Celebrating Tonight, Sharing Thred Up, and an Upcoming Trip

Photo by Stephan Seeber on Pexels.com

I have reason to celebrate tonight. Quarter end is over for me. “I fought the fight – but I didn’t keep the faith, lol”. I totally did not think I could do it. But I slayed it and finished it a day early. And guess what? Now it’s month end again, lol. But….that doesn’t take me long to do the month end returns and I have until the 15th of May.

Another reason to celebrate is that we will be on a little road trip soon. We will be headed to Knoxville to see my SIL and BIL (Susan and Kevin) and take them out to dinner to celebrate Kevin’s birthday which was in January. We ran out of time in January! Everyone did, and they moved and got set up in their condo there in Knoxville and have been fixing it up like they wanted. We are going to spend the night with them and catch up. I’m so excited. We have hardly even texted in all these busy months but each of us knows we are never far in thought. And so we will catch up and laugh and have a good time this weekend and my heart can be free and far from the work zone.

Thred Up

One of my blog readers wanted to know about Thred Up and how it worked. I love it. It has its ups and downs – well Covid got them really behind, then they ran out of bags, and now the bags are back and you can order them. So I’m excited to share with you that you can use Thred Up in various ways – it can be a donation or consignment situation and you can choose whether to get your stuff back or not and to even lower the price and there is a lot more than I even know. I’m just sharing my experience with them and what I’ve noticed.

First of all I downloaded the app. Then I signed up (free) and then I ordered a clean out kit. When the bag came, I tried to follow their rules for what to put inside. It’s mostly women’s and children’s clothes from what I have noticed. And accessories – shoes, bags, scarves, etc. I just did a search for jewelry and didn’t see that though. Below is a snap from their website and you can see how to order your clean out kit.

So you can keep the bag until you fill it up. Make sure you send nice stuff though. It should not show a lot of signs of wear. And the big perk! The shipping is free! Yes! It ends up being a heavy bag too. But it’s free! The bag has a shipping label on it and you just take it to the post office. Yeah, it’s too big to fit in the post office box so you usually have to go when they are open though, lol.

The next big perk is they get your bag and alert you through the app that they have received it. The wait times for processing can be long though, but if you are patient, can forget it about it for —yikes —maybe even 4 to 6 months –it’s getting better but Covid put them very behind. I had to wait a few months just recently. I was notified that my bag had been processed finally and before long my items were UP FOR SALE. I get notified when an item sells and it goes in my little piggy bank on their site. Right now I have $ TWENTY SOMETHING DOLLARS to spend. So I will go in an order a top or two. I already have them saved in my Favorites on their site and if my favorite picks have not sold I’ll pick from that.

The pay outs are not huge but they are way better than yard sale prices, or just giving them to Good Will. At least I get “something” out of it. If things don’t sell you can reduce the price (reduce your payout) and they will ask you if you want your stuff back or if you want to donate what doesn’t sell. I DO NOT WANT THE STUFF BACK!

So this weekend while we are on the road and George is driving I will order my Thred Up, check my personal email (I’m behind and hopefully nothing was urgent), work with my Focus settings on the iPhone (new iPhone updates made changes on that – much needed and I’ll do a blog entry later) and yes I will be working personally for myself all the way to Knoxville because I’m behind on all things “Sonya”! I have to go look at myself in the mirror these days just to make sure I still exist. lol lol lol


She had us several days in the last two weeks – maybe 4 of the 5 days last week? Dog to vet, dog to spa day, eye doc, church, lunch, store and all that. So I had told her I needed this week for quarter end and then we go to Knoxville and then perhaps mid week we can go tend to her grocery needs and get her out of the house. Although I’ve not looked at the schedule to see if there are any doc appts so those RULE when those come about. My calendar is filled with both hers and mine. Last year I ignored a lot of mine and I have to remember self-care so I booked every one of them – well the GYN I probably need to do – as it’s been a while. How often do ya’ll do the GYN? Anyway, we’ll tend to Mom after Knoxville but will need a night or two to do laundry and weekend reboot stuff we didn’t get to do. George has work shirts he has to have and his undie stash is not as large as mine – lol lol lol. I have travel extras, but he doesn’t. Anyway we also will need a grocery reboot for the work week and restocking meds and vitamins. Then we can jump back and get out again.

