Hello Weekend, Hello Fresh Notes, My Exercise Program, Alexa Pranks, Fish Oil, and Pet Search Notes

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Yay! It’s Friday and we are setting upon a 3 day weekend. I thought the picture above reminded me of relax time. I usually don’t hang out in bed with tea and reading but I do have coffee in my office and journaling or reading chair. Sometimes I read at night before bed if there is time to do so without getting too far off my schedule. If I read too late I cannot get up on time in the a.m.

Well, usually there is not much to share when I’ve been working for 5 days and not a lot of down time. But I’ll share what I know.

Hello Fresh, Flautas with crema and pica de Gallo. Beans with extra flauta mixture and Corn were added.

Hello Fresh. I really have enjoyed the meals. I think George has too – other than the not having many seconds and he is closely wanting to monitor the costs as compared to if we fixed it ourselves. My guess is if I like it he will find fault with it. He often will take the opposite stance, I have found. So it is to be expected. I want to continue doing it though and we can stop it the weeks that he wants to cook other things since we can suspend it. Therefore an immediate compromise can be made should he not want to do it every week. He is inserting hints of “we’ll see it how it goes” now that I have raved over it.

Sometimes I think men don’t like for women to make decisions. He is used to being in the kitchen so I get it. And it puts insult to him and infringes on his grounds so to speak if I have glorified Hello Fresh and raved about it. He is a good cook too but it’s nice to have some different flavors and different types of dishes. I cooked 2 of the 3 Hello Fresh meals this week. Just because I ordered it doesn’t mean that I want to do ALL the cooking of the Hello Fresh. But I think that may be what he has in mind. As he mentioned “Aren’t you going to cook your Hello Fresh?” as if it were just my thing. And yes I involved him in the ordering of it.

He cooked Hello Fresh last night instead of me as I was working on video editing, so he then made the comment of we will see how the cost goes. Maybe it is just a cost thing, and nothing more, but I figure if I like it he’ll take the opposite stance. Kinda how things have gone much of the last 30 years. If I say blue, he will say purple, just to be different, and claim stake to his own opinion. lol. At least it’s predictable, lol.

Good news is, I don’t mind sharing the cooking though but if I do I’ll not be able to watch as many shows on TV so there is a catch with all things. But yeah, I’m still loving the Hello Fresh and I plan to keep it. Also if I cook more, I can see a complete rearrange of the kitchen as it’s not set up the way I would want it exactly. I would also be getting rid of some dishes. I also don’t enjoy cooking on the becomingly very defunct stove and increasingly outdated kitchen counter tops. The more I am in it, the more I want the upgrades from 70’s and 80’s to today’s time. :-O One things leads to another and tit for tat, lol. So Hello Fresh could actually ignite a lot more than just good appetites, lol.

Hello Fresh panco chicken with diced potatoes and roasted green beans.

These meals have been excellent! And full of flavor. I loved the roasted green beans. Anyway for now it stays. I will stick my heels in the ground over it. I can be stubborn too. I learned from the best. 😉 and have lived with the next best. lol


So I ordered the Fish Oil to add to the supplements. I did some research first. George takes Salmon oil. But I read where the Fish Oil can be more effective as it can be better traced as to where it comes from and to use a reputable brand. I don’t eat enough fish so I think this may help some. I don’t plan to take but 1 pill a day instead of the two it recommends. I figure a boost will do me good anyway. I still eat tuna once a week. Now that we are not near Logan’s, I don’t get salmon very often. lol

My Exercise Videos

I promised I’d share about my exercise videos. Here is the channel I’m using:

YouTube Improved Health. <—–Link here to her You Tube channel

And here is an embed below of one that I recently did this week.

I’m doing the lower impact ones this week that are 10 to 15 minutes and I’ll increase as my stamina increases. But I can tell an improvement in my mobility in just a few days. She also has “seated” exercising for seniors if you need that. I don’t need that yet, but if I don’t do something now, I’ll be in that situation. A body in motion stays in motion. I heard that from a TV ad lol but I believe it to be true. A sedentary life will continue to be sedentary.


I wanted to share that I set up Alexa to tell you to get some water when you cough, as a routine. I also told her to play nature and birds singing when she hears the shower, lol. I think George finds it annoying. He is not fond of Alexa. As expected, they do not get along very well. Go figure. Perhaps if she were an Alex, they could bond? lol. I figure I’ll stop the routines or change them at some point. I really just wanted to surprise him. I think I did. This is my version of playing a prank I guess. Alexa and I will have to team up with her routines and see what else we can do, lol. There are suggested routines in her app. If you have an Alexa, check it out. They have made it easier to figure out.

