Tornado Warnings, Wind Event, Pulling Christmas Together

While Friday was a much needed day off, we had storms blow through around 3 am. It blew all our furniture off the porch.

We were in the basement. George was slow to get there after I woke him up but finally came down to join me. We could hear the wind knocking things around. We were directly under the porch. Little Bits house was destroyed and we have to make another. We were lucky though! This tree took down our Internet wire. And Comcast has made it extremely difficult to report. I’m still unsure if we are in queue to be fixed! And cell phone coverage is not very strong! If you look you can see the wire. I will try again Monday to get a person.

So Saturday we tried to snooze some after the event but it was hard. We had to be in Sumner County at 11 and get showers and leave by 10. So really had little time to do much at home Saturday.

I did get a lot done Friday but it’s never enough. I did some filming for vlog as no one was here. Trying to capture “behind the scenes” at our house what it’s like getting ready for Christmas. And I made us a chicken dinner with green beans and butter beans, and also made creamed garlic potatoes with caramelized onions. It was good!

I got out all the presents for wrapping! And we tested stockings. I vacuumed the house and cleaned. Our dinner was great.

Then Saturday, We went to friends’ house in Gallatin on the lake! The winds from behind the front were kicking through and you could see white caps on the lake!

We met with friends at a beautiful reception for their daughter who is back in town from being out of the country for a few years. A lovely time! And then we went shopping to finish up what we needed to buy in Hendersonville. We also found a discount grocery we had not been to and found some deals and some new items.

And we also made decisions on the Christmas Eve meal. We plan to have Turkey and some favorite family salads and casseroles instead of our traditional prime rib. The prices of prime rib and the fact that there are too many varied ways people like it- (rare versus well done) – makes it a difficult dish to please everyone. Last year there was a line at the microwave to finish off their steak. Microwaved steaks sucks! And George is not going to fix it well done. So we will scrap that and do Turkey, knowing Mom is fixing a ham at her house for Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken while here. We figure they’ll want something other than that at our house! We almost had Italian night but the meal wasn’t coming together. When we decided on Turkey with holiday favorite casseroles and salads we were immediately satisfied that we were on the road to holiday success! It won’t be a Thanksgiving meal but a little different so we make it Christmas-y!

Little Bit has been getting some quality time in! Now that Fancy is gone. They didn’t get along too good.

So….. last night I went to bed at 7:15 or so! Just worn out and sleepy after our day and the previous scary sleepless night! I slept great! Now was up at 2:30 awake to start the day lol 😂! So I’ll get some things done and George will be irritated with me when I go to bed at 8 tonight!

Much to do today! Ironing, dishes, mop floor, wrap gifts, cut George’s hair. See if I can get a person at Comcast for Internet coverage! George is going to grocery for a few things. And I start the new location tomorrow so that should be interesting! Must make headway wrapping today!

I miss our Internet but at least I have cell phone so I can still blog. And lucky I had the video scheduled for 7:00 am live! It’s up!

Thanks to those who watched – see yesterday’s post for the VLOG version of Less Hustle More Coffee if you want to see it! Subscribe to the You Tube channel if you haven’t already!

Ok over and out! Will post when I can! Crazy times here! But surely I can sneak in a post!

How’s your weekend going? Christmas coming together?

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  1. Hi Sonya, think, this will be my 2/3 comment on your blog and Vlog today! But can’t let today’s blog go,by without saying again I’m glad your safe after that terrific storm…I’m so very sorry to see so many people have died or indeed seriously injured…Glad you and George were ok…..hope you are enjoying your day today and have managed to get your wrapping done. We had church this morning that was nice it was led by our minister and included communion which is special. Afterwards we met my niece Beth and Max for lunch, I had hoped to get out of her what she wanted for Christmas but no such luck…she is a bit like ourselves there really isn’t anything we want or need so it’s quite hard to think what to say. Max was ok he is a music maker in his spare time and at least he said he wanted a new Harminica…..well what I know about Harmonicas could be written on a postage stamp !! However I think I’ve persuaded Beth to get it for me then let me wrap it that’s one step forward he could also always apparently in need of new strings for his guitar…again I’ve no idea what to get but I may look up on line….
    And so love your not alone in stressing out a bit at this time of year ! Join the club !!?

  2. Those storms were so scary. It is heartbreaking for all those people who lost everything. It seems like the tornados are getting worse. It tore my nerves up just seeing the devastation. And seeing the loss of lives. I am thankful they missed you guys and us. I don’t blame you for getting in the basement. Did you take the cat with you? That poor cat I imagine was scared to death too. I usually go into my closet or the hallway. We don’t have a basement in this house.
    I got most of my wrapping done today. Still, lots to be done in this house.

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