Mom told me that Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken have a dog on reserve! They are getting a new puppy – just born. And will get it in eight weeks or so. If you remember they lost their sweet doggie while here on vacay and we buried her in the back yard. I am so jealous of their new purchase, lol! Why don’t they just buy two? Aww come on? Early Christmas gift? ha! Yeah I heard it was a pricy purchase and I know she reads the blog so I’m teasing her. A “big birdy” told us! Guess who?

Finished a Book

This was a sweet story of how they got started. I know it came out several years ago but I just now read it. I hope some day to get down to Waco and visit all things Chip and Jo Jo. But we can visit their store on line too at Magnolia.com.

I really enjoyed it the last few nights. I needed a wind down from the heavy work load this week. A chapter here and there helped.

I’ll be starting another soon.

Downton Abbey

We finally decided to watch it. Season 1. We have just started.

Oh bad thing about blogging in the evenings. Instead of having to go to work, it’s time to eat dinner.

Gotta go. Back maybe on the weekend. Not sure.

What you doing this weekend?

Mid-Week Update and Some Details about Jesus You Don’t Want to Ignore

Well, good evening! It’s Thursday around 6:30 p.m. as I start to type this. It’s been very busy this week as I’ve worked about 11 hours a day (not including the commute) – leaving the house about 6 and getting home about 6 or later. The car issues continued. Got the car back and it began leaking oil so it went back in the shop. I have driven four vehicles in the course of a week and my stuff and George’s were across the four of them at various times (our RAV4, Mom’s Hyundai car, my Chevy Equinox car, George’s Honda Accord car). I left my backpack at Mom’s once, and we temporarily lost the extra garage door opener, but many times panicked if we had the right keys, wallets handy, and so forth. I have my car back and all is well except it kinda smells like oil after a while. George said to give it a couple of more days because they probably spilled oil in there and it’s on the engine or something.

Quarter end? Well I started the week with 27 returns to do and as of Wednesday night (present time as I type this) I only have 8 to do and they should be easy ones. I had to throw many many hours at it – going in early and staying late to get through with payroll so I could get to the returns. It’s been a weird month and time was not on my side. But I have worked like a dog to get it done. And I have been exhausted every night to the point of almost not being able to think or move and my arm is giving me fits. I am almost to the point of having it x-rayed but will wait and see if it calms down when I’m working a normal schedule and not overusing it. There are some knots on my arm and I’m hoping it’s just built up muscle from being the dominant arm and not anything like tumors. The left arm doesn’t have them. :-O. They have been there a while but my arm is hurting me now – oh – and I also hit my elbow at some point and it hurts too – but it had been about two weeks since I hit it – I don’t even remember where and what I was doing, but I guess it’s just the overuse making it go haywire. Still here I sit typing. So obviously not too bad for that. I think the quarter end is just exacerbating it all but I do need to let the doc take a look at this in July if I do not go before then, or keep feeling bad and having pain.

But at least quarter end is narrowing down and the 8 returns should be manageable. I have all the hard ones done. And this time I was afraid I’d not finish, so I began with the highest earnings, highest taxes, and paid those first and then worked my way down. That way whatever was left undone would be minimum in fines and or interest charges hopefully. But we are getting close to just having ZERO filed returns for states that are open and just no one in them anymore. Sometimes it is easier to keep a state open and file ZERO than to close the account and have to start it again if another sales person or driver is hired or something.

I’ve still been doing my devotionals even though I’ve not blogged much. And I do have a special entry to do for today’s blog. Not much interesting to report with me, and so I have some notes I’ve written for future blog posts. I started to call these “canned posts” but then is it proper to call God’s word canned? Probably not. As the blog post I want to do are notes I took and saved for a blog post when I didn’t have anything else to write about. Not that I want to give God the back seat on my blog, it’s just that my blog was really meant to be a “reality blog” of sorts. And I am spiritual so I will share things here and there. And I’m being called to share this with you today. So I am.

