Outlook on Life, The World is Amiss, and FaceTiming Grandson

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Outlook on Life

Well, here we go, another “heart to hearts” post. Plural as there are several of you (including the trolls) reading. So hello to all. This has been the gloomiest doomiest week I have had in a very long time. It’s just been a tough week. The rain has not stopped until now. At least I think it has. Lots of flooding going on in Tennessee right now.

I had been worried with our location as I was not familiar with the terrain and what happens when it rains this much. So now I can say I have learned where the trouble spots are. There was a lot of ponding but nothing was raging across the road. There were MANY areas though where the flood waters were getting close to the road and close to the tops of the bridges. The lake I cross was just really up where everything flowed into it.

My outlook is “fine”. It could be better. But I’m fine. I appreciate all of your concern over the last post. I did consider taking a mental health day especially after the fiascos of late, but my work ethic has not allowed me to do it and also it would be a hardship later because I’ll probably need most of my PTO days. I have worked through it all – literally and thoughtfully, lol. When the sun pops out I’m sure that my zest for going after life will come back. I have had moments of just not wanting to do anything, but just wanted to sit and be. But the good news is that while the zest may not be lighting a fire under me at the moment, I’m at least functioning, the thoughts are positive, and I have hope, friends, family, God, and all is well. I’m doing ok.

The Rest of the World is Not Doing Too Good

The world. So the Russia and Ukraine thing is not good. I don’t need to even say anything other than pray for the innocent people and for it to stop. This thing can get out of hand very fast. And it will impact us all. As for our country. Bless its heart.

Work. Oh my. What a SNAFU (not my word but a military word, lol) but it seems to fit. Several things. Something happened with a system glitch – I guess programming – that made it give all the salaried people extra hours. Initially I thought it had paid everyone twice and I had become very upset as it was making it look like something I did. And I wondered myself if I had accidentally done something wrong. But it impacted the executive payroll also which I don’t touch. Finally realized it was only the hours not salary and I had to go in and fix everyone’s hours to reflect the correct thing, as I was told to do so. But much less of an issue than having paid extra salary too.

A few people laughed at me that I was upset in front of some others, and made statements like “you are stronger than that” but you know what, screw it. Let people say what they want. (They will and do anyway.) They should be glad that I care. I shed tears when I’m happy, sad, mad, frustrated. It’s just what I do. I feel everything on a higher level than most. And one should be glad I don’t say everything I think and definitely don’t blog everything I think. Although some may say or think I do. They would be Wrong!

Caring that others care strongly about their work –should be something people embrace, not make fun of. Because on the flip end of things the attitude could be flippant and often we already don’t have enough help or enough people that care. As people don’t stay in jobs these days and everyone is having to do those other peoples jobs. I had to be taught to go down and do a job this week b/c one of the departments can’t get everything done as people are out, have quit, absent, and so forth and they can’t seem to be able to handle it all so everyone having to go do it. And if the people DO stay, they have attendance issues, which also impacts us negatively. (Don’t get me started on THAT for those of us who watch every hour and minute to a dotted “i” and crossed “t”.) But we haven’t had to tell people to come do their own payroll – YET anyway, lol. That may be next, lol. (Trolls, just kidding!)

Amazon SNAFU. Oh. My. Word.

I ordered Mom some crocs because she is having trouble with her feet, her heels. Plantar Faciatas. I told her the minute I began wearing my crocs, my feet quit hurting. I can even wear flats out as long as when I’m home and on my feet while home, I wear these. So I ordered her some “stucco” colored ones which look like this in the photo and when she got them – they had sent bright YELLOW. She needed them desperately to walk so she said she would keep them and order another pair later if she needed to wear them out. I told her we’d return them. I am just so disappointed that they can’t read a label. Or they substituted without asking. Stucco is NOT yellow. It shows here as an off white. I mean really? Who needs canary yellow? I guess Mom. Well, she won’t have any trouble seeing them – they certainly will pop out. I have lime green. lol And white. I also have some tan ones I wear outside the house – back when we walked the dogs and I worked outside more. She wanted a pretty dark pink pair but they must be what everyone wants. They were $110 – same shoe, just a popular color. It’s a shame they did this. But at latest check she said she would wear them and order another pair to go outside the house in, if needed. Pitiful. I gave a one star rating and said our order was substituted with a bright yellow pair and we were aghast! Pitiful service gets a pitiful review. I know it was an amazon thing and not the product itself, but I was mad. If Amazon is the entity I bought it from, that did the screw up, they get the bad review. Normally they do pretty good. But now when you return something you have to go to the UPS store and I don’t have time for all this crap. Just get it right the first time and send me what I ordered, puuuhhhhllleeeeaaaasse!

