Fancy New Dentist Office, Sleep Issues, and Calm Before the Storms

I think I have figured out the “font” issue from previous post. I simply hit “control” and the “+” sign on the Mac and it increase the screen where I can see it but has the default where it won’t be font “72” (lol) when posted. That was the most bizarre thing. One day it is fine and the next day it is not functional.

I have been thinking about changing the theme, the blog look, or perhaps just the photo – was thinking about doing this after the first of the year in case something went “amiss” as Lord knows I don’t have time now to fool with things that don’t work appropriately. What do you think? Should I give the blog a new look? New theme? It’ll still be the same name and same website.

So I went to the Dentist this morning. It was a new one. “Dr Danny” retired at the other place I went to near Hermitage and I really just was not wanting to drive over there with a new dentist there in his place. It had a different feel. So I decided it was time to find a new dentist closer to home. And they start earlier in the day too so it won’t impact work as much. My appt today was at 8 b/c I took the best one I could find several months out. But my next one is at 7.

So I was greatly impressed with the decor. I’m thinking man – I bet they charge a big amount for a crown! lol lol. But there are 4 dentists in one place pooling together. And it’s right snazzy. I got to watch HGTV on the ceiling! They are keepers. Everything was fine but there is a place we are watching on my upper right, which I’ve had some sensitivity and pain in – a filling is cracking and he said I might consider a crown before it splits and has a nerve issue or needs root canal. I will look at doing this next year. As you know my schedule and my health has been put on a back burner – I have to do a gyn (ovary) check, and colonoscopy, and now a crown next year. Some things you are happy to put off, lol. I did get mine and Mom’s mammograms scheduled for December.

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So, what have I been up to since Wed? Not much. But I will tell you that this week has been a little trying as far as getting sleep. I had some allergy issues that also kept me from sleeping – nothing major but sitting in the sun room every night with screens open impacted me as it sometimes does in change of seasons. So sleeping was just “fitful” as I’ve described it. It has really made the afternoons (sometimes the mornings too) difficult. I get really really sleepy. I even (barely) nodded off once at my desk while signing a huge stack of checks. It was quiet, monotonous, and my head nodded off and it scared me so bad. I’ve never done that with my head just sitting up straight, lol. I had to go get coffee and move around and then put my ear plugs in and listen to “feel good” (rock, disco, whatever) music to wake me up.

But finally last night I was able to sleep many hours straight through. I’m always up once or twice but all week long it was every hour on the hour – just not comfortable. At one point I had a vision or hallucination that George came and hugged me and said “I’m sorry you are having a rough time, but it’s time for you go to bed”. He also had some humorous moves too which made me laugh and giggle. But I woke up and realized it was a dream even though I seemed very awake at the time. And I went back to bed.

So it’s been a struggle this week. I’ve not had a lot of “to do” items that I have pressed forward for this week. So anything I’ve done has been minimal. That said, I’ve been able to get some of my to do list done anyway just on the fly. Mainly computer related – ordered a Thred Up shirt with my credit, got the next iMovie started, deleted the old off the timeline and out of my media and scooted my files over to the LaCie drive with the video for storage. I also deleted all the footage used off my iPhone as it’s no longer needed on there and I really needed the space.

As always I was glad today was Friday. And I’m pleased to be able to do a proper blog entry. I DID change the name of the font, but the size should be the same – other than the type of font might change it’s size. If that makes sense.

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The challenge is going well. I have missed a check mark or two here and there but I count it a blessing to have done as well as I have having not had much sleep. I might have had Mac and cheese the last two days as I needed comfort. And we did have pizza one day. lol But for the most part I’ve been meeting all the check marks regardless as to how busy I’ve been. And honestly the Mac and cheese has made me feel a bit miserable so I’m taking note of that. It has felt good to eat better, drink more water, and move my body. I do need to get my 20 min walk in this week though. I think that is important. I have had several chances and always said “later”. So that’s what we are trying to change. lol Baby steps. I feel so good after the walk though. I just always talk myself into doing other things on the to do list, or not taking a proper lunch at work and sitting at the desk eating my lunch and working or checking email.

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Katy and Cody are leaning toward coming home for Christmas now. We are waiting to see before we shop so we know what to do with gifts. But I was excited to hear of the possibility. Katy had told me she wasn’t sure which I took as a sign she was letting me down easy. I will be thrilled if they can. They can see Mom’s new place too.

Mom’s house is on schedule, we think. It is hard to believe that closing is just around the corner. It’s Nov 5th but the walk through is Nov 1.

