more feeble yesterday, using her cane and having a harder time getting around, even though she has been trying to walk some on her culdesac in the early mornings. She has mentioned she is tired of her own cooking and several times has mentioned how another boy she knows cooks meals for his father. Since she mentioned it more than once to me, I figured she was trying to hint, but I hardly have time to cook for us and that is not going to happen. I can’t be an assisted living cook. She opted out of assisted living for this house and while we can bring some meals over here and there, it’s not going to be wide operation, but maybe we can look into meals on wheels or something. Or I can order her something to be delivered. But no I won’t be over there cooking on the weekends. I already don’t have much of a weekend anyway. She may not have been hinting that, but since she mentioned it to me twice, I naturally took it as a hint. One that I will let pass by. She knows we are limited in time, so it’s probably wishful thinking. I can bring her over and eat here some and take her home some. But even that is time consuming and challenging on a work day. She may have to buy more frozen meals and eat a few more sandwiches.

But anyway, I am going to end the blog and get ready and off to work.

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  1. We do homemade freezer meals for my mother in law especially when we have larger portions such as stews, soups, pot roasts etc. that were appreciated and didn’t put us out at all. Sorry but I’m going to bite back a little. Your response to hell no and broken teeth was ? Judging too. Yes you didn’t ask for unsolicited advice but in blogging you put things out there. Crating a young dog in a nice larger crate with goodies is a standard practice. Not for you and you’re right, to each there own. We had a garage entrance hall we put a gate on when dogs were young and later never needed any corraling. My daughters dog had a large comfy crate with blankets and goodies that went you said “treat” she’d run in there so happy! She seemed to really like her comfy spot. As some dog information says they like a get away space. She’s never needed it later after about a year. Chewing is a tough stage to get through. I think some breeds are worse. I had labs a few times and terrible! Daughter’s a retriever mix and tough too. I had a Pombischon and smaller mixed? And both not too bad.

    • “Hell no for crating” was an opinion for my dog after having Roger with broken teeth we chose not to go this route for Dexter. I’m not here to debate crating or not. So no judgment for anyone else. And likewise I will not accept judgement from others. We each have to do what we feel best for our own fur babes. I’m shocked people are so opinionated and judgmental over the issue. I seem to feel attacked at the very mention of it. You’d think it was political or spiritual- lol. I for one am through with the topic. And im sure we will use a crate for some pet at some point. My daughter did and it worked great for them. At no time in my blogging did I say no one else should use a crate. We were heart broken that Roger had issues because of being crated so that taught us to be considerate of the situation. Doesn’t mean our decisions are made for all. So was talking about our choice. I have to correct you there. But yes, we have some options we can help Mom with as far as food goes. Just not going to be able to do a lot of mass cooking and freezing but can stop and bring her things some.

  2. How old is Dexter? I bet he will be a good watchdog. We have never used a crate for our dogs. But one of my sisters-in-law put her dog in a crate every night when they went to bed. I felt sorry for it, but it got used to it I guess. Kind of reminds me of jail for dogs.
    feel bad for your Mom. Getting older is hard. I can’t do the things I use to do when younger. I always loved planting flowers and gardening. It has to be hard at her age being alone since she lost her husband. Meals on wheels might help her with her being lonely and having lunch delivered. Maybe when you make spaghetti or a chicken pie just make extra and take it for her to heat up. Or get Cracker barrel to go. Get enough for a couple of meals. I really like their vegetables. I get tired of cooking all the time too. My husband is pretty good though at cooking when I need a break.
    But I understand where you are coming from with working full time.
    It is getting warmer now summer is on the way. Can you believe it is already June.?

    • Yes we will figure something out. But it won’t be every day. But will help keep her out of assisted living a bit longer. My fear is that she would move to this house and get settled and then have to go to assisted living almost immediately. So hope we can stretch it out soon.

  3. Oh Sonya, I’m so pleased that gorgeous Dexter ( I love his name) is being so very well behaved for 10/11 weeks old. It’s quite normal as you know for some people to give their advice believing that their way is the right way, but I know you well you all ways take it as criticism please try not to love…You are right in the way you and George bring up your puppy..take no notice of anyones advice unless you truly believe it as well….the only bit of advice I could give is when my puppies tried to nip/ bite to much I used to grab the tip of his tongue for a few secs. They soon realised that I didn’t like it……but Dexter is YOUR dog you treat him as you are the one who gets the results…..I’m glad you got the two days work into one but it was an awful long day for you. Hope today has been better and Dexter has been good when you get home. Take care. God Bless. ( definitely NO to the idea of cooking extra,for Mum ).

    • Yes it’s definitely true I’m not fond of having words put in my mouth. And will correct an inaccuracy in that respect immediately. I have no problem doing so. 🙂 I know more than anyone what I meant when I said so, so no problem with another’s criticism and they should likewise not be offended when I’ve corrected their inaccuracies.

  4. I still think Mr. Dexter is adorable! If anything , his eyes say it all. Oh and his little belly! As for people chiming in with crating or not. Quite frankly, its not their business. We all do our own thing for our own animals. When we had little girl pup we did not crate and we DID let her sleep in our beds! And we and she loved it! LOL Spoiled you say? Why yes, yes she was and I wouldn’t change it for the world. People can be so judgy ( Is that a word?) But we live in a world where everyone has an opinion that they want to share, good or bad. As for FB… I’ve given up on it. Political, religion and all the issues in between. I don’t care who votes for whom or so forth. Just be nice in a world that isn’t getting along with others lately. Ok .. off rant!
    As for your mama. The more she stays alone in that big house the more she will fade, get more stiff in walking and so on. My parents were on the go and had a spring in their step up until their first falls. I think they need assisted living but one of my sisters moved back home and I am the cook for them and so on. Its hard when you have a life and still feel like you have to keep doing for parents. And they do feel bad but once you start the caring it gets more and more each week.

    As you know there are a lot of meals you can order for your mom. Simple things. I’ve tried MOW’s for my parents and I talked to someone in length and she said that they aren’t as nutritional as I was thinking , but I liked that they were free! lol My parents are 89 and soon to be 85 and will not take free food , even if they are old! Stubborn!!

    Sounds like your mom needs a companion. We got my dad one. She comes in a few times a week. She vacuums for them, takes garbage out and gets my dad his lunch and does some med things for him. Very simple. Three hours. And he was dead set against it, but as time has gone on he is joking again and talking more with his companion. Just takes time for them to let their guard down that not all people are out to get you! lol But it would do your mom a world of good for her to have someone not family go in and just chit chat with her, get her mail, walk with her. I think the only thing that they can’t do is give meds. Not to bad. And it might free you up for a weekend of two. 🙂

    And I’ve rambled again!
    Take care,

    • You are so sweet to give us ideas and share your experience. I know it will get harder before it gets better. I’m trying to take one day at a time and get what enjoyment out of each day we can. Getting the dog helps! Even though it’s more trouble. It’s giving us some joy in our insane lives!

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