New Years Eve Plans?

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It’s New Year’s Eve! I hope each of you have a wonderful day and enjoy your celebrations whether at home or out. Please be careful, safe, and may your 2022 be blessed with much happiness.

I have worked on my “Year in Review” this morning, however, it is a work day for me. So I’m off to get ready and drive in. I will do the Year in Review post, either later today or in the morning, as time and mood allows. Just know it’s coming. I started to just say “Project Momma” and be done with it but we did have other things that happen that deserve it’s mention – like the fact that we gained a grandson in 2021. ;-). We may not get to see him much because they live so far away from us, but we were blessed to meet him and see him 3 times last year. So I will do a proper review of what was probably one of the most oddly but busier years of our lives. I can see now that we did not get a lot of personal time in but we did get in some travel and that was good.

George is off today. He is snoring as I type. I’m so jealous of his 3 day holiday week this week. I can’t get over the fact we are working a full week where I work. Most of you are off today so enjoy it and pray for us who haul our butts in on a would-be holiday for our employers. I’ll be happy Monday though when I don’t have to go in. But I really hate that George and I have different days to celebrate. I wasn’t quite prepared for this full work week during the holidays. Obviously it’s bothered me as I’ve mentioned it several times. I think it might be the first time in a long long time (if ever) I worked a full week b/w Christmas and New Years. I must be doing something wrong. lol

So I will hop off of here and head into work so I can head back earlier, rather than later. I want to leave before those who have partied all day to day, while we’ve worked, hit the road.

I’m looking forward to clearing the house of Christmas, starting tomorrow, putting up my Christmas gifts, and then packing for Texas. We are a bit worried about our flights with the cancellations of so much. I am learning to just not worry in this pandemic ladened world. You just really can’t trust anything, anyone, and just have to go with the flow. We really don’t have much control over anything anymore. We’ll have a flight or we won’t. We will have a rental car or we won’t. But George said we’d rent a U Haul truck if we had to, to get there, LOL. Life is sure an adventure, that is for sure. But we will do what we can when we get there. We don’t have a hotel room either. We have spent so much this year and we have decided to stay on the ranch wherever they can stick us. I really don’t want to have to sleep on a sofa but it looks like we may have to as Cody’s family gets the guest house as they have more family coming. I slept there last time I was there. Whatever we have to go through to get to see our Grandson, we are in.

And so off I go to work to work on getting payroll ready and work on month end taxes and quarter end taxes – whatever I can get done. Then next week is only a ONE day work week as we have our New Year holiday on the 3rd. I do payroll on the 4th and we fly out or drive out – or whatever we do on the 5th. Life will be on hold at work until my return. If the return flight is cancelled that will be the interesting one.

Anyway, over and out on this blog post and for 2020, until I can get the Year in Review accomplished. What are your plans for this New Years Eve?

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  1. Hi Sonya, well this is your boring old friend writing on the last day of the year 2021. You ask what we will be doing as this year comes to an end ??? Well this morning we started taking down the Christmas cards…all 94 of them, reminding ourselves to be thankful that so many people have thought enough of us to send such lovely greetings, many also having news of their year…..I have also taken the decorations of the Christmas …tree….and lovingly wrapped them and packed them away in the boxes….Tonight I expect Mary and I will have a wee drink before she leaves for home. TV used to be great on new Years Eve but now all we seem to hear is pop type music …so instead of watching that I expect I will be playing some Scottish Music probably being sung by Scottish singers of old….till a few mins before midnight when I will go and open the door to let the …old year out….and welcome the New Year In. A tradition that I have followed every year of my life……So till tomorrow, enjoy today, And start 2022 with Love and Hope and wishes for good health and happiness to you and George and all those you LOVE

    • I’m a family of 3 RN’s so we are never able to have any holiday certainty (and my daughter works on a straight Covid unit now and DIL works UCU with Covid) so we just count our blessings this year. Their jobs are unbelievable, you can hardly go to the bathroom for 12 hours. I’m a psych nurse, tough in a different way. (My two son’s are farmers so that’s a different daily work ha!) But for the birthday flight I would take off in the car if it got canceled, at least with no pets and two of you, you could drive straight through. But hope it doesn’t get to that.

      • Thanks for your comments and much love and appreciation to our nurses, docs, emergency workers, and even retail and hospitality who keep the world going! I just hate having a different holiday than my husband. It’s a shame we can’t enjoy the NY holiday day together. At least we have the weekend! Happy New Year to you.

  2. I love the print of the doggies. Are you going to frame it? It’s so sweet.
    I think your flights should go as planned. The messy rush will be over. Covid-19? Not so much. God please!!!
    We have plenty of appetizers lined up & some good wine for this evening. I should sneak in a nap if I want to see midnight. LoL
    Happy New Years to you and George!

    • It’s framed – I just zoomed in. Yes not having holidays will mean more flight staff as long as Covid doesn’t take them out. It’s Nashville to Dallas which is a pretty popular flight so feel like it would get precedence. I may sneak a nap in too. It’s supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow too – possible tornadoes 🌪 so yuk! Will see y’all on line probably tomorrow. I need to work on this years goals. Who has time for goals though lol?

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