Mid Week Update, a Work Move, and Random Thoughts Going on in my Head

The mornings have been foggy driving in to work. Deer have been present in our neighborhood too. So pretty and graceful. Yesterday as I left the house I rolled down the window and talked to them. They let me from about eight feet away. I told them how pretty they were and to have a good day and be safe. lol

And thank goodness for office heaters. It’s pretty chilly when I arrive at work. I guess it’s good that since they changed up the heating system, I won’t be there for another winter. It took most of the morning for my little heater to get it to 70 and that was with the sun shining through. But it was ok to me once the heater was blowing on my feet.

I also changed my computer “theme” to something cozy.

So Monday and Tuesday and Today are work days. It’s all about getting payroll done and check stubs folded and anything else I do today I won’t have to pack into Monday or “double do” next week as I catch up. Like I said, no one is there to do anything while I’m gone so it’ll all be waiting on me next week.

While I’ve been working, George has been moving Mom’s boxes and smaller furniture pieces that he can do by himself. He turned the U-Haul truck in last night at the time I was coming through to be home from work so I could pick him up. Then we went out to eat after. Mom didn’t want to go. There was a beautiful sunset. I was late to try and get a pic of it as I was driving, but I got the tail end of it. The sky was just on fire!

That came out a little blurry but was trying to take it before George dove into it. lol. We got the shrimp, steak, chicken fajitas for two. I had forgotten about margaritas so when I saw that on the sign, “yeahhhh”. It was a perfect one too. And there is a happy George, with his job done for the day and still on vacation the rest of the week. He has some fun things planned for today: frisbee golf, McKay’s bookstore, and the not so fun thing of Marta (emission control testing for car). We had a lot to talk about. Mom’s Move. Mom. My Work (moving soon). Christmas. River. When to do what the rest of the week. It was a nice little much needed break from life. No mention of me and what to do with my time. Thank goodness. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that and the aftermath that follows. lol. Everybody loves to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it, including how to spend their time. I always say if you need something from me just spit it out. I’ll try to do whatever it is you need me to do more or less of.

So work has decided to do the move Dec 10th instead in 2022 near spring. I had heard it was coming sooner rather than later, and I guess they want the down time to be in 2021 as things are slow right now anyway (not for me though but for the plants). As long as the computer systems are stable and printing capability and network solid, offices warm, amenities available, I guess it will be ok. I imagine it will take me 15 minutes longer to get there. I have no intentions on changing my time to leave home and the time to arrive home, sooooo….I already worked over 8 hours a day anyway. I imagine that means less work time at my desk. I’ll get their later and have to leave earlier. I just already have an unbalanced day with all the things going on right now. I don’t have the spare time to donate. So it is what it will be. Hopefully this will be a good situation and that the drive will be ok and not dangerous, and that I will like the work situation. It’s definitely further from my home. I’m willing to give it a shot and we’ll see how it goes. I really didn’t need another move in my life during the holiday season, but what can you do. Thank goodness I’m not off that weekend. I am off several Friday’s in December (most of them I think and I’ll be unrelenting to give them up). We have a much needed mountain vacation time for part of it. And one of the dates is Christmas itself. And the other date is me getting our Christmas ready. It usually takes two days off. But I’m spending one of them in East TN on our mountain trip so since we will be shopping, I have to use that weekend to shop. I usually use it for George’s gift shopping so I’m having to figure out how to get his things done without him either after work or on weekends since I gave up that day. Side trips, etc.

I am going to miss the introductory meeting where we get to go out and see where our offices are going to be. I’ll be taking Mom to her eye appointment that day and have to leave early for that – it can’t be moved as we have to make these appointments 2 months in advance. I can’t ever win for losing. So I emailed the CEO and CFO directly and explained directly the situation – so to dispel any rumors and side talk that might say otherwise. I’d love to see where we are going. But I guess I’ll see it soon enough.

