Colonoscopy and Prep: How I Made it Easy | And a Pineapple Non-Alcholic Refreshing Drink for After

Pineapple and 7 Up Ice Slushy

Friday afternoon here. I am back from the colonoscopy and pleased to say, no problems, and no more until ten years from now. The two days off have not been as pleasant as I’d hoped they would be but who else would expect to be productive during colonoscopy prep day and the day of? ha.

I was able to apply for a few adoption places. It may prove to be a waste in time but I felt while sitting here I should at least try, being that our disappointment was hanging over from the day before’s gain and then loss of Jasmin and Casper. I’ve accepted the “give and take back” situation and although heartbroken, all we can do is move forward in another direction. Perhaps it was a test from God to see if our faith would stand. I was shaken up by His allowance of this extreme emotional day of getting the dogs (tomorrow) and then it being taken away after we had began making plans. I most certainly had a talk with God over it. He wants us to be open and candid. I never lost faith, but I thought He would have guarded our hearts more. But I’ve decided to trust Him. I just don’t understand why it happened. We have not fully recovered but it is a “decision” to just move forward in your heart. What else can you do?

I also cannot believe it. But I have signed on for Hulu with Live TV and it comes with Disney Plus and ESPN channels. As Mom noted it did not have Hallmark channel. I noted that I had not seen The Weather Channel. But Mom is rarely here now and I don’t watch Hallmark. And to be honest, I only watched The Weather Channel when a hurricane approached the US, but now I follow storm chasers live and on YouTube which is far more exciting as they are right out there in it.

So now that we have LiveTV I feel comfortable pulling the plug on cable. I will do this one day next week. I want to give George a chance to make sure he’s happy with Hulu Live, but I think he will be. We set him up his own profile and I have mine so we can each have our own list. It has on there plenty of things (more things) that he wanted to see. I have it on my list to deal with the cable company next week.

So I at least accomplished those things yesterday.

Colonoscopy: Here’s how it went.

The prep started at 6 p.m. Thursday night. But the liquids started all day Thursday. I was allowed a light breakfast but I only about 4 bites of toast. There wasn’t anything here I really wanted. I would have had eggs but they were past the Best By date and when you have had food poisoning before you learn to be picky about dates. So a bit of toast then on to liquids. By liquids I mean: gatorade, chicken bone broth, pineapple jello, unsweet ice tea, water, coffee.

At 6 p.m. I began the first bottle of 12 SuTab pills. Wow, you take each pill with a sip of water and then finish the 16 ounces of water you started with over a 30 minute period. I could tolerate this better than the sugary drink they give you. After an hour you drank another round of 16 oz of water. A half hour after that another round of 16 oz of water. Of course during this, a series of “trips” to your nearest toiletry was in order! The pills were totally tolerable. I noted that about the time you started to feel a bit of nausea – a “trip” would then cause the feeling to subside. So the timing of the pills and water flow intake and the flow of the out take was spot on timing. I’ll take slight nausea in waves if the gag reflux and throwing up of the liquids are “a thing of the past”. I could not tolerate them and they made me ill ALWAYS during the 2nd batch. But this was doable for sure.

I went to bed around 8:30 and then up again at 1:00 to take BP Meds b/c it had to be done an hour before the 2nd prep. The second prep was at 2:00. It had to be so many hours before the procedure. I really didn’t have time to do it totally properly as I had to be completely through with water by 4 a.m. Nothing could be taken by mouth 4 hours before the surgery. So I had to rush the last glass of water and didn’t even get but half way through. I guess I should have started earlier but I miscalculated the time mainly because their instructions said to go with 5 to 8 hours before procedure and I chose 6. But honestly it didn’t give us enough time if I had to be finished by 4 with liquids, so I just rushed it a bit and I definitely think you get more nauseated doing it that way. But I made it.

I tried to catnap between “trips” and before I knew it, it was time to get up, shower, and head out. And before I knew it George was sitting next to me and a nurse was waking me up asking me what I wanted to drink. Coke. I already had pictured it.

Then George took me to Chic Fil A for a chicken biscuit (drive thru) and coffee. The coffee, as badly as I wanted it was pretty strong for my stomach at that moment and when I got home I had to switch to water and ice tea. And bed. I slept for a couple of hours.

