Dexter Dog Tales, Summer Bucket List, and Success at the Winter Bucket List

We are spending time getting to know Dexter, and him getting to know us. We have been back to Pet Smart (Sunday) to get the rest of the supplies that we didn’t have time to get on Saturday. And also got new tires on my car, but we have to drop my car off to get new sparkplugs soon. It’s starting to act funny again.

So, night one, he ended up sleeping with me all night. And slept great! But last night, he got sick and then had a couple of runny poo’s unfortunately on the new carpet – he did the latter while I was stripping the bed from the throw up. (Sorry, gross I know but it happened and this is a reality blog, lol). Trust me I am leaving out some parts. I had to have help – I had to wake George up and ask him to hold the dog while I got up the messes. He wanted to get in the way of it and do what dogs do and also wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t mess again and I couldn’t keep him out in the hallway as he darted back in the bedroom every time I opened the door. I think this was at 12:30 in the morning. I did not have another sheet protector so I couldn’t remake the bed and didn’t want a repeat to soak the mattress. So I put him in his bed in the living room and slept in the recliner beside him. (Insert arms held in air emoji!) We had to do what worked.

I really didn’t sleep much at all and when it was about 4:30 I actually snoozed a bit. George got up around 6:30 this morning and at 7 a.m. my video went live so I put it on social media to get the word out.

Some of you watched it, and I thank you so much. It was a fun video to edit. If you missed the link see the previous entry. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss any videos. I’d love to have you. Or click on this link for may channel’s videos—–> It’s Less Hustle More Coffee on YouTube.

So, yeah, we have a little intestinal issue, but one that is often in puppies and should be easy to control with treatment plan. We are going to see the vet tomorrow, we hope so he can go ahed and be treated.

I am so tired right now I can hardly think. I knew what all I wanted to say on the blog earlier but now all I can think of is how I need a nap.

This doggie is going to get bigger. Look at his long legs. e’s like sleeping with a baby deer, lol. I’m not sure if I told you we found out he was not just a beagle mix but a beagle golden retriever mix.

So the week is busy ahead. Vet Tues after work and then on Wednesday I told Mom I’d take her out and George will stay home with dog dog. We decided if we both went it would be too long for the dog to be by himself. There is still a lot of adjusting to do and I’m really nervous about what he will do tomorrow in the hallway. Will he scratch the finish off the doors? Maybe. It’s just going to be what it’s going to be and we’ll have to deal with it all once he gets acclimated.

So he is more used to his surroundings now and no longer feels the need to follow our every move but tomorrow he is going to be so sad and lonely with us gone all day. It will be a shock to him. But he will have to be used to his new routine. It’s going to be hard on me too.

Amazingly beside the intestine issue that we have, he is pretty much house trained. He prefers to use the paper or go outside. What a shock. He has not started to mark anything but I’ve heard that can come later.

So we have a series of new to do’s. Training tid-bits like learning to sit, come when called, and getting a chip, getting all our shots, getting neutered, and then getting a 2nd dog.

Here’s the bed I bought for my office or bedroom. He likes his beds.

But the cute comforter from the bedroom is not going to be kept on the bed anymore. It’ll be for company only. I just have a blanket on there for now, towels under that and sheets and a mattress protector. The room won’t be fancy anymore for a while. There is so much to figure out. And to make room for. My house is a mess right now so that will be part of the process I guess.

So, other news:

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are not coming up. They are under the weather. We are disappointed and hate we cannot see them. And Mom also was not feeling too good either since the graduation last Saturday. She said that wore her out that day. I knew it would be hard on her. It was a long day too as she also needed things from the store. Plus we stopped for 20 minutes to look for a dog (she stayed in the car). But yeah, she’s not felt great since then. She says she is only out of bread but I’ll go get her Wed night and we’ll head out to dinner and then get some groceries.

Big day tomorrow with payroll as I’m doing two days into one since we had the holiday. I don’t think we have any doc appts this week for Mom or myself. Our hairstylist left and we had to reschedule for the following next two weeks. But Fancy gets a trim next Saturday so that will get Mom out of the house for a while then. I think she also wants to go to Belk and Lowe’s.

Bucket List:

I did our Summer Bucket list. I know just how geeky we are when you read it through. I put some goals on there just so it keeps us focused but we also put things we want to do on there as well.