Back when I read the gospels….Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John

Within the last couple of years, I was being led to read the gospels again and when I got through I asked myself what I had learned and what Jesus wanted to me to learn from Him while reading. I made some notes. Here they are. I hope if you have not read the gospels through that you will do so as it follows Jesus’ time here on earth, and his interactions with others, and in following God’s will, and eventually leading up to his death and resurrection. It shows the relationships He had with His disciples, His relationship with God, His conversations with sinners, and his views on faith, believe, and life. Please find a corner, some coffee or glass of wine, and give it a refreshing read and take notes on what your take aways are. Note how Jesus Himself will speak to you through the pages. I’m not kidding. When you open your heart, and listen, you will be attended to and will find many answers.

What I learned about Jesus by reading the Gospels.You don’t want to ignore this!

  • Jesus spoke right on point. I mean – no nonsense. He said what He meant and meant what He said. He wasn’t rude. He was just truthful and got to the point.
  • Of course I would notice this one, lol —–> He was worried about others eating. He ate meals with others before and after certain events, He fed crowds. He not only was worried about the spiritual feeding but made sure those He was around were fed. I love that about Jesus. He helped his disciples catch food (fish), He fed multitudes who came to listen to the word, He had the Last Supper, He fed His disciples breakfast on the beach after his resurrection, He ate with His friends at their houses, and even turned water into wine.
  • He healed anytime there was faith. A guy on a mat that couldn’t get near Him but believed in his heart, a women who touched the hem of His garment who believe He could heal her.
  • He questioned people’s faith. Oh gosh. Maybe we should start questioning our own faith and the faith of others? You take your eyes off him in the storm you start to sink. You fear man and deny him 3 times and get your ear cut off. You disbelieve and get your head cut off. :-O Not that fear should drive our belief, but faith should drive our belief. A child like faith, one that does not have to see to believe. I got on an airplane at 16 not really understanding they could crash. My fear came later and I could not get on an airplane. I finally did because of my faith- and the spiritual experiences I now undergo when I’m on a plane (because I pray and tell God how beautiful His creation is and how peaceful it is up in the sky). Still without faith, you should have fear because it is not going to end well if not. Just being like Jesus here and scooting on to the point.
  • He sought out quiet time. And time with God. Peace, strategy, planning, plotting, listening, intense, sweating – to the point of blood prayers. Time alone with God to regroup, fight it out, figure out what’s right – (take this cup from me —but Your Will be done).
  • He spoke in parables. He gave alternate or similar stories so others would understand and get the big picture by speaking in their terms and literally on their turf.
  • He knew God’s plan and stuck to it. He was without sin. Although we are told we cannot be without sin which is why He died for our sinful nature because we could never be free from sin. No more animal sacrifices and rituals to go through as they did in old times now -as He paid the ultimate price for what we could never do, opening up eternal life for those that believe and follow His Will. Death has no sting for those that believe.
  • He taught. He shared what He knew. He gave instruction and truth.
  • He taught others to teach as well.
  • He put God’s business above family. This is hard. This gets personal. I can remember my Mom being so upset with Him because he was gone all the time doing church work (God’s work, trying to reach others, teach others, bus ministry, children’s ministry, open Bible studies with others in their homes, teaching others to teach, starting a church in North Carolina and doing ministry there.) Meanwhile Mom was left to bring us up and deal with the things at home. I see both their sides, but….who can argue with “I must be about my Father’s business” as Jesus told his mother when she finally found him in the city around the age of 12 I think – asking him where he’d been? And those Mary versus Martha stories will get you every time. Those household chores need to be done but God’s word needs to be heard. It’s a battle that continues today.
  • He hung out with sinners – not to do what they did, but to teach them. And you know, when someone is at their lowest point in life, do they not sometimes listen? It’s not going to be the proud ones high on life I have found. Is it? They might be sinners too, but God seemed to find the right crowd ripe for His message. No doubt he didn’t have to look far. He often just handled things as he came upon them. The woman at the well? Yeah, He knew all about her. He knew she’d be ripe for His word. And while other’s condemned her, He had compassion and love for her soul. He did not cast her out as a lost cause. He gave her hope. And probably eternal life.
  • He resurrected from the dead. Brings life to death. And the great thing about that is that if we believe in Him, so will we!

