Eye Doc, Kitchen Cooking Disaster, Shooter on the Loose, and Big News on Mom’s House

Here it is Friday, and I’m as tired as everything! But still moving forward. It’s been a very fast week.

Eye Appointment: Good News, Bad News

Wednesday morning I had my annual eye appointment. All is well. Not enough of a prescription change to warrant new glasses. I’ll be keeping my artsy glasses for another year. The need for cataract surgery he says is a long way off. And he’s asking me since my eyesight is not critical – for me to step back and go to his partner, an understudy who is NOT an ophthalmologist but an optometrist. He assures me that he knows what to look for in eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration (the latter runs in our family) and that if I should develop those I would return back to seeing the ophthalmologist. He says that they are doing “share care” with their patience because my doc is doing more surgeries as there is a shortage of opthalmologists with so many baby boomers retiring. He also said the government controlled the numbers because of the training involved and expense. I’m assuming he is referring to government grants – only so many given. We had an interesting conversation about all this. I’m not sure I totally understand the government control part but it had to do with how expensive the training is so I guessed there was only so many grants and no one can afford the training. If I were going to be a doctor of any kind, I’d be an eye doc, but probably would not want to do surgeries. I’d say Optometry would be my thing. I always loved the study of the eyes in science but also liked the ears as well. So ENT would have been an interest. But I was never wanting to do more than 4 years of college. I still got my Masters but it was on my own terms – on line, at my pace (but within doable parameters), and not paid for by me.

I am not sure I want to be seen by an Optometrist when I had made the move to see an Ophthalmologist, but I suppose I will remain under him unless I find another situation I like better. I will keep the next appointment and then consider it after that and make a decision. I had a good Optometrist and left him to go to this other doc because of Mom’s condition and because of my pre-diabetic situation. It was recommended by several as the Ophthalmologists had more training. Life is always changing. And I just can’t take any more change right now. lol. I mean good grief.

Photo by Sarah Chai on Pexels.com

My Cooking Night was NOT Successful in My Opinion

My culinary experiences in the kitchen were disastrous Wednesday night. So I’m not going to recommend the recipes. Some of it was my fault. Some not.

The Orange Teriyaki Steak was just “ok”. Mom and George said it was good. But the meat was tough. It was supposed to be George said as the recipe called for a type of meat that was tough. I think it was round steak. It had marinated overnight. And it cooked in the oven bag. The recipe didn’t really have proper measurements – I can say that as it had no measurements at all, lol! So I guessed. The sauce was good though. The cooking degrees and for how long was off. It wasn’t done. I had to cook it 10 min longer and on higher heat.

But the real disaster was when I was preparing the spinach orzo, normally an easy one for me. I’d not tried this recipe but it was seemingly easy.

First off, before I set into cooking Wednesday night, I reached for a bowl by opening the cabinet. A wall of Tupperware fell out onto my face as I looked up and then landed on the counter. ::sigh:: And I noticed a stack of bowls with the heavy bowls sitting on a smaller bowl, all about to topple out. So before I could even start cooking I had to rearrange the dishes in that cabinet. ::double sigh:: I got the Orzo out as George said we had enough for my dish, but it was short by 1/4 cup. ::another sigh:: but I carried on.

Then as I got the ingredients out I noticed George had bought the spinach in a bundle with long stems instead of the nice pre-washed kind in the little box, so I had to stop and rinse it and chop that off. And then when I needed the strainer it was dirty because I had used it to wash the spinach off so I used the smaller one in a hurry. I had to hold it in the sink as it was unsteady for whatever reason. While doing that the steam from the water was so hot and burned my hand and I let it go. I went back to making the sauce and noticed that 1/2 the orzo had spilled into the sink. I cursed at this point. I was not using the now tainted orzo. Mom said use it anyway but NO – none of us need a food borne illness at this point. So I used 1/2 of the orzo which was already less than what was called for. So…..my sauce was made for the entire thing. So we ended up having orzo flavored garlic as a dish. Way too garlicky for that small amount.

Not Feeling Well, iOS Update, and Shooter on the Loose

I was a nervous wreck by the time I got dinner on the table. Nothing had gone well. As dinner was over and I realized how cranky and crabby I was, I just flat didn’t feel good so I went and took my temp and it was 100. I normally get this about once a quarter when I get tired and run down. It’s some kind of undefined autoimmune thing I’ve had for years. I’ve not pushed for diagnosis but have learned to live with it. Sleep and nutrition and supplements and vitamins and rest will help. So I went to my room, sat in the dark and rearranged my iPad apps after the new and big iOS update, which had reshuffled my home page. I stayed up and took an hour to fix it back as I’m geeky like that and want everything to be where I put it!!!

