My New Office, Horizontal Space, and Organizing My Files for Video Creation

So the big news of the week is the new office. I’ve driven over and back 3 days now. The drive is not bad except for the one day it put me on the interstate. It was a very confused and winding section I had to go through to get to the interstate exchange. Not marked very well and appeared to be a newly constructed area. I was left scratching my head but didn’t get myself killed. I don’t want to go that way again. I didn’t know where I was going but just tried to follow the little turquoise line on Waze. Immediately upon getting home I changed my settings to “not include freeways” as they call it. Waze must be from California, we only have interstates here but I assume that is what Waze means when it says “freeway”. lol And then when I went the interstate way it took almost an hour. So no, never again. My little country roads must have been backed up. ha. I’ll sit behind a tractor any day than have to go through yesterday again – not being sure what lane I needed to be in, where I was, or where I was going, which road led to what when they all looked the same but went different places, lol. I was looking at Waze and the road, Waze and the road, Waze and the road. People behind me impatient and that is fine as I guess they knew where they were going. I’ll stick to my Hobson road thank you!

All that said, I love the offices. It is a huge building and our accounting section is huge. We have room to grow. If we do they’ll have to grow the systems though. But I’ve settled into my desk area and able to do what I need to do.

I have no idea how to decorate my office walls though with it being bigger. Any little pictures I have will just be dinky on the walls. I am going to have to do some research on Pinterest for inexpensive but sharp looking ideas. I can spend a little on it. But not a lot. I could use a bulletin board of sorts, and a dry erase board, or maybe even a chalk board. I just need to find a look and recreate it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But I’m going to be amidst those four walls a lot so I need to make it look comfortable and inviting (to me). And a place I will enjoy being to walk in the room. I already feel comfortable there but just need the walls to be aesthetically pleasing instead of bare.

Space, we all need space! George posed for you guys. I told him I had to get a pic of the table while he cleaned it off. He loves to junk up a horizontal space. Seems like every time we get ANY space it gets filled up. Speaking of space… SIL came to eat with us and to leave some storage in our basement for a “couple of weeks” so they could close our their storage unit out, but the load would not fit in their car so they asked if they could park some stuff here for two weeks. So we said, “Sure, we can do two weeks!” We are not redoing (reorganizing) the basement until spring – which will be here before we know it. So she brought load number two over and ate dinner with us Monday night. We are laughing as we had just moved Mom’s stuff out. Having a basement is almost like having a truck everyone wants to borrow. Space…..when you have it – it gets filled up! (We’ve housed Katy and Cody’s stuff, Granny Jan’s stuff, Mom’s stuff). So George cleaned off the table for us to eat on. And he posed for ya! It’s a miracle to see horizontal space anywhere.

But it’s all back again (the stuff on the table) and probably will be til Christmas Day. I really like having the table clean but I have fought and fought that battle all our married life. And have lost. So I have to retreat to other rooms – like my office, where it’s usually pretty pulled together, but sadly b/c of our life this year, not being home much, and Christmas stuff everywhere – is not very neat right now either.

So, we met Aunt Martha, Uncle Ken, and Mom at Cherokee Steak House last night. The place ain’t what she used to be. It’s under different management. Mom got ribs. I’m not even sure they should be offering that on the menu – but they were so tough she couldn’t eat them. They did not bring bread to the table. They had one waitress serving two rooms (of course that is due to the hiring situation I’m sure). George loved his steak although it didn’t come with what the menu said, and my salmon was good and salad was good. So it has promise. They just need to work on a few things to make it special and charming again. They need to work on decor and make it more inviting. I saw a room that used to be an attached dining area, filled with junk, visible to the public eye and that downgraded it for me. That should never happen. It just needs a little TLC.

Behind the Scenes of Video Creation

I worked on files for the upcoming videos. Apparently I’ve more material than I thought. I’m getting good and taking little snippets of video, lol. So I’ve organized video files (project files) into folders over periods of time from my iPhone and camera. Once I begin editing each video, sometimes the footage has to go into the “next video” if it is too long. And vice versa, if a video is too short I can pull from the next project file. So I go through all my iPhone pics and videos and also from my camera too, and transfer them into project files for a period of time that I label like “summer” or “July 4” or “fall” or “thanksgiving” or “Mom moving in” etc. I have to tweak some as I do each video but I have a system that works. I had just not created files since Sept, so now I’m about mid October and have now created “themed files” to drag the footage in. It takes a while to do because the videos sometimes take a while to transfer over. I’ll probably do it through Thanksgiving and then wait until after the first of the year before doing the Christmas project file as that brings us to present time and we are still creating memories for the present! I’m glad to have a system that works for me. Because at first I was very unorganized. I also need to check my Lacie storage file where I store my finished videos so it’s not taking up space on the Mac. I might need to buy another soon. I have to check and stay on top of that. But I think I should have a lot of space since I’m only doing videos about once every 3 weeks and not every week like some creators do. But I DO NEED TO CHECK! It’s on my list, lol. If I ever get to do my list again.

But soon once I finish with the file creations for each video project, I will begin editing the next video which includes the Nashville Zoo! lol 😉

Off Day Tomorrow!

Ok gotta get up and get ready to go. I need to check ingredients for cooking so I know what to get at the store tonight. I’m off tomorrow, want to finish the wrapping, get my house clean, and do some baking. I have to pull my list together and go after work.

Katy and Cody arrive Sunday and we are also meeting Mom and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken at Nadines after they drop Fancy off at the spa. I’ve got to get them name and address. I hope they can also pick Fancy up that afternoon too as Katy and Cody will be getting to our house and I want to be there and not driving around somewhere else!!!!!! We only get to see them a bit while they are here. I don’t want to miss my grandson! So we are going to have a little spread for them when they come in. Not much.

But I need to go so I can head out to work. I need to get both today’s and Friday’s stuff done – all the critical stuff anyway.

Over and out until probably Saturday morning! Take care!

Are you ready for the holidays?

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  1. Ho Sonya, Great to hear from you again this week….glad things are going well…especially pleased your office is nice and will be even better once you get your pictures,,,which you will find….up. On the walls etc….glad also that your finding the driving ok so long as you don’t use the interstate…….Please tell George I think his table looks beautiful cleaned polished and tidy….his little face makes a great picture LOL. Must go very busy today….God Bless

  2. Your office will look nice after you add some art and plants. Enjoy your time with your family. I am going to my last dr appt for the year. Just a check-up for my eyes.
    Your husband is a mess. I think he enjoys tormenting you with the clutter on the table.

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