Celebrating Tonight, Sharing Thred Up, and an Upcoming Trip

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I have reason to celebrate tonight. Quarter end is over for me. “I fought the fight – but I didn’t keep the faith, lol”. I totally did not think I could do it. But I slayed it and finished it a day early. And guess what? Now it’s month end again, lol. But….that doesn’t take me long to do the month end returns and I have until the 15th of May.

Another reason to celebrate is that we will be on a little road trip soon. We will be headed to Knoxville to see my SIL and BIL (Susan and Kevin) and take them out to dinner to celebrate Kevin’s birthday which was in January. We ran out of time in January! Everyone did, and they moved and got set up in their condo there in Knoxville and have been fixing it up like they wanted. We are going to spend the night with them and catch up. I’m so excited. We have hardly even texted in all these busy months but each of us knows we are never far in thought. And so we will catch up and laugh and have a good time this weekend and my heart can be free and far from the work zone.

Thred Up

One of my blog readers wanted to know about Thred Up and how it worked. I love it. It has its ups and downs – well Covid got them really behind, then they ran out of bags, and now the bags are back and you can order them. So I’m excited to share with you that you can use Thred Up in various ways – it can be a donation or consignment situation and you can choose whether to get your stuff back or not and to even lower the price and there is a lot more than I even know. I’m just sharing my experience with them and what I’ve noticed.

First of all I downloaded the app. Then I signed up (free) and then I ordered a clean out kit. When the bag came, I tried to follow their rules for what to put inside. It’s mostly women’s and children’s clothes from what I have noticed. And accessories – shoes, bags, scarves, etc. I just did a search for jewelry and didn’t see that though. Below is a snap from their website and you can see how to order your clean out kit.

So you can keep the bag until you fill it up. Make sure you send nice stuff though. It should not show a lot of signs of wear. And the big perk! The shipping is free! Yes! It ends up being a heavy bag too. But it’s free! The bag has a shipping label on it and you just take it to the post office. Yeah, it’s too big to fit in the post office box so you usually have to go when they are open though, lol.

The next big perk is they get your bag and alert you through the app that they have received it. The wait times for processing can be long though, but if you are patient, can forget it about it for —yikes —maybe even 4 to 6 months –it’s getting better but Covid put them very behind. I had to wait a few months just recently. I was notified that my bag had been processed finally and before long my items were UP FOR SALE. I get notified when an item sells and it goes in my little piggy bank on their site. Right now I have $ TWENTY SOMETHING DOLLARS to spend. So I will go in an order a top or two. I already have them saved in my Favorites on their site and if my favorite picks have not sold I’ll pick from that.

The pay outs are not huge but they are way better than yard sale prices, or just giving them to Good Will. At least I get “something” out of it. If things don’t sell you can reduce the price (reduce your payout) and they will ask you if you want your stuff back or if you want to donate what doesn’t sell. I DO NOT WANT THE STUFF BACK!

So this weekend while we are on the road and George is driving I will order my Thred Up, check my personal email (I’m behind and hopefully nothing was urgent), work with my Focus settings on the iPhone (new iPhone updates made changes on that – much needed and I’ll do a blog entry later) and yes I will be working personally for myself all the way to Knoxville because I’m behind on all things “Sonya”! I have to go look at myself in the mirror these days just to make sure I still exist. lol lol lol


She had us several days in the last two weeks – maybe 4 of the 5 days last week? Dog to vet, dog to spa day, eye doc, church, lunch, store and all that. So I had told her I needed this week for quarter end and then we go to Knoxville and then perhaps mid week we can go tend to her grocery needs and get her out of the house. Although I’ve not looked at the schedule to see if there are any doc appts so those RULE when those come about. My calendar is filled with both hers and mine. Last year I ignored a lot of mine and I have to remember self-care so I booked every one of them – well the GYN I probably need to do – as it’s been a while. How often do ya’ll do the GYN? Anyway, we’ll tend to Mom after Knoxville but will need a night or two to do laundry and weekend reboot stuff we didn’t get to do. George has work shirts he has to have and his undie stash is not as large as mine – lol lol lol. I have travel extras, but he doesn’t. Anyway we also will need a grocery reboot for the work week and restocking meds and vitamins. Then we can jump back and get out again.

Mom told me that Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken have a dog on reserve! They are getting a new puppy – just born. And will get it in eight weeks or so. If you remember they lost their sweet doggie while here on vacay and we buried her in the back yard. I am so jealous of their new purchase, lol! Why don’t they just buy two? Aww come on? Early Christmas gift? ha! Yeah I heard it was a pricy purchase and I know she reads the blog so I’m teasing her. A “big birdy” told us! Guess who?

Finished a Book

This was a sweet story of how they got started. I know it came out several years ago but I just now read it. I hope some day to get down to Waco and visit all things Chip and Jo Jo. But we can visit their store on line too at Magnolia.com.

I really enjoyed it the last few nights. I needed a wind down from the heavy work load this week. A chapter here and there helped.

I’ll be starting another soon.

Downton Abbey

We finally decided to watch it. Season 1. We have just started.

Oh bad thing about blogging in the evenings. Instead of having to go to work, it’s time to eat dinner.

Gotta go. Back maybe on the weekend. Not sure.

What you doing this weekend?

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  1. Good post here girlie!
    That kind of explains ThredUp. Not the same as StitchFix? I can’t even imagine what their warehouses must look like. I wondered how they function.
    I wouldn’t send anything out that I would want back either.
    (should I leave this or backspace)

    I’m so happy for your aunt & uncle. I know they were devastated over the holidays. I love a good puppy story.
    You & George are getting close.❤️ puppy 🐶 love is gonna knock on your door.
    Ok, enjoy your in-laws!! Stay safe 🙏

  2. Hi Sonya you have know idea how glad I am that you are having what is going to be a lovely weekend…enjoy every minute. This is a Bank holiday weekend over here so roads will be particularly busy, so unless we have to be out I think sensible people stay home ! But by the look of the build up on the roads and airports it’s going to be a very busy time for lots of people This will be the first time lots of people have been able to travel as the last two years were Covid years and travel was difficult. What am I doing….well as a non worker in the first place holiday weekends are just like any other weekend just hoping for some sunny and warm days…we are going out Sunday for dinner with my niece and husband …Safe travels to you and George God Bless

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