About then we got a text that there was a shooter on the loose on neighborhood streets nearby. By road it was probably two miles, by bird – about a mile. Our neighborhoods backed up. So it was a little concerning. I warned Mom and George who do not get the alerts. Mom takes Fancy out to potty before bed. Soon helicopters were on the edge of our neighborhood. I peeked out the window. It was a little crazy. The neighborhood next to us was on lockdown suggested by police to remain inside. Mount Juliet police is really good. I knew they would catch him and they had him by the time I got in bed. We got the alert that all was good and shooter was in custody.

I got up yesterday morning and although still tired, I felt good otherwise and fever was actually under by a degree which never happens. I went to work and felt fine. I still feel fine but feel more tired today than yesterday. I’ve had some mild pain in my right abdomen but it comes and goes all the time. I told my doc this a few weeks ago and he did not seem concerned if it was not severe and no nausea or vomiting etc. We both laughed that my appendix may be ready to blow. He said there had been a rash of that lately – but mainly from old men in their 70’s but women can certainly experience it as well. We left it at that. It’s not persistent so I’m not worried either, but I have felt it more this week than ever, I’ll just say. But today I kinda feel like a washed out tired. Like my normal tiredness when I need to rest.

Mom’s Wonderfully Southern Meal and Chess Pie

So Mom cooked last night and fixed a wonderful chicken and dressing dish along with mashed potatoes and peas and even a chess pie. It was a LOT of starch and she piled our plates HIGH! I was feeling a sugar/starch buzz going through my body at bedtime and went through a bottle and a half of water over night and many trips to the potty. It was great but my body says “hey you…slow down on the starch would you”. I have to be careful being pre-diabetic that I don’t wake up and find myself having crossed the line.

Temps were cool enough that we ate in the sun room. It was all so good but we were stuffed and then ate pie on top of that.

I had added the apple table cloth for fall. I’m enjoying using the tablecloths in there. I guess we need a Christmas one but enhhhh, we won’t be in there much so I’ll probably just put the grey one back in January.

Big News

So Mom got the call that her “Welcome Home Walkthrough” is Nov 1 and the closing on the house is Nov 5. How about that? So we will be starting to plan from here, rent trucks, vans, etc. So much is still in the air. We don’t have times yet and can’t order appliances yet til we know we’ll have access and someone available for delivery and such. So much to work out but once piece at a time. We don’t have to be in a hurry this time. She doesn’t have to be on a time frame. But we will likely take PTO days to get some things done. The big moves on the weekends but we’ll have to set up utilities and do a few things during the work week. Anyway, time is drawing near!

And I need to get ready and get to work. I also need more coffee to get going this morning. I’m so glad it’s Friday. But work is just really busy.

Weekend plans are formulating. George is going to play golf and Mom and I are going to eat at a place on my bucket list, go to a shoe shop, and get my car washed and then I’m coming home to do laundry, a Canon lesson, KDY55 plans firmed up, and whatever else I can work in.

George and I are wanting to cook up a Julia Child dish Beef Bourguignon together and we have plans to video it. I found the recipe we used years ago. I will share it soon. It was really good. George said it sounded fun. I’m so glad he enjoys doing the videos.

I got to work on the videos yesterday morning. Thursday mornings are a good time to do it. I was further along with it than I thought. Still made good progress yesterday. I still think we are a week or so out. I’ll shoot for the finish by end of next weekend but we’ll see. Life has just been so busy.

More updates tomorrow – might be later tomorrow or even on Sunday. We’ll see. Pray for George as he travels about in KY for this rare golf event. It’s a tournament and he doesn’t usually play. But it’s the best shot of a group of four. He’s the 4th guy and they asked him to please play. He’s stepping in for the guy that ended his life as his son had asked George to please take his spot. So he is going. And he plans to stop at the Amish in Scottsville KY.

Ok I gotta hurry now, I’m about 15 min behind but I could NOT get up this morning and was not willing to budge on my routine. It is what it is.

What are you doing this weekend? TGIF! πŸ™‚

Committing to the KYD55 Program: Self Improvement with 5 Pillars to the Plan

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Got the mid-week update going on here! Happy that it is Wednesday. It has been a quick start to the week. I told you I was working on a “plan” or “project” – yes trying to sneak some extra things in! Hopefully this will not be too time consuming. Initially it is taking a bit of time to get going – mostly in planning and in thought. And it is……the KYD55 program. It is a program to help you meet health goals and personal improvement as well as be an asset to those around you by serving. It is to be done in 55 days in an effort to spur on good habits and is sponsored by KYD – Keep Your Daydream. It is free. I think you can still enroll. ——-> KYD55

Their program started already but you can alter “your” 55 day starting point. At least I am. I’m starting mine Oct 1 and it will go through Thanksgiving. The program has 5 pillars, but within those you can set your own goals. Heck I suppose you could even make your own pillars if you wanted. Their recommended pillars are:

*Water (drinking a certain percentage of your body weight). I’m actually going to do 1/2.