Mom’s heart doc told her her heart was not pumping correctly and he gave her some more meds to try and help with it. They have another virtual appt in 4 weeks. I was glad not to have to get off yesterday and be gone part of today too – it’s quarter end and I was able to get a lot done yesterday afternoon toward my reconciliation spreadsheet. He mentioned if the meds didn’t work they may need to do another arteriogram and may have to go in and fix. Mom says she is doing nothing until she moves in to her place and gets settled. She doesn’t seem to feel bad or doesn’t seem to be swelling up. But she gets winded quickly. I hear her making “whew” noises when she moves around. She doesn’t want to have surgery again, so I’m not sure what the deal is. She is overweight as is all of us, and the more overweight we are the harder it is on us with these heart conditions. She is excited about her house so she doesn’t want to hear anything about heart surgery. She coughs some but says she feels fine otherwise unless she is not telling us something. She is often very quiet and that is unlike her.

Work is going ok. I think they will be concentrating soon on our “move”. Supposedly we have to be out of the place we are in – in March or something like that. But I’m told the offices are not up to snuff yet in the new place. I have mixed feelings about the move. I don’t really like the area it is in. It’s going to be further from my house. I do like change though. I don’t know if this will be a good change or not. All we can do is try it and see. I’ve put up with a lot in my life, unhappy work situations included. I like the job and the people so that’s 2/3’s of the issue. I’m not one for long commutes but with a good book and some adjusted hours, I could “be game” for it. I have no plan to lose any more time from my personal schedule so….something will have to be adjusted somewhere if it takes longer to get there and back. Even if I have to totally forego lunch. Some dude came through with a moving shirt on taking estimates on our move – I could be wrong – but I heard him say “does the lamps go too?”. I thought well – we’ll probably get notice on a Friday afternoon that we’ll be moved the following week. About how it works, lol. Everything is always a secret – so they think. lol

So I’ve blogged on enough. I feel one sided over here again, just me writing – no one listening. I’d really like to build up a community here. Happens with the season changes and also the holidays, just people popping in and no comments. I live for the comments but don’t get fulfilled very often. It’s been quiet lately. It’s ok. It’s fine. I keep telling myself I’m just here for me anyway. A place to park my life. My thoughts. My dreams. My what happened yesterday. I’ve had to curtail it a lot because of the sniffers. lol Those sniffing you out hoping to rat you out. People just love to try to start something. I would hate to be that type of person. But they exist. I’ll simply just pray for them.

Maybe I will private blog again sometime. But tonight it is a Friday night. Storms are looming, dinner is almost ready. I’m good for more wine, more water, and some Candy Crush.

This weekend’s outlook: Going to Hendersonville for a meeting with our financial advisor. Going to Sam’s – probably hit a lunch spot or a brewery. Who knows. I figured George would have been all over it with all sorts of plans so I didn’t look yet, but he hadn’t. I guess he’s been busy with work and other thoughts. It’s fine. We’ll figure it out.

It feels like the calm before the storm. I plan to also order some Christmas items this week. I’ve got to get some of it out of the way. I also want to start working on the Roger tribute file to which I’ll create a video from. I may have to do this on my own. George doesn’t feel like he will be composed enough to do a video section on him. ;-( He loved him so.

Lots of exciting times ahead and things we are looking forward to. So tonight I’m hoping for another night of good rest. I’m tired after this long week. I’m so tired I am not even caring whether I meet the challenge for the day or not. That’s bad but just resting and not giving a damn (oops) darn works for me tonight.

You doing anything fun this weekend?

You want to see something different with this blog?

Do you like the content or what would you like to hear about the most?

Do you prefer hearing about my life or my opinion on certain topics or just articles from me on certain things?

Or just say hi. lol

What happened to WordPress Font? Ugh! Just NO!

I cannot blog like this. I’m really struggling here with this ultra tiny font. Something has changed since Wednesday when I last blogged. It never used to be this little. This is just small. I think when it saves it will be bigger font. We shall see, but in draft mode as I type it is so incredibly small and honestly, I really just can’t stand it at all. I imagine if it is going to be like this, I’ll have to adjust it or I’ll just flat quit blogging. I tried to adjust it and it only stays adjusted for the paragraph or block then you have to reset it again for the next block (paragraph). Ughhh. Yeah, I’ll NOT be blogging until I get a fix for this. This is not enjoyable. I can barely see what I’m typing. No – just no. Come on Word Press what are you doing to us?

Anyway I can’t blog like this ya’ll. It may look normal to you when it’s saved but I’ll be back when I can figure this out. Just no – unh unh. I can’t concentrate on what I’m saying with it this little trying to type it out. I can hardly see it. You can see how tiny it is above in this pic. Geeesh.