I hope you read that and let me know if you did. I believe and I’m so grateful to the one that makes Life possible. Please go back and read the Gospels again in the New Testament and make a list of the things that you saw Jesus do and what was He trying to teach us? And You? What does He say to you?

I’ll be back in a day or two! I’m packed for Knoxville. Sortof. We will be winding down the week in the next couple of days. I’m feeling less stress tonight knowing the quarter end is going to all work out.

Weekend Projects, Household Chores, and Life Updates

We went to church this morning and then George went on to Mom’s while we went and brought lunch home. George put Mom’s picnic table and chairs together today for her patio. The plan is to eat out there a lot when weather allows. It will be nice.

I have yet to spend a night at Mom’s but I will probably schedule a Friday night/Saturday “girls night in” lol, lol at some point so I can help her in the garage some. It might be June though. Our schedule…well you know. LOL

Mom’s Birds are pretty. She bought them on vacation when we went to Tybee / Savannah and dropped Mom off in Yulee, FL to stay at Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken’s. She found those there. They look good on her porch. And I like her peacock wind chimes.

Here’s a span of Mom’s back porch views. There are condos/cottages/villas being built behind her. The sky was very pretty today. Her mail box is not very far from the back porch. You can see them in the distance by the port a john, lol. Here is a left to right view. The grass is very pretty. It’s hard for Mom to walk on though because it is not even. There’s dips and holes and valleys where the sod was put down. We get her mail a lot for her, but in long stretches like this week when we won’t be there for 7 to 10 days, she will either walk from the front and pavement, or drive over.

I’ve always loved these jugs. Reminds me of old times in the south, mainly before my time.

We enjoyed Bellacino’s sandwiches for lunch – they are called “Grinders”. And all very fresh and yummy. I did not need the bread but it tasted like homemade bread so maybe it didn’t have all the preservatives.

After lunch George stayed and finished up and I drove home (we had separate cars) so I could do laundry, iron, vacuum the vinyl flooring (I did the carpeted bedrooms yesterday), get my wardrobe picked out for the next week (saves time in the mornings), change sheets in both bedrooms, pack a bag for Knoxville and then cook our dinner tonight. I offered to cook spaghetti. So I’m going to go do that after I get through blogging here.

Life updates…

I will try to sneak in another blog post or two this week if time will give permission. I’m having to go in early and work late. I think we will go to the store tomorrow, even if it is pouring rain. It will be late though, or I will at least work until I’m exhausted and of no good and then come home. We’ll see. I only have a bit of time tomorrow, a bit of time Thurs afternoon, and a bit of time Friday afternoon to get these 27 returns done.

My car appears to be leaking oil. I will check again in the morning and if it is, I’ll have to take the FlinstoneMobile into work again tomorrow. And we’ll have to drop the car off tomorrow night I guess before we go grocerying. I may just see if we can eat Pho or something for dinner as I don’t see us having time to cook tomorrow night.

George is still having a bout of a time with gout. He wore flip flops to church – bless him.

My elbow. A couple of weeks ago I hit my elbow. It’s one of those things where I remember the pain but I don’t remember what I was doing. I just said “crap that hurt” and went on. I could move it so I determined it wasn’t broken. I can’t even remember what I hit it on, but it was something like I was moving backwards with stuff in my hands and hit it on a door frame or something really hard that I didn’t know was there. And it’s been fine – until this weekend. Now I cannot remember what I hurt it on but it is getting worse. The odd thing is I press on the area and nothing hurts. But if I lift anything it hurts, so while the pain feels like bone pain, it may just be muscle. I have no idea. But I guess I’ll watch and see and if it gets worse I may have to have it x-rayed or something. It’s kinda getting in the way of my normal activities. I still worked my arm today but it hurt.