These things helped me through the colonoscopy prep and procedure day:

  • Having planned a low key day on prep day. I could have worked and left early but I was already stressed and then had a busy weekend ahead so I took off so that I could “enjoy” my liquids day and pamper myself with doing things I wanted and liked to do.
  • Having a high protein meal, like steak and veggies with rice, the night before the liquids start. Red meat just gives me a little more life in these instances.
  • I used a cute whimsical coffee mug that I like to drink my drinks out of all day.
  • For the prep time I used a cute nautical 16oz insulated drink cup. It was flared at the top and skinny at the bottom so while it looked like I was half way thru most of it was gone. It was illusional and that worked out!
  • At prep time I played a YouTube rainy outside/fireplace inside sound scape vibe which helped ease my psyche and give me an atmosphere to appreciate.
  • I used my journal chair for the pill taking/water drinking spot as it is a positive comfort spot for me in the house.
  • I had everything ready to go for each next step so I could step right to it.
  • I prepared my schedule and set iPhone alarms for each thing I needed to do. That way when the time came I did not have to think. I noticed the ability to think dwindled a bit. So I was glad I had everything “thought through” before it all started.
  • My soft/comfy clothes were laid out already and my minimum of belongings ready to go along with address of the doc office for George so this morning would already be organized.
  • Having comfortable favorite throws nearby was a must. You get cold while the prep is working it’s way through your body.
  • Telling them you need a blanket when they ask you at the doc office if you are comfortable is so worth it, while they prep you, ask questions and get the IV set up.
  • Realizing that after the liquid diet, doing the prep, following instructions for all that, and getting yourself to the doc office, is all the hardest part. I told myself to just enjoy the sleep. Your IV starts to feel warm, it goes up to your elbow and you think “ok the meds are in me” and just when you wonder if you should be frightened or not, you are out. Only to be awoken in what seems like the next second, and told to fart and what drink would you like? lol lol lol
  • Knowing ahead what my first meal will be (usually fast food as you want it now) so the driver knows where to take you.

Today I thought I’d have been a little more productive. I did sort clothes for laundering this weekend and I made myself a mini pizza this afternoon and watched a couple of YouTube shows, but I’ve not felt like concentrating on anything or even thinking about anything. Honestly, doing this blog right now is a challenge. I just want to go lay down again. I’m sure it’s the meds clouding my mind along with the stuff they knock you out with. I hate to be Debbie Downer when George comes home but I believe he’ll find me in bed again. I had thought I might even cook dinner since I’m home but I’m tired, no appetite at the current moment, and can’t even fathom standing up and cooking right now. I don’t think I can wait til 8:30 for bedtime. I’ve just not caught up on sleep and my brain and body has not fully recharged or rid itself from the abuse, lol.

Tomorrow we get up and go watch my niece graduate. My sister says she is saving us seats which is very nice for her to do. I’m glad there will be three of us. I am never clever about parking in high traffic situations and then there is trying to get Mom up close and helping her and then parking too. I wasn’t sure I could handle it all. So I’m glad it’s the three of us going.

So I’m going to get off of here and hopefully back to my normal self and I’ll just push all these to do list items for another day as I rest. Most of them were fun things like working on the video or reading or puzzling or doing photography lessons, but my brain is not in the mood to be creative, or to learn, or to even be entertained. So off to bed I go. I am leaving you with these two things.

  1. I discovered this today by accident. Frozen pineapple, ice chips and 7-up, mixed in blender. Save a bit of 7-up to pour over the slush mix. This was a slice of refreshment from heaven. I think most fruits would be good like this.

2) You have to listen to what I told Alexa after the colonoscopy. It’s only 12 seconds. But yeah, you might want to make sure you are prepared in THIS way too for your prep day. So add that to your prep list, lol.

And YES, I actually video’d me talking about the prep and colonoscopy. I did not take the cameras with me through everything though, but I recorded me as I went through each step. It’ll be an upcoming video. My goal is to inch toward getting videos out once every two weeks instead of once every three or once a month. But that is really really hard. I don’t want to keep getting behind. And my videos will eventually morph into a difference style of vlogging (with more of me in them) as we go about our week or happenings. See I’m starting to get motivated already, but I think I will still go to bed, lol.

Roller Coaster Ride and Deep Disappointment Trying to Adopt a Bonded Pair of Dogs


My heart hurts. We were approved for Jasmin and Casper after going through a roller coaster of maybe we’ll get them, looks like we might not, to we are APPROVED to get them, and pick them up on Saturday to, “oops I’m sorry you don’t have a fence and one of them is a flight risk and so now you can’t have them, sorry. Is there another one you want?”


I had been warned that adoption agencies would be a roller coaster ride. So I refused to be overly excited until George called me in tears yesterday to let me know they were going to be ours and we get them Saturday. I began to be overjoyed and flooded with relief that our house would be filled with the love of fur babies once more. We have so much love to give them. Our hearts were full yesterday. We began to share and let people know. I was going to wait to post on Facebook because I had some nagging feeling, but if George was this emotional over it then it must be true. So since Mom couldn’t wait to let US share our news first and had already spilled the beans on her page, I went ahead and shared on mine.