*Read (for self improvement or work toward goals). At least 5 pages a day.

*Service (acts of service for others – big or small)

*Exercise (you determine) but move thyself

*Nutrition (you also determine the improvements)

I’m still going through the preparation stages and the “webinar” portion (a series of short videos on each one) to get prepared, make decisions, define my goals specifically, listen to their suggestions, and set myself up for success. I have to finish getting through the videos and sort of writing out my specific goals, rules, ideas, and so forth.

I have downloaded the app, found my water bottle and already started that habit. Having a big thermos of water and pouring into a pretty glass or cup is making me drink more instead of drinking out of a plastic bottle. It feels more like I’m in a restaurant, lol. It works. The bottle has a preset number of ounces of course so you always know how much you have had when you are through. I’m bringing filtered water from home, using some purified water – some I bring in and some work provides. It’s so much water I’m not wanting to use more than one water a day from work. I have always supplemented anyway, I just have to bring more in!

I have made some decisions already on reading. I’m continuing my 2 chapters of Bible reading every day which has a lot of small print. I’m counting that as 2 pages so I can get in more reading in other places. I am also going to do a lesson on Forgiveness – for part of my reading material. Likely it will be a Bible plan through YouVersion. I will also be doing an audiobook and pleasure book as well as one of my goals is to relax more and be less anxious and uptight and more content and happy. I’ll include the Canon lessons (reading or video) as a part of these 5 pages as it is also considered part of my improvement and movement toward goals. So if any of these things are part of the 5 pages – we are good! This makes me happy already! Wonder how many pages an audio book is for 30 minutes! BAM! lol

For nutrition, I’m still working on tweaking this. This is always ongoing but there needs to be some rules and guidelines but the goals need to be reachable, definable, measurable. So one of them is that I need to eat something green every day. So I’m going to go and buy little individual containers of green beans and peas in the event that it’s not on the table, I can go get it. lol I’m likely going to only allow so many bread portions and sugar portions during the week.

The exercise for me will be the hardest reach. So I have to make it attainable to start somewhere. Mostly I’m doing it in my bedroom. I am doing 20 toe touches, 20 reach ups —I don’t know what to call these, 20 side bends on each side, 20 punches front, 20 leg lifts, and I have to try to do 5 push ups. I can’t do one right now, lol. These are once a day. I have all day to do them! I also have to do a 20 min walk at least once per week. Surely I can accomplish these things. Being able to bend and reach and keep my balance and all these things are important for those of us nearing retirement. Watching Mom’s ability to do things diminish over time, has really been an eye opener. It’s true that to be in motion you have to stay in motion. Sitting long periods of time – you lose functionality. One must keep moving! I was already doing some of these anyway, but was not making it a habit every day. The 20 minutes of walking is for cardio. I want to say twice a week but I want to be a success. Once a week is an improvement and with all going on right now, I can only say I can commit to that. And these are all goals you must commit to and take very serious.

As for serving others. It’s suggested that you make a list of ideas so you don’t get to the day and not having anything. It can be as simple as writing someone a letter, checking in with them on Messenger, calling someone, or doing something for someone.

KYD provides tools, charts, lists, meal planners, and check off lists for the 55 days. So that has been good. I also already have my tracker I created for “wellness” a few months ago.

I’ll keep you posted how it is going. Right now I’m just getting prepared and setting the SMART goals. SMART is acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based.

So 55 days is about 8 weeks. I figure to set myself up for about 5 lbs of weight loss. I’d really like to say 8 as it would be losing a lb a week but….I’d be happy with 5 and can do that I think. I’ll set up some rules and guidelines for my meals – for example, I want to do fish once per week, less bread, less desserts. Dark chocolate is ok, one dessert a week or something like that. I have to make it SMART! I haven’t watched their video on this section so I need to do that. I’ll also develop a service list! I will include doing things for Mom as a part of that – so I’m already doing that some. George said he’d give me a list, LOL!

So this takes me to Thanksgiving and a push for being a better me. Of course it’s timebases but also is to create habits, so I will likely try and keep it up afterwards if I’m met with success. But I do think the 55 day challenge is good to reach certain goals like X amount of lbs, X amount of reading toward your goals, being a good person and contributing to your circle and your community with specific projects or kindness, and losing weight and/or being stronger and healthier. Having a 55 day push will give extra focus and set up habits to continue. I love it!

