Work all Day, Party all Night!

Uncle Ken took us out to Hermitage Steak House for a wonderful meal Tuesday night. We love to eat there and the steak is divine! We might have had desserts at the table as well – creme brûlée, key lime pie, and carrot cake! ha!

So we have been working by day – “Partying” by night. By “partying” I mean eating out with family and enjoying the time out.

Last night was “grocery store” night for all the things we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’ll probably do another store run for any needs for the work week next week since we I mean – “I” am “graced with” (not) a full work week while the rest of America gets a shorter one. Usually the holidays falling on the weekends works in a person’s favor – but not this year – it kinda back fired on us and not in our favor as the holiday is not until the 3rd so people can do inventory. Well at least I get my birthday off – huh? So yeah that will be nice- long story to say I’ll need to go back to the grocery so I can have stuff to eat at work next week. I need a major restock! But will only do a minor one next week.

Holiday Appreciations

George was happy to get a huge bonus and a raise for work and that will help offset a lot of our expenses lately and trips and Christmas and flooring and, and, and, and…….

And I was happy to get a throw from the company for Christmas. It’s nice, gray, soft and furry.

George’s company is having pizza for their holiday meal today also which is nice and we are having pizza for dinner so George is in his element today! HA. I don’t think our company is doing a meal this year – if so I’ve not heard – but my boss and I went for lunch yesterday to make our own Christmas outing and each bought our own meal. Last year we got a box meal I think b/c of that dreaded virus at work. I guess none this year. Not sure. Haven’t heard.

Yesterday’s Calendar

I really like the new work place. For some reason people are more friendly in the new setting. I’m surprised at how chatty everyone is now that we are not crammed together, lol. I always liked our togetherness before though. I never realized how quiet we all were til we spread out and was able to become ourselves again. Most people will use longer sentences and more descriptions and actually talk to you. It’s weird how dynamics change simply from a change of setting. I’m finding that I’m enjoying it much more being there in the new place and also being able to see others from the plant. You feel less like you are on an island on your own and more on a team. So that is good.

The commute is much better this week with people being off for Christmas. While it takes about 5-8 minutes longer than the other site’s quickest route – it’s about the same this week. During a normal week it’ll take 40-45 min to get home but it was taking that long going the back route as I was taking anyway – so when people ask I just say “enh – about the same” – it’s easier than going into all that explanation of “it depends on what route you compare it to”. But it is a more enjoyable drive for sure. Less traffic in most sections (still a few intersections and stop signs can build up but Waze sometimes routes me around). I go over the lake. It’s just very pleasant.

My stomach has been bothering me this week. I’m not sure why. It’s been hurting and has given me fits and has been all over the spectrum this week. After we get back from Texas I will need to make my appointments for colonoscopy as I was supposed to do that this year – maybe even the year before and we’ve been so busy. I don’t really know how much PTO I’ll have for this so I will have to wait til some builds up I guess. I also need to get dental work done, but it’s not urgent yet.

So tomorrow we get our one little Christmas holiday, thankfully. And I will be having to get part of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meal done. My part is: making the 7 layer salad for the Christmas Eve meal, making sausage balls and Christmas Day breakfast casserole and if I get any time to make the chocolate oatmeal cookies. So my day is full tomorrow. And then Christmas will be here. I’m so excited.

Our days have been very busy as I’m sure most of yours have been. We have been gone day and night and so I’ve collapsed in bed and slept solidly each night.

Upcoming videos

Surprisingly in between work and our nightly outings, I’ve had a bit of time as our reservations have usually been late. And also since I didn’t have to take Mom to her eye appt I gained an hour this week (4 hours for a month) that I didn’t have to go in early and so I was able to work on the next video. The next one will be shorter. I’m almost finished with it. I’m not sure if it’ll be up before the end of the weekend but I will try since it really doesn’t need much. The one after this one, will be Roger’s Tribute. And that will be a hard one. I will also have to redo the “intro” to my videos to exclude him at that point as we are up to the time of his death. I’ve asked if George will say a bit for the camera. He’s agreed to do voiceovers but thinks he cannot hold together for the camera. I will talk to him more because I can edit it out, but I think he may not want to do that and I won’t push him. But I will tell him so he can be thinking about what he wants to say. Voiceovers have to be quick – no long story – just short descriptions over pics or video. So we’ll see if that will even work. Lots of changes coming for the first of the year and I’m excited to work on the intro some.

Meanwhile, While we Work, Little Roo goes to the Christmas Shop.

I can’t wait to be retired. We just don’t have enough PTO to go around for our needs anymore. I would have loved to seen him in the Christmas shop.

And we got to have dinner with him last night and he and Katy went to the store with us. We bought him a balloon. He was sooooo good!

Here we are trying to do a selfie.

Little Roo is Waving at You!

Ok so I’m going for more coffee and I will pop in at some point Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and wish you Merry Christmas again and may even have a video ready! But if I don’t, please have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time off – even if it’s just a little bit, like ours.

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  1. My stomach is usually upset from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. It’s from eating too much of all the goodies; I have very poor self-control, even though I know it’s going to hurt my stomach.

  2. Hi Sonya, late today getting a comment sent, it’s now 7.30 pm. Glad everything is going well your end….it’s been lovely seeing wee Roo, when do they go home again ? These were nice photos of him and his Mum …in the Christmas shop …
    Looking forward to your next video… news from this end I’m afraid. My niece is coming over in the morning with Max when we will exchange our presents….I wonder what we will be getting ? It’s getting exciting the nearer Saturday comes…Peter is going shopping tomorrow I have given him the vegetable list and some other bits and pieces. I have forgotten to buy Mary some marzipan sweets, I usually buy them weeks before Xmas, I’ve asked Peter to get them but I expect he will say he can’t find any at this late date …to bad, I might find some later…
    Night night. God Bless. Xxx
    PS. I hardly slept last night for some reason and I already feel myself dropping off…but I want to stay awake as long as I can so I can sleep well tonight xxx

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