We began to make preparations. I would still take Mom to the graduation and George would get the dogs. Our good neighbor across the street offered to go with George to pick them up since there was two to help with the ride home. We decided to go to the Pet Store last night after work and what the heck, we were gonna celebrate and eat Greek out since we were already going to be out. We were going to get their collars and tags and leashes and new pet beds and all the stuff. I rode home with a smile on my face and thanked God for blessing us in this way. I turned the music up and sang along. I pulled in the driveway and into the garage feeling that life was ok once again. That sadness and loss and loneliness would no longer rule in our household. I bounded up the stairs not wanting to wait any more minutes before heading out for our adventure to prepare for our new pups.

George had a funny look on his face.


Well there’s some bad news.

Whattttt? I said desperately. Are they taking this away from us?

George let me read the email which basically said we couldn’t have them because we didn’t have a fence b/c one of them (I think Casper) is a flight risk and might get out the door and won’t use a leash.

So I began to get on Facebook to let everyone know “this is not happening now”.

George said “why don’t you wait” and “be nice about the agency”.

I said “I’m going to be nice…what’s wrong with the truth?”

He said “do what you want”.

So I did and posted that we were not getting them b/c I couldn’t stand to see another congratulations come through. My heart was breaking.

So I thought we would look to see if there was another one we might want. George had already said there wasn’t any he was interested in. So that was that. Only George was upset with me for getting on Facebook and posting we would not be getting them. And accused me of basically being selfish and having to have my own way and not doing it his way. I didn’t think I had done anything but be honest. But it wasn’t done his way so he was upset with me. Maybe I might be thinking the same thoughts about his wanting his way. He refused to sit down with me and have a look on other pets. I needed to do that to be consoled. But it was not to be. We argued instead of comforting one another. I suppose his disappointment coupled with mine was just too much to bare. We couldn’t even stand to see each other’s disappointment. I felt like he was punishing me for posting on Facebook. He says he was not but he had said since I couldn’t wait to post on Facebook that he couldn’t wait to send the email to the agency about “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” and how disappointed he was that it was like grieving our past dogs death all over again.

I felt horrible last night. Like I needed to grab for something, someone and no one was there. It was one of the more lonely nights I’ve had in a while. I doubted everyone and everything. Including God for a while. After we both prayed so hard for dogs to come in our life, why would He allow our hearts to be strung along like this? Why would He allow us to go through this hurt? I decided I would trust in God. I’m sure He has his reasons. There was no one to know just how badly I was hurt last night – first by the agency, and then by surprisingly by George who was so sensitive about everything I said and every move I made. I even wondered how strong my marriage really was if we cannot support each other in something like this. I even wondered if God was trying to point that out to me. There wasn’t anything that I had faith in last night, even feeling God had turned His back on me. I did not feel His spirit encircling.

In all my training I’ve been through lately on taking care of yourself – I knew that I could not let the events of the evening rattle my soul and so as hard it was I knew I had to “self soothe” as no one was going to be there to soothe me otherwise. I knew I was to be on liquids all day today as the colonoscopy is tomorrow. So I knew I need to eat a protein and hearty filled dinner even though my first instinct was to eat nothing and go to bed. So I decided to go and get something to eat. I asked George if he wanted anything. He was on the couch watching a show. He said “he was good” (didn’t want anything). So I went to a hibachi drive through. I had wanted steak but was too red faced and watery eyed to go inside anywhere and pretend I was normal. But the hibachi drive through is great food and so I got steak, veggies and rice and that awesome orange sauce you dip your veggies in. I ate in the Publix parking lot. I really didn’t want to come home but I didn’t know what else to do. I watched a YouTube show about self soothing lol. It really didn’t do any good. I was too disappointed. It said to hug a pillow, lol.

Anyway I went home and George was already in bed asleep and snoring. Good for him. I’m glad he could sleep. I could not. Not for a long while. I could not stand to see these two dogs faces last night. Although I’m ok today. I had loved them in my heart already. There is some part of me that hopes it is really not over, that they will come around and let us have them. But I am fearful to hope. I don’t know the reasons why life on this earth is so complicated. I do a post one day about how I want to live a long life and experience life. But then life turns around and slaps you down. We live in a war zone, a divisive nation, selfish people all around, love never seeming to stay in one place long, and it’s so lonely. Why on earth would one want to live long in a place like this? For daughter and grandson I suppose or anyone else that might reach out to care for me at this point in life?