Pet Search.

We are expanding our pet search. The online adoption services are proving to be too impersonal “out of sight – out of mind”, we are number or a statistic. Whether I’m right or wrong, bottom line says it all – as good of pet parents as we have been the last 20 years, we’ve only been told no so far and have not even a meeting of a pet to show for our many hours of searches and inquiries. We work, we don’t have a fence, and who knows what else is wrong with us, lol. So we are going out there “knocking on doors” of the shelters and adoption days at Pet Stores and see what that brings. We are still wanting to rescue instead of buy. But we’ll see where this expanded search leads. It seems that most of the shelters feed into the Pet Finder. I don’t fault the app or program but just find that it is not working well for us and breaks my heart when I fall in love with one and then be told “no b/c I work” or “don’t have a fence”. We’ve been at this for several weeks now and not much to show for our labor of love. Maybe I’m just impatient but most of the world operates in a “now” time frame and so do we. Our hearts have been broken twice now.

But I am touched at those who have reached out to share a shelter, or pet up for adoption. We want a lap dog, a little dog, and one not too far away.

Well, my time is 15 minutes past what it should be, so I will have to stop here. I suppose I’ll be back on Sunday. I want to get the video uploaded tomorrow if I can. It likely will not make the 7 a.m. deadline lol but I will try. I have mani/pedi tonight and it takes so long to upload to YouTube. So if not I’ll likely just post sometime tomorrow or wait til 7 a.m. next week and schedule it. Whenever it is live on line, I’ll post it here.

So what you doing this weekend?

5 responses to “Hello Weekend, Hello Fresh Notes, My Exercise Program, Alexa Pranks, Fish Oil, and Pet Search Notes”

  1. quickly found that the rescue adoption agencies were rediciliuos in their expectations of furry parents. I was under the impression these were little ones that were being rescued from bad situations and needed a loving home. But they act like they are the lord and master of who is a good fur parent. Sorry we had 3 little ones in 45 years and they questioned me on things that are really unimportant to the love and care you have to offer these little ones.

    • Yes 👍 that’s how it goes. And looks like they still have most of them! I will likely do a Big Blog entry on our experience. People need to know what to lookout for.

  2. Your Hello fresh meals look good. It would be the perfect size portion for me. Maybe I would have fresh fruit or sherbert for dessert.
    I hope it works out to where George likes it too. If he is like my husband he will eat it if I cook it.
    We had four tornado warnings yesterday! My iPhone kept going off with alarms. My nerves were shot. We just had hard rain but the sky was rumbling and dark.
    I have not slept well for the past few nights. Too much going on in the world I guess.
    We are going out to a cookout this weekend. I thought of going to a movie Saturday.
    Keep up the good work on the exercise. It does make a difference.

    • I hope he will want to enjoy it ongoing and less than 3 meals ends up being pricey. But we can suspend it a week or two and compromise that way if he thinks it’s too pricey. I don’t for what you get. It’s being delivered and all put together for you.

      Tornado warnings get me on edge too. Four is too much anxiety! I have a basement. That helps. The TX shooting is horrible.

      I started listening to a Revelation series on YouTube by a minister who knows Hebrew and Greek. He’s explaining some things about end times and scripture that I didn’t know. I will try to share it tomorrow. If I remember lol.

  3. I think the Hello Fresh are a great way to create different meals! And make it fun for both of you. We were going to the grocery store and buying our meats and found they were horrible and full of fat. One was so horrible we ended up throwing it out, so we are using a online market and buying our meat that way. It came in packed perfectly and so far not one bad cut of meat! I say that is saving right there! Thats the way I look at Hello Fresh or any of the online food you order. You are trying something new and didn’t waste any ingredients . Savings!
    As for adopting the pup (s) I think I’ve told you that we tried to adopt another dog. We waited until our hearts could take it. So we found a little dog and were scheduled to go see him. We got there and it wasn’t anything like we thought it would be. I call it to many hands in the pot! They not only scheduled us to see him but others. Well of course I got nervous and the dog went to the other couple and latched on to them. So we walked out with out a dog that day. It spoiled our experience and haven’t looked again. If a dog is meant to be with us he or she will find us! One day! Good luck on your end! 🙂

    Have a great 3 day weekend!

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