Other than the above, I really don’t have much other news. Just a lot on my mind – so much so – that I’m not sure we are coming or going. Here’s what all is on my mind:

  • Like I can’t even remember if I took my BP meds yesterday. And the case is on my desk at work. I’ll know when I see “Tuesday’s” casing – if the pills are in there – I didn’t.
  • Is George going to have help moving Saturday and is it going to be ok
  • How are we going to get glass in Mom’s china cabinet that George broke on Move #1.
  • Is Mom going to be able to take care of herself for long in this house?
  • Is Mom ok? She says her BP is high. I’m sure all of our BP’s are up. I can’t even remember to take my meds as we are so off schedule right now.
  • Will something happen to ruin our vacation time? It has for 2 years so it feels like a threat to even try to take a long weekend away.
  • What are those two keys to that fit nothing at Mom’s house? If it is the mail box, which is hers?
  • When am I going to have time to look at Christmas planning/shopping?
  • Are we going to be able to do ANY Christmas shopping locally?
  • Will I be ok with the drive to the new location? Will it be a safe drive the back way? Do I have to take the interstate. How long will it take? Can I eat my oatmeal w/o a hot water spicket? Can I heat up water in the microwave? Will I like the new place? Will this work? Can we still have our Keirugs? If not is there a Starbucks close by? Is the area crime filled or safe? Are the safe places to go and eat? Drive thrus that have salads? Wendys? lol. Hopefully not just McD’s. I’m tired of it. Meat n 3’s close by?
  • When am I going to have time to get my to do list looked at again? Much less do any of it.
  • When I go to get my iPhone will they have it in stock? Will it have to be ordered. Which one will I get? Do I get it now or have to wait to after Christmas to activate?
  • When will Mom’s bed be set up?
  • Where will we have Thanksgiving? Our house or hers? Probably ours as of right now.
  • When will I have time to get some khaki’s for winter. I only have capris. I need long pants but need the time to go pick them out and try them on at Belk.
  • I need more bras. These are uncomfortable. Was trying to hold off til spring. Everything has to happen at once. Should I go try them on at Kohl’s or Belk? or order from Amazon which doesn’t work too well.
  • Have all my Amazon orders come in for Mom, for me, for Christmas, for Katy that I shipped there? I haven’t had time to check.
  • When will I have time to check my email – is there something important looming?
  • Why is the new “grouping of notifications” within the Scheduled Summary on iPhone not giving me all the notifications? It’s not working properly. None of the news stations are working. (This was the last iPhone update.) I think I will have to forget the scheduled summary. I used to get notifications and now I’m not getting most of them even during the summary period. My guess is that the “third parties don’t play well”.
  • Will I be able to learn how to style my hair being longer? I ordered some headbands and hair clasps.
  • I think I’ll order some decorative hair pins.
  • What time is it? Oh gosh it’s time for me to go get ready.
  • I don’t have time for any more thoughts.
  • When will I get time for more of my thoughts?
  • Oh someone’s calling me – George needs a towel – should I take him one or make him run to the linen closet naked? Well… Mom can’t see. lol

5 responses to “Mid Week Update, a Work Move, and Random Thoughts Going on in my Head”

  1. Change is hard. It sounds like you have more than your fair share o it in your future. I hate moving, and work moves are the worst. Something always goes wrong.

  2. Oh dear poor you Sonya, so much on your mind at the moment. It’s going to be a very hard year end. Particularly if you don’t stop for breathe at some point. I just don’t know how you cope with it all. I think God you have faith and know what he will be always there in the background caring for you…Mum and George. He knows the outcome of all your worries so all we can do is wait with patience till it’s nearly over and you arrive in 2022 unscathed…..I’m very concerned that this move is going to prove a long was back from they start,,,but again you know we are all behind giving you our support. God Bless

  3. I hope your work commute does not get more complicated or dangerous. This is the wrong time of the year to navigate a new route. And I hope they have working heat/ac units.
    The fajitas look scrumptious.
    Ok, I’m off to watch the CMA’S if I can sit still for 3 hours!!

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