New Video! Late Summer Adventures Near Nashville

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In this video, George and I get out into the community and eat at restaurants surrounding Nashville, and see friends again and eat German food, and we head out to Fairvue Plantation and I took pics of the grounds. (I did not include the inside as it is a person’s home, but I took pics of the historical mansion and grounds). This was a fun video. My comfort with Final Cut Pro is showing, I think. It’s always a learning process as it will do so much. But I was able to do this one with ease, let’s just say.

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There’s not a lot of “us” in this one, just spots here and there, but I do have some future videos coming up that I do have footage. I am always a work in progress. A lot of time we are just busy and I take whatever photos and footage I have for that time frame and try to make hay out of it, lol. But I’m trying to be mindful of taking more videos.

Well, I just got a text from Mom and Fancy is sick. I need to call and see what is going on. Always something.

6 responses to “New Video! Late Summer Adventures Near Nashville”

  1. Great video!! 👍 A +
    Back to your standards. Professional wise. I guess you have figured out your new programs, & such.
    I enjoyed your chat with Lil’ bit.
    Sonya got her groove back. 😂

  2. Hi Sonya, Sorry for late reply but I’ve only just been able to have time to watch the latest video …in peace ! It was very good, I do enjoy the new intro…
    Now waiting eagerly for the next one….Thank you.

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