Ahhhh well, what’s the point? I suppose there is a flicker of light, of hope, and that God will come through for us after all one day. I had planned a wonderful day off today to get some rest and have some joy and do light things that have been on the list for some time. It’s ironic that everything we try to do is to be turned over and around. So I’m trying to fight through these feelings of hurt, disappointment, loneliness, despair and have a good day somehow as I churn through these liquids all day.

I will not be posting again until after the colonoscopy is finished, which will be sometime tomorrow, likely after lunch. And if I feel apt to it. I will do today all the things I said I would. I’ve been wanting time and here it is. Even though I feel like getting under the covers and forgetting life for the day, I’m going to work on my “list” and perhaps at some point we can manage to see some success at at least some of the things we try to do in life.

I’m going to try to do the cable work today and look for a dog today and do some photography/video work on Canon, work on my video, work toward this year’s goals, light housework, reading, puzzling and guzzling broth, jello, gatorade, etc. I’ll figure out where I want lunch from tomorrow. And then tomorrow I’ll rest a while if needed, watch a few shows and do more of the same as I feel like it. And I will try to get over what happened yesterday about the dog disappointment and events afterward. It’d been a long time since I’ve experienced such elation and disappointment extremes in one day. I’m not sure I can do that again. But for the right dog(s), I’ll be willing to try. Pray for us because this really hurt.

Scheduling Time for Exercise | How I’m Doing it

When I told you I didn’t have time for exercise, I truly meant it. For me to exercise, work, have a hobby or two, and be involved in care giving, get at least 7.5 hours of sleep – it’s usually the first thing to get booted out. But what if it is scheduled first thing in the morning? Well, that means something else gets booted out right? Yeah.

I’ve been doing the “rob Peter to pay Paul” with time in a circle for some time now. And even with this schedule, I’m sure that will continue some as I “rotate” pockets of time that I find around a plate that is way too full. But when I am determined to do something, I will be resilient until it is done.

So I have sketched out my “model week”. Oh, don’t be fooled by the word “model”. It’s nothing to model. It’s very tiring. But it’s the only way I try to do what I’m trying to do, so “model” is relative, lol.

Sorry, I just noticed that the times are cut off to the left, but really it’s unimportant here for you to see that but you can see the items. And that is what is important on your end.

Must Haves in the Schedule

  • Enough Sleep. I kicked the 8 hours out the window. Most of us sleep in 1.5 hour cycles. I do. And 8 only makes me grumpy waking up in the middle of a REM stage in my sleep. So it has to be either 7.5 or 9 and I’ll do 7.5 during the week and 9 on the weekends as a treat.
  • Work must have 40+ hours each week, of course. I added the plus because I’m salary and we all know how that goes. One has to do her dues. There is no overtime and even though vacation is allotted of an extra week – we all know that we end up working over on other days to cover it. And we get our disability insurance for free. Least a company can do to cover you for all the stress illnesses, lol. Note: I’m being my humorous and sarcastic self here. But it seems others have thought this through. At some point I expect to see laws protecting salaried individuals from being worked to death. In my opinion there is a bell curve of salaried hours. The new ones who are learning and new on the front end and those climbing the ladder giving their life to the cause in the middle and those like me who are nearing retirement and needing to step back a bit.
  • Quality Time for Family/Family needs
  • Self-Care/Time for Self – Hobbies
  • Adequate commute time of course

Where do You Pull the Extra Time From

Yes it is true we only have 24 hours a day and can’t add anymore to it. The clock goes round and round in a hurry. But in MY SCHEDULE, nearly everything is having to cough up some time for me to be able to exercise, self-care, and have some time to myself each day so that I can continue to live and even possibly thrive, and to be ABLE to continue to work and care-give and do all the things we need and are called to do. So where does the time come from really:

  • Sleep – I’m quitting the 8 hour thing. I started this week going with 7.5 and it suits me well. The groggy feeling is over with me trying to wake up during a REM cycle. So the alarm goes off so that I get to sleep in 1.5 hour cycles.
  • Work – I’m going to leave on time instead of giving more to the cause. It’s just that simple. This schedule won’t work during quarter end months. So four months of the year – maybe even five b/c Feb is pretty busy too, I will be living there while I check off quarter end boxes. So if I need to have a doc appt that gives me a shorter week during the other months, it’ll all work itself out in a QE month, so I’m going to QUIT trying to work it out in the week itself! I’m the only one that worries about it and I’m driving myself crazy worrying that someone doesn’t think I’m pulling my weight, but I will write my time to come and go on my planner in case anyone ever asks and I’m going to quit worrying about it.
  • Afterwork – I will be more focused in the afterwork mode. I normally come in, get a glass of wine, read any mail, open any packages, check to see what I’ve missed as far as news, alerts, or messages, check on Mom, do housework leftover from the weekends, and sometimes watch a personal show, or work on video. So those other things will have to scoot out the window or to some other time slot. Often I already don’t open packages til the weekend. Might have to talk to Mom on the ride home, avoid the news until Alexa the next morning and so forth. I should have about an hour in the afternoon.
  • Being more focused and efficient with my time. In other words when I get home get straight to the blog, video, or reading. Not being a feather in the wind.

