Much Accomplished, Much Left to Do

Here’s a little Roger ornament! And a quick update! Did I post this already? Sorry if so!

Much accomplished Friday, getting out all the Christmas presents bought and assessing everything. Laundry done and some cleaning and cooking.

Saturday’s shopping excursion was successful and we pretty much finished up all but the gift card gifts that we will send.

We enjoyed dinner at Casa Vieja in Hendersonville after our shopping day.

Sleep came early at 7:30 Saturday and so I woke up early Sunday at 3:00 am! I went to work on laundry and ironing, cleaning, wrapping and we wrapped a lot! BIL and SIL came over for a bit while in town and a neighbor dropped by.

George fixed beans and rice for dinner with kielbasa. He worked on chopping the potion of tree that fell.

The Internet is still out due to the line being pulled down by tree.

The new dishwasher is not getting any water. So it’s not working and we have to call the install people back.

I’m still blogging by phone!

I slept 9 hours last night and fell asleep during a movie we tried to watch! I knew I would do that as I was up at 3 am. George says I’ve got to change my schedule! The Eastern time zone and tornado outbreak did me no favors. But hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get back on schedule since I slept the much needed 9 hours.

I’m glad to know George misses me while I’m asleep! Ha! Otherwise he would be like “sweet dreams” and secretly smiling. But he insists I need to work on my schedule! So he has a companion of sorts!

We have accomplished much in a couple of days. Oh and I gave George a haircut!

And Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken have arrived at Mom’s!

Katy and Cody arrive this weekend.

I start the new location on my job today so expecting that to be exciting getting hooked up and all. I’m excited for the change. Excited to set up a new office. But payroll is tomorrow so much needs to happen today. I’m anxious to see how the commute goes!

So…. This week will be interesting. So much going on! Much wrapping left to do. SIL coming over tonight for dinner, gotta make arrangements with Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken up from FL at Moms. Trying to arrange Cherokee Steakhouse on the lakeside for one night.

Anyway- will get off here and head to work. And will pop in mid week!

Little Bit says hi!

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  1. Hi Sonya, Glad you got so much done over the weekend. Agree with George though you must try to get back into a better sleep pattern…good luck with that.
    Will be great for you to see wee Roo as well as your dear Kate not long now. Looking forward to hearing about your new office space etc. take care. Drive Safely. Xxx

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