Outlook for the rest of the week:

Now that payroll is over, it’s the last payday of the 3rd quarter, so the focus now is on month-end and quarter end taxes and returns, doing my reconciliation sheet and so forth.

I have my OWN eye doc appointment this morning. Part of that is making sure I’m not developing into macular degeneration like Mom did. It runs in our family. She already was legally blind in one eye before she realized what was happening. So I go annually to an ophthalmologist.

Tonight I’m cooking Teriyaki Steak and Orzo with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes. If it’s good I’ll share the recipes.

Taking a friend out Friday for lunch for her birthday if she feels like going. She’s had recent surgery.

And George is going to play golf with a coworker from work on Saturday in Kentucky. So I’m planning a “special day” of my own. My options are coming together but I’ve offered to take Mom to breakfast at a new cafe/coffee shop in town and if it’s busy we’ll get it to go and eat in the car, a shoe store visit (I meant to go in spring and got behind), and maybe the Dollar Store or Dollar General if not too busy (Mom wants to do that). I’ll offer up a place or two for her if she wants to go too.

My other options for Saturday are to do the Fall Bucket List, Canon Lessons, Walk the Greenway in Mount Juliet, get my car washed, and do a photo shoot somewhere locally or around Mount Juliet. Many of these things still remaining on the summer bucket list. I also need to do some vacuuming this weekend of all the floors!

Meanwhile in Texas

Dear Daughter dresses up like a Pirate for the kids. What the teachers do! It’s awesome.

Precious little morning angel right there. He still has a little cough so keep praying. I think it’s better, but I need to check in with her today and see. I know she’s tired of me asking. But those lungs are so little and can fill fast.

We have a plan to visit now. We are going for his birthday. We are taking off 3 VAC days to go in Jan. We are flying and renting a car. I hope we can stay on the ranch to evade some extra costs, but we’ll see. At least dogs are not a problem now. But at that time probably Cody’s family will be there too so we prob won’t get to stay at the house next door is my guess. They currently do not have a spare bedroom. So….Katy said they may have somewhere else on the ranch for us to stay. We will see what happens. If not – hotel it is. But at least we have a plan. I will turn in PTO at work soon and will schedule the flights.

That is it for today! Working on the video tomorrow morning and will be back here on Friday. Ya’ll have a grand day.

Let me know what you think about the KYD55! I think it’s doable – a little push and precision on goals, but doable!

Trying to Discover the Art of Getting Things Done with the Time We Have

I’m really trying hard to do several things, mainly these things, and it really doesn’t seem like it should be too hard to manage them. But these seem to usurp most of my time:

  • Keep up with Mom’s doc appts, keeping her happy, meeting her needs
  • Keep up with my own doc appts (what few I’ve allowed myself to have this year)
  • Participate in helping cook (some)- finding recipes, getting the ingredients, carving out the time
  • Keeping bathrooms clean, sheets washed, laundry done, fall decor done, minor vacuuming and dusting here and there
  • Keeping up with family birthdays (I pretty much fail on the friend ones and is a point of improvement)
  • Attempting to do all my little projects (lose weight X failure, become healthier X failure, exercise more X failure, camera lessons X failure, develop a better beauty routine X failure, You Tube vlog videos, some social media presence, blog–enhhhh).
  • Working Full time, trying to fit everything in around work and around everything else

It amazes me how so many little things eat up your time. I’ve read books on being focused, managing your time, and “just doing it” and you name it. I’ve done all these things. I just need more time. No more motivational books. I couldn’t be more motivated. I’d really be frustrated if I was more motivated! lol None of those books will give me more time. I’m tired of people saying “You have the same 24 hours everyone else does”. Heard that a lot in Network Marketing when the “uppers” wanted more work outta ya! Enhhhh, that doesn’t work with me. It may be true we have the same 24 hours but we don’t have the same circumstances, the same personas or situations, and our desires are different and our goals different. Some of us are thorough and precise and some just slam into whatever they do without thinking. Or could care less.

So this blog entry is not to seek advice, nor slam advice (although I kinda just did), but just a recognition entry of “I’m feeling frustrated with myself that I’ve not done more”. Time just moves so fast. Every weekend I think “yay it’s the weekend and I can knock a few things out”. And I do but I add more on and there is just more I want to do. I usually get my rest in and relaxation – some – but it frustrates me sometimes on Sunday night that I have to get up and go to work for another 5 days and try to sneak in time during the week to work on my goals.