We talked to George’s sister about this weekend and made some tentative plans – mainly about arrival time which we are kinda playing by ear, but said “don’t expect us til after lunch” and we can do whatever in the area until they are back from a lunch event they are doing in their complex so they can meet and greet neighbors which they should do. Kevin, my BIL will pick out where he wants to eat his birthday dinner (which was in Jan). We are buying and I picked a really pricy but good place when it was my birthday (they were paying but they love to eat there too) and we are paying this time so I reminded my SIL – tell him to pick a good place as I did pricey so he gets to! Susan said she was cooking breakfast Sunday. All I know is I’ve missed them. I have thought of them so many times – (usually driving is when my brain has time to think) so I have not texted her to let her know I miss them. But I do and I am so looking forward to seeing them, spending time with them in their new place, and catching up. I will say that after our kiddo’s all grew up and away, we’ve had the best times hanging out. Not that we didn’t before but it’s just that our agendas were full fast and furious and now our time together is relaxed and comforting. Yes, that is it. We support one another in life’s challenges now more so than ever and it will be so good to see them again.

And when I leave Friday my chances at quarter end will be over. I don’t see how it will be done as I normally have two weeks left to do all the unemployment reports for both plant and transport. I only have one now. So I am only human and I will work long hours and do what I can and it will be what it will be. And if I’m not finished then I guess they’ll need to hire help for our department in the future. When I told my boss I was behind, I was told that they were too and so it just is what it is and I refuse to worry over it. I’m just going to throw time at it this week and see what I can get done. I still have to do payroll, and there is just not much time left after that. But at least after this Friday the time will be past. I’ll do what I can to finish next week and it will already be late at that point. I will at least try to make decisions to do the highest penalties first as a courtesy to the company, LOL. What else can you do when you are only human. I am not sure what made this quarter so different from the rest but we’ve just all been really slammed with work, with issues, with auditors, with other departments needing help or having inefficiencies, we have taken on extra coaching and helping and doing things that other departments used to do – every little bit adds up. Anyway, all that is about to end and I can live a normal person’s life for the next eight weeks until it’s quarter end again. lol.

So I’ll pop in if I can during the week and let you know what happens this week! lol lol. It might be at night time but you’ll see it the next morning I guess. And if I don’t get to blog until next week just know I am doing the best I can and will check in when I can. I can’t be away long.

All I know is that we did not get much time this weekend to relax. We have been moving and shaking all weekend long. George just go through mowing the yard and spraying weeds. I’ve not had time to do any spring planting. I may just go buy fake flowers and stick in the mail boxes garden box. I’m just over this not having time to keep my house up. I am happy though to sleep in clean sheets tonight and glad the kitchen and living areas are vacuumed. Now I have to go empty the dishwasher and cook. ::sigh:: lol. After a weekend like we’ve had on the go, I think we should eat out tonight, lol. But I’ll cook. George enjoys it but these days it is a chore for me. I just have a thousand other ways I’d like to spend my time. But he has cooked for me many days so I will go cook for him.

I saw this on Instagram yesterday and I had to save it. I think it is about my life now, as I am just trying to move with the flow and whatever happens just happens and I deal with it and try to find my way from there. I always have said “bless her heart” (in my head or to others) about those that have a hard time in this life. And I think I’m about to start “blessing my own heart”, LOL LOL. It’s a southern thang! It’s usually in place of some other thought like “she can’t help herself” or “she don’t have it all together” or “she’s losing her scruples” or “the world ain’t on her side at all”. And that would all be about right these days. Some days I’ve wondered if I’m losing my marbles as I try to figure things all out. In the South here people are passive aggressive about everything. So you spend half your time wondering if what someone said was a “jab” or had some underlying meaning. We are all walking around like “what did she mean by that?” and analyzing every word. It’s so tiring. lol And ya’ll wonder why I’m so sensitive? Oh it’s in my Southern blood. Born and raised that way and defensive as H- E -double hockey sticks to protect myself.

Bye til later!