Today’s the Day to See the New House Inside / Our Halloween Night Out

Today is the day! Excitement is in the air as Mom and I get to see her new house today. It’s not hers until closing on Friday though. I tried to relax this weekend and do what I wanted, knowing that the next few months are going to be probably the busiest holiday season of our lives.

I’m excited for Mom. I hope she gets to live here a while. I hope we can enjoy helping her piece it together instead of wearing all of us out. I am both excited and yet set with fear. Everyone will need to be patient as we cannot be there 24/7. It will not happen like a magic wand that one waves and it will all be furnished and set. Much has to be done. And it will require the patience from all of us.

I’m excited to help her and to see it all come together for her. At the same time I also worry about the time it takes to put together a new house (she can do very little of it) as it’s hard for her to even get up out of the recliner and walk across the floor without being winded. So I worry how we will work full time, do another move, set up another household, meet all of her needs and requirements, shop for everything needed, order everything needed, keep her personal needs met, do Thanksgiving, decorate for Christmas and family coming, get the Christmas shopping done, and wrapped, get things ready for company at our house and company at Mom’s house, clean here, clean there, grocery shop for here, grocery shop for there, do our December vacation mini trip (long weekend), do Christmas (can’t wait), and do doc appts, dog trims, New Years, a trip to Texas, and then back home to another quarter end and year end. My heart leaps with joy at the fun of it all, the craziness of it all, but yet I’m scared to death because of the time it takes, my wanting everything to be all in order and of course, Mom will want everything to be in order. But we have to be patient with ourselves and with one another and ALL of us have to realize it will not happen over night.

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The next couple of days will be busy. But I will try to come back and post as time allows. I kinda didn’t finish all my chores this weekend as I was trying to relax so I need to press some pants, go the store, change George’s sheets, buy some on line gifts, take Mom to buy appliances and get it set up for delivery. And yes, yes, I have to work. I have to go in today and do time sheets and go in early tomorrow (as I go in early on Tuesdays to cover the monthly eye appointment for the half day I have to take off there). And so our evenings will be busy as well as the days, plus I need to get some of these things done so I have clothes and George has a clean bed. I would have changed his sheets yesterday but he spread all his projects out over his bed like a desk ::sigh::. I was not moving all that. I told him he could let me know when he wanted his sheets changed and not have things all over his bed. lol

I’m about ready to have my fall clothes, as is Mom. Some of mine are in the coat closet. I had to move coats downstairs while Mom was here. Anyway it’s good the move is about to take place b/c we all need our warmer clothes. I also have Christmas gifts coming in and the sacks and boxes are starting to crowd me out in here in my office/bedroom.

So I’ll be back with news of the house as soon as I can get back here with all that is going on.

We had kindof a dud of a Halloween. We did go eat Cori Dogs last night. And that was good. Fattening but good. We’d planned on that for two months, knowing Mom likes hot dogs. We’ve also learned after our Jason Deli experience that Mom has to see a menu BEFORE we get into a restaurant, otherwise I’m reading the entire menu to her and don’t have time to even pick my own off the menu, lol. So best when we go out to all know what we want. She can’t read the menu but if she pulls it up ahead of time on her tablet she can stretch it to 249 font (lol). I’m making that up – I guess she can see about 30 font. Menus are too long to sit and read the whole thing to a person. So we learned that this weekend.

But the dud part of the Halloween is that after we went to a few shops, Mom and I both were just done. I’m not sure why I was so tired. I guess I just really was in relax mode and wanted my PJ’s and so it was break from tradition and George was obviously not very happy about that. I guess he pictured us shopping more. Mom is not fond of sitting in a car after dark alone while we shop – can’t say I blame her. So I was in the middle really trying to please everyone and just decided to please myself. I was tired anyway and so I just stayed in the car after we had hit Lowe’s, Penny’s, and Best Buy. I was starting to get tired and cold at that point. George finally took us party poopers home. It was just a different Halloween. I suppose I’d have gone in more if Mom hadn’t been with us but I felt bad she didn’t want to go in so I just sat with her. Then George said “what a bum of a Halloween”. I guess he wanted to make me feel bad or guilty or manipulate me into action but I’m learning about all those tactics that all of us pull on one another and basically I did what I needed to do for me, and that was to rest. It’s going to be busy enough. All the shops were starting to close anyway as it was Sunday.

Our Halloween might have been a dud this year according to George, but…………it wasn’t for this monkey below.

Meanwhile in Texas

Zoo keeper, monkey, and the zoo visitor (Cody), lol.

Oh and you can’t miss the backsides.