I also just need a spot to complain I guess, lol. Just park my frustrations here and be done with it til next Saturday and try again. I’ll keep trying. I’m not discouraged, just frustrated. Most weeks I just accept it as “part of the life game”, but I had to spend my precious Saturday morning at the police station b/c me (and a few others) had their identities stolen, as I was notified last week at work about that. I get strongly irritated when I lose my Saturday mornings. So forgive me I mention this forty eleven times before the year is out. As I sit here this Monday morning and remember what I didn’t do Saturday morning rolled into Sunday or didn’t get done at all. What I normally would do on Sunday some of that is rolling into the after work zone this week where I get about 30 minutes to an hour free where I have to choose between doing something fun and relaxing or working toward goals. I do a mix of both. But quite frankly after being up for 14 hours at that point and having a work day – my mind is zonked as far as productivity and creativeness. So you guessed it. I usually choose a few moments to wind down.

I did get to some things last week on this list. I keep this project list going on Focus Matrix app b/c I can reorganize it by order of importance and can use the various quadrants as I wish. I usually don’t put all the weekly to do’s on it. But sometimes I do.

Most everything on my calendar list at the top of this blog got marked off. Those are little things to do after work. They build up as the week goes.

Items Accomplished Last Week: Big and Small

I guess I should marvel though at what I DID accomplish instead of rolling myself in mud at what I didn’t. I guess that is pretty good considering I work FT and all that went on.

  • Checked out my test results on line for my bone density test (need to take calcium)
  • Ordered my calcium on Amazon
  • Ordered a bridal shower gift
  • Bought a birthday gift card for family member
  • Worked on George’s anniversary card and his 30 reasons I love him.
  • Made pedi appointments for Mom and myself for this week ahead
  • Found recipes for the upcoming week
  • Fixed two meatloafs this week (and dinner) one night
  • Cancelled AARP as I’m just not using it and don’t have time to read the magazines
  • iPhone update, Mac update, and iPad update due to scams/security updates
  • Started KYD55’s program (late and not through the whole starter programs but several days in)
  • Ordered pictures of River (5X7) for our work
  • Brought some things out of storage I needed from downstairs
  • Going in early to work some to make up for doc appointments
  • Took Mom to eye appointment
  • Celebrated 30th Anniversary
  • Took Mom to Slim Chickens so she could buy us dinner. Nice!
  • Got several loads of laundry done – not all folded but washed – still need to do another load.
  • Changed George’s sheets out.
  • Reloaded my vitamins for the week
  • Did a Target order b/c I’m tired of hauling in groceries – that’ll help with some of the household supplies.
  • Did an Amazon order for something yesterday – oh yeah – make up. More of a choice on Amazon than in the stores.

The Week Ahead

**We have Pedi’s after work today. That will be relaxing. I can go through personal emails. Behind on that.

**I have a 7:40 eye appt for myself on Wednesday morning – my annual to check and make sure I don’t have what Mom has – macular degeneration.

**I have to iron as I didn’t get to to that yesterday.

**I cook Teriyaki steak and spinach Orzo on Thursday night. Will have to get ingredients but I think George is going to the store again so have to give him my ingredient list and study on what all I need to do.

**Need to update to iOS 15 which is out today I think. More updates on all devices I guess.

**Need to prep for a coworker’s birthday

**Need to update my Isagenix autoship

**Need to be specific about my KYD55 goals, watch the rest of the prep videos and print off the tracker. (I’ll have to explain more on this later, but it’s about setting and reaching goals for health, mind, helping others, and improving self. Yes I didn’t need any more projects I said, but I do. This is about habits. I’ve got to force it til I figure it out. I’ll explain later. But no more motivational books, I’m so motivated I could jump over the moon! But this is just mapping it out and working it in! lol. More on that later.

And that’s about it for now – not to mention trying to work in some things on the other list, trying to finish some of the bucket list items, and also doing some office work on things I need to do at home.

I know, I know, get rid of the lists? Then I’d be going crazier in my head and a list is a way I can remember the important things and park the ones that are less important. And I guess those are the ones I’m really wanting to get to. I didn’t even get to work on the video any for the next vlog.

I need another day off! πŸ˜‰ But here we go into the work week and will see how we do.

End of rant, end of dumping my frustrations here. I’m really motivated to try again. Each day is a new day and I really DO get a lot done in the week. I’ll keep working at it. And trying to work in some personal goals to tweak my routine a bit. And that is what it boils down to is getting the most important things done, trying to be healthy, help others, be a better person. And If we didn’t have things we wanted to do —we’d be bored with life. I’m far from that. My lists keep me going and keep me living so I’m thankful for them, wanting more time to do them, but grateful! It’ll be ok.