Here is the summer list:

You may notice repeat things on there. Some I do every time – like reading 3 books, or doing Canon photography lessons. And one thing we have tried to do for like 4 or 5 years and it never happens.

I put “—–” dashes where I can insert check marks. So I want to use Canva more since I pay for it. And I have put a lot of dashes for # of times to get in the habit of using it more for blog purposes. The photos are really nice on there. I am also putting some blog goals on there.

I am proud of us for all we did from Winter into Spring (until now) considering how busy we are. Much of these things actually kept us busy I suppose, but considering we are busy with Mom a couple of days a week, we really did do a good job of knocking it out of the park.

Let’s just take a review. These are things I’m so happy about. Not in order of importance, but just as it caught my eye.

  1. Downloaded and learned to do videos with Final Cut Pro.
  2. Decorated my new office at Work
  3. Went to Hot Springs with Katy, Cody, and Little Roo
  4. Got the colonoscopy out of the way.
  5. Did the Hermitage and Wine Tasting
  6. Went to Knoxville to celebrate Kevin’s birthday
  7. We had dinner/brunch with a couple of sets of neighbors
  8. We went to Texas to celebrate River’s Birthday. Yay!
  9. We watched a lot of good Netflix shows
  10. We ate at some new places
  11. I almost did 3 Canon lessons, didn’t practice much, but I did get some focus in.
  12. We had a foodie day with the Irelands twice!
  13. I read three books.
  14. I had some planning time to write down some goals.
  15. I worked that dang Christmas puzzle finally! Finished it yesterday
  16. I did a few videos! ;-). Wasn’t on there but I’ll claim it.

So for someone that doesn’t have much time, I did pretty good – we both did.

Here’s the next puzzle I’ll work:

So I guess it’ll be Wed or Thurs before I’ll be back. Gotta take care of little doggie, Mom, clean up after the video I just did and get the next one started, clean my house, take some time to breathe, get things done at work, and do a bit of reading, or personal goals. Just seems pretty busy.

It’s seems crazy to take on a dog right now but at the same time it felt so right. There was a huge gaping hole missing after having the fur babies for 20 years. It’s something George and I did together was love them and care for them and hang out with them. Dogs bring such joy – a lot of hard work and dedication, but so much joy.

I will enjoy sharing him with you in the days to come. Our Dexter. We are trying not to call him “Little Buddy” but he looks so much like Roger sometimes. We have to make a point of calling him Dexter before he quickly becomes Buddy instead.

George’s roast beef burritos are ready, so I need to go. I think we are watching Jumanji but I may fall asleep and secretly that’s quite alright, lol.

More later. What does the week hold in store for you? I love hearing about your lives out there. I wish more of you would comment and let me hear about you and think about you!

Take care.

21 responses to “Dexter Dog Tales, Summer Bucket List, and Success at the Winter Bucket List”

  1. I sure hope that precious Dexter feels better soon. He has a precious face!!!!

    Hope you have a great week. I am going into the office tomorrow morning. Jamison is on call and will be going to work at 2 p.m. Long story about the office that I will have to tell you when we get together. Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow a.m.

    Travis and Savannah have been suffering from allergies for the past two weeks so hopefully, that will be better this week.

    I will not be singing Sunday so I hope I can sit with y’all during worship.

    Hope you have a great week

    • We’ve not been there in two Sunday’s- sometimes that is our only rest day. This weekend we didn’t want to leave the dog alone yet. I’m nervous about tomorrow. Prayers for you and all. The office? Oh wow! Retirement over? lol 😂

  2. He is soooo pretty. I would take him home in a minute. He’s probably going to get around 50 lbs. Give or take. LOL
    You lucked out. His fur is so pretty. Maybe they have his brother or sister also for adoption.
    I’m just saying 😋

  3. Hi Sonya, sorry I didn’t see yesterdays invite about your Vlog going out so I have just watched it now Tues 7am. It was great I do love the start it makes me smile…..the whole film was good, but as I used todays blog to click through to it at the end I coudnt see anywhere to put my comment ? You know me and tech things so maybe I just missed it or don’t know how to,find it….but thank You…….I’m sorry your having digestive troubles with Dexter I hope the vet will be able to help and that he finds nothing that can’t be dealt with easily. It’s definitely going to be a very hard day for him today. I hope you will leave the radio on or at least music in the background. No doubt whoever is home first will have “ toilet problems” to clear up ….I hope next dog you get will be a bit smaller and will become a lap dog I fear that Dexter will grow to big and happy for your knee !!! Hope Mum feels better this week. As someone near Mums age I know just how tiring a say out can be, especially when we are on our own most of the time…..Have a good day at work today…looking forward to hearing how Dexter is settling in. Do you have close neighbours that would hear if he barks or howls ? Take care. God Bless

