A Change of Seasons | Making Beef Bourguignon

Will we catch the kitchen on fire with the flambé? In this video we do a bit of seasonal shopping and plan ideas for cooking. Mostly we have fun in the kitchen as we make Julia Child’s recipe of Beef Bourguignon!

6 responses to “A Change of Seasons | Making Beef Bourguignon”

    but it ended too soon.
    Your iphone did an excellent job. I know movies have been made using smartphones. That was impressive.
    Your narrative & music was spot on.
    You really are professional grade.
    Now I have to decide what to fix for this evening 🙃
    How’s that beautiful puppy doing?
    He’s gonna be a big boy. LoL

  2. That looks so good. That is one dish I have never made. You can see how much George likes cooking.

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