I’ll be back if I can figure this out. I’m not putting up with this though. NO way. I guess some millennial played with the settings? lol. This ain’t happening! Over and Out. Not blogging if it is going to be like this.

In the Mood to Read and Mid Week Update

Good day friends! It’s a nice morning here with the likes of summer still hanging on. Fall changes coming soon. The hot coffee is excellent – Kroger Brand’s Private Selection Guatemalan Antiguan. I think it’s even more special than Starbucks.

I’m in a huge mood to sit under a blanket and read and/or play computer games. Having had a few weeks of rushing through many to do lists, many small details of things here and there, and knowing we have many to come – I just want to sit for a spell and read. Last night I had about thirty minutes in which my fizzled brain just needed to sit and be, to enjoy, to be entertained – nothing serious or involved – just mindless and simple activity. It had been a less than perfect payroll day (putting it nicely – it basically sucked, with plants showing their inefficiencies by turning in things late, giving presence of putting payroll to be an afterthought), so was tired of fighting my way through the tangles of the day. It was nice to just sit and be. After piling under the blanket, I realized I needed a glass of water. Normally don’t ask anyone to wait on me but I asked George since he was up “would you do a favor for me?” He said “Depends what it is”. (I might ask him to go buy an RV if he says “yes”). He brought me a huge glass of ice water and I played a game of finding hidden items and then Candy Crush. I played until my eyes were about shut and then headed for bed.

Sleep has been hard to come by this week, for whatever reason. I will sleep for a bit and wake up, sleep for a bit and wake up. I even got up and slept in my journaling chair for a session. I had a dream and George came in the room to check on me and gave me a hug and said “it’s time for you to go back to bed”. I woke up in the chair, thinking maybe God had sent George in a vision to get me back in the bed. So I went and prayed for sleep to come and it did – but again in sessions. I am not sure why but I guess we go through seasons of not sleeping well. I don’t have any thing bothering me – it seems to be more about comfort than anything. But I can’t pin point it. I hate the alarm comes so early because most mornings I could sleep on. I’m about an hour or two off on sleep a night. But I only get about 2.5 hours of evening time as it is so I hate to go to bed any earlier than 8:30. Might as well have a cot at work if that is the case. Why come home. It almost doesn’t make sense as it is.

I’m just tired and retirement cannot come soon enough. These past 3 years have flown, and I suppose the next 3 will fly even faster. But yeah, as I type this blog entry, I’d love to have the whole day off to just sit and read and play or do whatever Sonya wants. I look at the shelves longingly, wanting to dive into other worlds just for a time.

Thanks for everyone who found their way to the latest video and then commented on it. I appreciate it so much. You know I have a link to YouTube also on this blog. Depending on whether you are on a phone, iPad, or computer -it is in different places. On the computer it should be at the top where you have an About Me section and next to it there is a link that says “Videos”. On the phone or iPad I think you can look for the little “three lines” that sends you to some menu items and click on “Videos” there. It’ll take you to my YouTube.

Here is the embed of it if you didn’t catch the link earlier.

Helping Aging Parents – “Just Start Talking”

There are a lot of videos to do b/w this one and current time. I had been worried that there would be not a lot of footage. I also wish I could stay home all day and work on all that. I have too many hobbies. lol

While this video has other stuff in it too, showing some spring storms, our trip to get flowers, spring blooms, it also has some segments of me talking about how we helped Mom with her decisions and I really sincerely hope it helps others when trying to figure out what to do along with your aging parent(s).

We just started talking about what we wanted the end result to look like. We talked about the needs and desires of Mom. I gave her OPTIONS of all the various places we could at or places she could go and I took them back to her. She weighed pros and cons. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want. She still wanted her independence as much as possible. The decisions were difficult but as time passes the choices narrow and she decided she still wanted her own house. The only option was to build in today’s market because no one would do the contingency on her house except for a builder, b/c she had time to sell. I’m surprised at how fast things began to happen, once we seriously began to talk about these things and then check on all the options. The door was opened at that point, it wasn’t weird to have the conversation. And it was our responsibility to help in various ways to make the move happen. Mom doesn’t have a spouse as my father passed several years ago. A move like this was not something she could stage alone and we would never let her. So we took on as many of the details as we could – helping her with the real estate, helping pack, getting the storage units set up, renting the truck and moving details, and then getting her to the building of the house meetings.