    • Yeah you have to watch on YouTube to leave comments and sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the comments are under the video. But I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah he will be gentle but may get bigger if the golden comes out in him. Maybe the beagle will be more dominant. His feet are only a little bigger than Roger’s so it’s hard to tell. He will be ok to sit beside us. If too big he will be hard to take to hotels and condos. Many are small dogs only. He will be a great pet. He’s so mature and laid back and house trained and loves me. Noises scare him so he has a lot to get used to! We will leave the French cooking channel playing on Alexa.

  4. Dexter is a handsome dog. His tummy may be upset because he has had so much happening. A new home and being adopted is a lot of excitement.
    I bet it will settle down. It will be fun to take him on walks. You have a nice yard for him to stretch those long legs. I love the picture of him laying on his bed. He has the sweetest eyes.
    We had a cookout with our daughter, SIL, and grandson. Chicken and beef kebabs. Cheeseburgers and slaw and baked beans. I was shocked when I answered the door ll how big my grandson has gotten. He is almost as tall as me. It was so good to see them.
    I hope you have a good week. And Dexter’s tummy settles down.

    • It’s worms- the kind puppies can get from nursing- which I’m told is common so we have a vet appt tomorrow- they couldn’t see us today. He’s been on meds so it may be getting better. He’s eating and normal most of the time. But have to see if they need to continue treatment. I didn’t want to mention it the main post as it’s so gross 🤮.

      • You might want to get a crate for him. That’s the safest thing for him right now when you are not home. Crates are not inhumane or cruel but the younger the puppy the better.
        Most doggies like their crates. It’s “their” space, their room. It would solve a lot of issues in the future.
        When we get ready to go out our doggie goes right to her crate. That is the only time she’s in it. At night she sleeps wherever she chooses😋

      • No crates for us! That’s how our vet said Roger lost his teeth. No we have made the best decision for us. We are open to repairing any doors scratched versus a life with broken off teeth. Eight hours for a dog with his energy at times is too long. I’m ok with an open crate. Or for small periods of time like while being groomed if someone is near. He’s in the hallway. It works for some dogs. Not saying we might not have to at some point. We chose not to.

  5. I just love this pup! His eyes tell a big story! He looks extremely happy being on laps and beds! I know his belly will get better. He just needs some time and meds. 🙂

    On another note. I tried to watch your vlog and it stopped dead right in the middle. 🙁 I’m not sure if it was your video or my laptop. All of a sudden it stopped and then I started to hear a woman talking from from what I’m assuming a commercial ad but I’m not sure. All I know is it stopped my laptop dead in its tracks . I will try again and wonder if you heard anything from anyone else.

    Take care,

    • Oh – I bet you tube ran an ad! They do that either before or during or both! Go back and finish if you get time- it should pick up where you left off but might run another ad -after 5 seconds you can delete the ad- it counts down. Most websites do this darn it! lol

  6. I understand. Our last rescue had a lot of broken teeth from being in a crate, so I get it.
    He is so beautiful 😍
    I’m crazy happy for you.

  7. Carefully not being judgmental but I have a suggestion about your Mom that I did for a family member going through a rough time. I bought several “meal size containers” that can go in the freezer. Every time I cooked a meal I would scoop up a meal size serving and freeze it for that person. If is made chili or soup, or a meatloaf and veggies, whatever, most things freeze well. Then when you go see your Mom, drop off her “home cooked meals”. She will appreciate and it is really no more work for you or your husband. Smiles!

    • That’s a great idea. But… with George in the house and sometimes me… we don’t have leftovers. I do have leftovers with soup, chili, and spaghetti. Winter meals we can do that. One of the requirements for r sing self sufficient is fixing a meal for yourself and she can but at some point assisted living will end up being a better option for her 3 meals a day. We aren’t ready for that yet but we can maybe drop off a bucket of chicken here and there.

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