It was not long after when Katy face timed me and Little Roo was completely naked going home in his car seat except for his diaper. He was hot and done with the outfit.

I’m worried about him as he constantly has allergies. The wind blows and brings in “whatever” and he struggles. So his coughing has begun again. So prayers for him please.

And I think I’m going to go fix me an egg this morning. Need some protein and less starch. We have eaten horribly lately and I need to go back to my Whole Foods approach! Too many creams and too much bread and pasta and pizza and hot dogs. Need better and nutritious food. It really makes me feel bad to eat too much starch. So the nutritional part of my challenge has been a bust this week. I’m also relaxed on my water intake. I think I’ve been in the 60’s instead of 70’s. And probably need to be in the 90’s. (Ounces). But it’s trying to improve and be aware, and I am. So I will keep trying.

Excitement builds. Excited for our day and our week. Will share pics ASAP!

Oh and thanks ya’ll for watching the video on YouTube (link in side bar, or bottom depending on device, and in About me Section tabs). I appreciate all the comments and views. I’m looking forward to a few changes in 2022. Maybe even before then. There are lots more coming. This one was boring compared to most but then how exciting is a move? lol. I’m already working on the next one. And getting some ideas for things I want to do in 2022 with the video channel. The plan is to grow it slowly towards retirement. I don’t think I could handle success with a YouTube Channel right now, unless it was so successful that I was able to quit my job, lol lol. I doubt that. But I want to grow it more so it’s able to be monetized more toward retirement. The thing is – I mainly have to continue to enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, it’s not worth doing b/c it’s a hobby. That is why I’m not worried about turning around a video a week. It’s not reasonable with working FT and taking care of all we do. But every 3 weeks is a sweet spot goal for now. Sometimes it is harder to get them out. It will be hard during the holidays for sure. I’m just so behind. I’ll be working summer soon. I’d like to be just about 4 weeks behind real life. Maybe in 2022 I can catch up! Does it bother you that my videos are so far behind? It does me but I’m at least organized and getting in a rhythm with it. I may do a video of what it’s been like to learn to vlog, the expense, what I’ve learned, what I like, dislike, what I would like to do etc. Is there anything you would like me to video about also?

Ok, better get going and get ready so we can go see this beautiful new place for the first time inside and we’ll see what they have done with the outside. I think we will be pleasantly surprised. I hope Mom will love it. If she is not happy we will all know it. And will never hear the end, so Lord please let this go well. 😉

6 responses to “Today’s the Day to See the New House Inside / Our Halloween Night Out”

  1. Dearest Sonya, As I type this my thoughts and a quick prayer is being said that Mum will be ok. I can well understand your apprehensiion at the thought of today and indeed the rest of the week. By now I hope you are almost at the point of Mum putting the key into HER front door. You will both draw a deep breath and open, walk in. After that I do hope there will be smiles and not disappointment. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize exactly what it will look like with your own things in place. (Having seen a new build full of new furniture that exactly matches everything ). Anyway good luck. Perhaps you could private message me Mums new address and we can send her a nice card, if you think she would like that….
    Well love it’s almost lunch time so I’m away to make something for Mary and me. Earlier this morning we went to have our third jab. So that’s us got them all now including our Booster. It was even easier than the first two, so I am Thankful to all the scientists who have worked so hard and quickly to get them to us all….Now even children over 12 are having their jab at school ….although the COVID rates have grown a lot recently it seems to have come via unvaccinated children so hope that the rate will start dropping again soon….God Bless.

  2. Hey I understand about reading a menu, especially at a new place that I have never been. Since My friend and I are going to different local places for lunch, We all pull up the menu and know that they have available and I usually make one to three choices so I have a good Idea when we arrive what I am ordering. It helps greatly as the places around here are usually crowded and reading the menu from top to bottom holds up the line. My friends have me down to what I am proppbaly going to order and know what they are trying most of the time. Are Katy and Cody coming in at Christmas as I am trying to decide how to handle their Christmas. Ship to Texas or bring there.

  3. Hi Sonya! Wow, busy times ahead for sure! You have a lot on your plate but that’s what keeps life interesting. Good luck to you in the coming weeks and months while you juggle it all. I’ll be thinking of you and saying a prayer that you get through it! I watched your video and loved it as usual. It’s funny you think it was boring this time because it was actually one of my favorites!

    • I am tired already lol 😂 and had a great night sleep. I think QE took a lot out of me this time along with everything else. I don’t really know how we will get it all done. Just breathe and take one day at a time. I’m already on edge. Thank you for your comment today and for watching and liking the video. It was a lot of car chronicles lol!

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