Mom and Aunt Martha seem to think that we thought it was going to be a piece of cake. I’m not sure why they think that, lol. They both have repeatedly said “it was more than you thought, huh?” as they laugh. Well no, no surprises here as we have moved before and we are well aware of how much work it is. And we knew how much stuff Mom had. It’s why we started early packing. What we were not aware of was how many clothes Mom had, lol, lol, lol. It kept coming out of the wood works. But if you remember me saying all along, “this is an elephant and we’ll eat it a bite at a time”. I guess we are about to eat the elephant butt, lol. We are 2/3 through with the elephant as far as the moving process, living with us, building house, and moving the 2nd time.

I’m still in shock that Mom agreed to come up here but her choices were narrowing and she certainly was not getting any help from the other daughter so… we are. And I hope the video helps someone, but it’s not all about moving – it’s just kindof a snap shot of our spring!

I have to delete everything from my iMovie timeline and start on the next one. I do have to go ahead and start ordering some Christmas presents. Katy said they have not decided about Christmas as to whether they are coming here or not. So I’m trying to hold off before ordering their things so I know whether to send it here or ship it there. If they are not coming I can ship there free via Amazon and would rather do that than having to ship it ourselves after we wrap it. Anyway, I have a feeling I’ll be trying to do Christmas shopping, moving Mom and getting her settled all at once. Was hoping to get ahead. But who am I kidding? We will be doing everything all at once. lol If we come out into February 2022 alive with any hair left, with any sanity left, we’ll be doing good and will be cause to celebrate.

And then maybe I can read more! ;-). Someday soon I’ll show you my “line up”. But I can’t finish a book it seems unless it’s on audible.

George fixed us a T-bone steak Sunday night that was heavenly. Along with baked potato and a wedge salad. I was ready for steak. It had been a while.

And for breakfast one morning this week, I had some whole grain Cherios with a banana and with vanilla almond milk. It was so good. I’ve forgotten how good Cherios are. I have to look for a cereal with the minimal amount of sugar and the wholistic ingredients I can find. A bit difficult but I like to have cereal about once a week or every 10 days or so.

Today I’m going for the wellness system shake, the pumpkin version. I really like it. And I think I’m doing soup today unless I need to get away for lunch. But will try to stay and do soup – it depends on how the day goes. Sometimes I need to get away from the desk for a few.

I have been listening to Dr. Berg on YouTube (screen shot below) for his information on nutrition. He is Keto for the most part in his theories, and I’ve chosen to embrace eating Whole Foods but I do like to listen to his videos. This one on sugar really got my attention. Of course sugar is very difficult to completely eliminate. He says only a little can get you back into a situation where you are unable to lose weight. But here’s what happens if you quit for two weeks. Again, it certainly got my attention. Perhaps next challenge I will consider just “giving up sugar”, but I’m sticking with my challenge for now of embracing Whole Foods and I’ve allowed myself to have dessert once a week. I am seeing some small changes in my body which is good only 12 days in. Pants are a little looser, body shape changing a little, less bloating, mood better. I can also say I have experienced 1, 2, 5, and improvement in 7, of his chart below, just by the challenge plans I’ve chosen. So that is good. We are moving toward my goals.

Again, please understand that while I embrace a whole food approach in making my decisions – I still allow certain foods – just not as often. I’ll never give up hamburgers and pizza and some desserts on occasion. So tonight we are having pizza. I’ll partake. But I will probably have less of it than normal. When I’m eating and making my own choices though, I’m doing better and that is the plan. I’m not making everyone around me do what I do. Any help they can give is appreciative but I’ve learned for the most part when people know you are trying to do better they tend to sabotage your plans, usually unintentionally but it happens. I’m just trying to do better – not be perfect. I’ll never be perfect.

And I need to go. I’m running behind. I think everyone in my life can expect me to run behind until at least March. I’m just not set up for success here in any section of my life. So be it. Go with the flow. I’m doing the best I can for all.

Here’s a funny for ya. Screen capture. lol.

Working on next video and to do list tomorrow morning. Will check back in on Friday! Not a lot going on this week in the evenings. I was about to say no doc appts this week but I have a Dentist appt on Friday morning at 8 at my new dentist, for a cleaning. Then Saturday George and I have a meeting with our financial advisor. So thankful they are doing/allowing weekend appointments. We meet with him every six months. We’ll plan to do something fun while over in Hendersonville that day. Likely Sams as well. Maybe lunch.

Ok so I’m off of here to get ready and head to work. I should be leaving right now but you know what? I had to work over yesterday due to a plant turning in a lot of payroll changes while I was in the middle of payroll, halting all of my processes, and delaying things and it was an extra long day- so I don’t mind if I do go in late this morning. If it’s good to go into my evening time then I don’t mind getting that time back in the next morning. 😉 So be it and the tribe has spoken. Tit for Tat and Tat for Tit. lol.

Gone. Over and Out til Friday!