Weekend Ahead

So thankful that the weekend is upon us. We are headed to Mom’s tomorrow though so I don’t really get a break until Sunday. Then I’ll be getting all our stuff done. At least we get to sleep late. Mom offered to cook breakfast and George and I were non-committal – it’s the weekend and we really want to enjoy sleeping in and having coffee and going at leisure. So we politely declined breakfast. But will go over there and hang pictures for a bit and then we will go run some errands. I could have slept in this morning. I was sleeping so good when the alarm went off.

George went to a Hockey game with his boss last night and I woke up right before he got home. It was kinda weird. Both me and the cat (Little Bit) sat up in bed around 11 and I realized he was not home yet. The game had gone into over time but the Preds won. I looked out the window and the neighbor pulled in (he goes to the Preds games too) and then a minute later, George pulled in. I put the cat in the basement and went back to bed, glad to know he was ok as it was still raining cats and dogs.

Meanwhile….Out on the Ranch in Texas

A little grandson got to have lunch with his grandma! I ate spaghetti (Lean Cuisine) and he ate cheerios and eventually bbq, slaw, and carrots. We talked/babbled and laughed and smiled. I sat at my desk and sang Shark do do do do do do! lol. I had to shut my door!

Ok so it’s time for me to rush. Always having to rush off. Never really getting to complete anything!

Over and Out.

8 responses to “Outlook on Life, The World is Amiss, and FaceTiming Grandson”

  1. Hi Sonya, What fun to be able to FaceTime with the wee one. It’s wonderful what we can do nowadays. When I think back to the times when my nieces were small a five minute phone call once a week was all that we managed…..however it was lovely that my sister always showed them a photo of Grannie, Papa and me before they went to sleep so they could say night night to us…..Beth just mentioned that the last time she was over having remembered back over 50 years ago !!
    Well love I’d better go….have a nice weekend even if you do have to be at Mums a while on Saturday. Glad you refused breakfast, enjoy your extra time in your own place. Glad the roads to work have not been too flooded etc…take care going home tonight. God Bless

  2. Ok. I’m just going to throw this out there because my Dad passed in December and he had an amazing work ethic, he was always the one others relied on to do things while they lived their lives and took holidays and didn’t show up on time to open the shop or weren’t there to close it etc.

    And my Aunt who also has a similar work ethic to the point that she wears adult diapers at work because she can’t go to the bathroom during her shift because it is such a long way away and the other staff stand around and chat while she serves all the customers..

    PIFFLE to all of that. You only get one life. At the end of it ain’t nobody going to be at your funeral saying wow X had such a great work ethic. If you need a day off, take it. My Dad very rarely did that. We all regret that now.

    Caring strongly about your work is fine but don’t forget the old saying – do you live to work or work to live? It should always be the latter IMO. 🙂

    About the crocs.. I actually think it is good they are a bright colour for around the house. I’ve got so many pairs of them and the ones I can never find are the “normal” coloured ones. I won’t ever buy them again unless they are a bright colour like pink or green or yellow. I don’t have any yellow ones yet but I am about to get a new pair for swimming and if they have yellow I will get those. 🙂

    My Mum constantly trips over her shoes at her house because her shoes all blend in with the floor and she rather stupidly leaves them lying in all kinds of weird places. Bright yellow would be a good choice for her, might save her breaking a leg from tripping!

    • Thank you for your words today! And for validating bright crocs are the way to go! 🙂 I do need some time off and get a few PTO days. Have to make sure I have enough. We have 2 days coming in the next couple of weeks and will get to see Little Roo, and do the mineral baths in Hot Springs ARK. I need sunshine and exercise most of all.

  3. It’s OK to sit & do nothing. Relax. Breathe. Get it together. It’s just not healthy to go go go. Like I said before, somethings got to give.
    I wouldn’t want yellow crocs but I would wear them in the house. I have navy, red & grey ones. I really like the grey.
    Keep an eye on the pink ones because the price will change.
    That little River Roo always puts a smile on your face.
    Take care of you ☺️

    • Thank you so much. Something does have to give. I am not sure what but I know spring will help. I can’t quit work, don’t want to give up hobbies, can’t ignore Mom but I do have a few coping strategies up my sleeve.

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