Why Make These Changes?

  • I currently weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life.
  • I feel horrible.
  • I am miserable and angry most of the time.
  • I need to get some stress and weight off of my psyche and my body
  • I want to live to see my Grandson grow up
  • There’s a lot left I want to do with my life
  • I’m driving me and everyone else crazy
  • This is the BiGGEST gift I can give myself and it will help others too
  • Having it scheduled leaves out the guesswork and makes it more real

The Downside to Maintaining a Schedule

  • Life happens. It won’t be followed perfectly as things will come up to get in the way.
  • There are doc appointments, nights where I do the cooking, grocery stops, someone screws up your payroll day schedule and you have to work over, hair cuts, nail days, dinner with friends, and Mom’s needs.
  • Something will still go out the window each week. And that’ll have to be ok.
  • Scheduling it is half the battle.

Bottom Line: The Impact

  • The exercise is coming at the beginning of the day and won’t be put off. It will include some days of cardio, yoga, and stretching, and even dancing on the weekend.
  • Apps and YouTube and my own den area will be available at that time.
  • George may hear it before his alarm goes off but I’ve decided that is ok. I endure his loud TV at night when I go to bed. He can turn his noisemaker on more loudly like I do.
  • Blogging/videoing/reading/puzzling (Hobby Time) will take its seat either in the early a.m. or afternoon and will be done at whatever tugs at my heart the most, and whatever time slot fits in the most.
  • Blogging during the week could be shorter. Or there is this possibility of getting some of my blog entries done ahead so that you always have a regular post. This will help. No worries I’ll still have my “regular updates on life” content. (I thank you for being interested in reading about our lives here and sharing ideas on how to best live it).
  • I should lose weight
  • I should be happier
  • I should be more focused
  • Maybe I’ll quit fussing about time
  • Everything “gets a spot” (ideally – but understood many spots will be replaced as real life happens).

I just chose not to include Mom time on there, or our doc appts, time with friends – these pop up at random times, other than church on Sunday and is hard to schedule. It’s been really tempting to pull back on going to church on Sundays and it’s not to say that I won’t sometimes when I’m at the bottom of a pit and need time to myself, but I’m trying not to let that impact a Sunday and push through for the most part.

Push through…we have DONE! We have gone almost 30 days I think without a full day at home. It’s back to the days of having a kid. Gone every day, and lately….gone all weekend. And my psyche needs down time to recharge and rejuvenate if I’m going to continue to be a person that is effective. So I’ve had to take tomorrow off as a PTO day. In looking at the days ahead with Colonoscopy on Friday and a trip out of town going to a graduation on Saturday, church on Sunday (we may actually choose this Sunday to do online church to be home so I can be ready for the work week and get strength back from colonoscopy and running for 30 days straight).

The liquids start tomorrow and I didn’t think I could deal with working all day and the prep starts at some point tomorrow anyway. I have not yet heard from the doc office but suppose they will call today to let me know what time prep starts (elimination pills). So I was going to have to leave work early anyway to be near the bathroom. I just took the day off tomorrow as I needed a day anyway. I feel like I’m at the end of a whiplash. Remember skating and how the person on the end of a whiplash is just battered and scattered and rushed around knocking into everyone and everything? That is me!

So tomorrow I have scheduled myself to do a lot of things that involve sitting and or light duty chores or fun: pet website, getting set up on Hulu Live, dropping Comcast cable, reading, puzzling, videoing, blogging. It will be a good day even though much of it will be liquid dieting and near the toilet by day’s end.

I’ll likely blog tomorrow since I’ll be here. But I think I’m making the right decision by doing the exercise first and then everything else will shake out by day’s end. It may end up that I work on videos each morning and blog in the afternoon. It’s easier to stop videoing than to stop blogging as I’m determined to get my ideas across in the mornings and then have to rush to get ready. So I’m thinking if I blog in the mornings, I have to get ready first. It’ll all shake out. Next week will be the trial run. Didn’t want to start til this colonoscopy is done. I am guessing I can do physical activity by next week. If not I’ll move it to stretches or something or just start the week after. We’ll see.

I’m curious what you think about my new plans/new schedule?