We Rescued our Forever Pup, Finally!

Well guess what! Meet Dexter! Our little beagle mix 10 week old puppy. He is Mr. Distinguished. So he is a laid back doggie. And he’s a bit not feeling well in a reaction to the meds they give them when they come in to the agency. So his last dose of that was this morning. He should rebound from there (I hope) and the vets are closed so we can’t get him in to see vet to schedule the rest of his shots and treatments until Tuesday at the earliest but some time this week.

I am shocked as I really wasn’t sure we’d see one to come home with. I immediately saw this one but someone else scooped him up before I did. When her husband told her to put him back that they already have enough pets, I scooped him up myself and I did not let him go until we left the store, except for sharing with George of course. I let him hold him til we could get the adoption papers signed which I had to do the application and contract on the phone.

As you can Tell George is a little choked up. After everything was signed tears started falling from my eyes and we started to walk away people were coming up to congratulate us and meet the dog. We both were just dripping with tears and so choked up we couldn’t speak. I just said “we recently lost our dogs and are so happy to have another”. We take our pets seriously. And they liven up our hearts and our lives so much. Finally we gathered composure enough to gather dog food, pet bed, pet bowls, and we had to get my car to the tire place for our appointment there. We didn’t get to get his name tag yet b/c we were in a hurry.

George had him in his car in his new bed in the floor board as mine was about to be dropped off. The first thing he did was upchuck. We thought it was just nerves. We got home and put him in the grass and he had horrible diarrhea. You would think he was having a colonoscopy tomorrow. We got him in the house and he drank a lot of water and immediately threw it up. Yikes. This was starting to scare me. But I looked up the meds that she said he was reacting from and sure enough it says side effects of vomiting and diarrhea. It’s a strong med but it gets rid of any parasite types of things. So anyway we’ll see what happens. He is sleeping very much like a sick dog right now. I was very disappointed in that. We have had a lot of sick dogs at the end of our previous dogs life, so I’m ready to be beyond sick doggies. So I hope he will be ok.

He drank water a few minutes ago and kept it down so hopefully the further away from the med dose, he will get better.

He is truly a little love button. Not sure who he will sleep with tonight, if anyone. We might need to let him sleep in his bed in a controlled room space for the first few nights til this subsides and we know his trends and personality more. That is my recommendation anyway.

He loves his bed that I picked out. He goes right to it and lays down. I bought him a teddy bear for comfort. He likes to sit our laps and will let you hold him and love on him and walk with him. He’s like a little baby. He likes tummy rubs and he likes you to rub behind his ears and under his chin.

One thing I liked about him was that he looked like a healthy dog. Irony when he began being sick as we pulled away from the Petsmart. We adopted through an agency called True Rescue I think. It all happened so fast. We didn’t have much time and others were wanting to adopt pets also. But I’m sure he will pep up soon as these meds wear off.

We are beyond excited.

So I have finished the next video last night and began the upload before going to bed. I got up this morning and it uploaded 2%, lol! My iMac when on sleep mode and it didn’t do anything else. I have shaken the mouse every few minutes and changed my screen saver to an hour for when we were gone. This is for the birds. As of now at 5 p.m. it is only 67%. So it’s a shame it takes a couple of days to upload or at least one day with constant monitoring. I think this will change as when I cancelled our cable with Comcast, I upgraded our internet to a business grade of internet. It’ll be almost twice as fast. I mean, why not, our bill went down tremendously. The new router comes in and we also have to take the old routers and boxes back. I’ll really know for sure when the bill comes in but we dropped our landline and the cable. We only have internet and it does come with a free streaming box and a free streaming section with some shows, but we are paying for the Live Hulu as it comes with the channels we need and live TV. So I’m a little nervous about how everything will work – like will we have a new remote? I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, expect a video to go live – on Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. Since I missed the Saturday window, most people are off Monday and it’ll be good release day. And I’ll have time for it to finish the upload today and can work on the thumbnail and schedule it tomorrow.

Expect lots of cuteness in the days coming, and pray for the little fellow to feel better so we can get to know him and him us.

Last night as the sun went down I spent some time with Little Bit.

It’s morning again. I am just now getting to finish the blog entry. Dexter has woken up – he slept with me – all night. I took him out around 4 as he stirred. But we went back to bed. I got up before he did. He finally awoke, rolled over and wanted a tummy rub. lol

So as the day went on yesterday he became more playful. He kept his food down and his poop was normal this morning and he did it on the pee pad. We are so thrilled. So the meds are wearing off and he’s a normal pup today. He’s wanting to play.

Our life will be a bit hectic this week as we add him to the routine. It feels good getting a night under the belt and seeing that he is a good sleeper in bed.

But I need to go and get ready for church. This morning the video is at 92%, lol. Get used to cute fur baby pictures. We are so happy God has answered our prayer and given us this pup who is already house trained and so smart. I hope he does well while we are gone. We have to keep him in the bathroom I think because he will scratch the doors and that will keep him confined from cords and things. He loves to chew still. But gosh we are over a big huge hurdle with him being house trained. Wow! How lucky we are. He seems to pick up things quickly too. He will get used to the new routine. Once we get him settled and with his shots etc, we will get another dog to keep him company. He will have to be neutered in July. So we’ll see what happens. But yay! We have our pup!

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  1. I’ve got two dogs (at different times) from a shelter that came home with kennel cough. It’s like a cold, and they give the dogs kennel cough shots, but it never keeps them from getting it. Poor things, both of them had to have their snotty noses wiped continuously and coughed like they were dying. Took them to the vet and he said it was kennel cough, and that, like a cold, you can inoculate for it but it just takes time and they always get over it. And yet, groomers demand a kennel cough shot. Go figure.

      • Who knows, maybe in his previous home his people also went to work. And think how nice it will be coming home to a pup who is deliriously happy to see you!

  2. Oh. Sonya and George. I’m so so happy for you both. Dexter is a great little name, had he been called that before he came to you ? Or did the name just come to you. He looks lovely quite big for 10 weeks ! He will be a strong dog by the looks of him. My old neighbour always had Corgis and they were good loving dogs but do she’d hair a lot. One day when I was looking for a new carpet when I was asked what colour I replied…..corgi colour !! I got one !!! Anyway hope he has been a good boy whilst you were out at church. Good that your going to be at home tomorrow with him just to get him even more settled….Good Luck and WELCOME DEXTER. xx

    • Mom didn’t feel like going today so we ended up staying home today. Probably just as well to do devo here with dog being so new. So the dog doesn’t freak out. He will get used to the routine though. As will we.

  3. He is so cute. He is one lucky dog. I know you and your husband will spoil him rotten.
    He will be a great addition to the family.

  4. Hi Sonya…just showing Mary the photos of Dexter and I realised in my haste to say how gorgeous he is I called him a Corgi cross !! Now I realize he is a beagle cross LOL. You must think I’m completely mad !! Sorry. Hope you are both still asleep, no idea what time it is with you it is 9.50 am over here. Have a good day.

  5. Welcome to your new beautiful life, Dexter! Get ready to be spoiled rotten! And well deserved! 🙂
    Congrats mom and dad, too! 🙂 He is adorable!

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