Norm’s Amish Market and Snow White Drive In / Mount Juliet and Lebanon, TN Area

Our day was mighty fine yesterday. It did ALL of our souls good to get out and do a few things other than work and home, chores, and to do lists. Our first order of business was to stop at Norm’s, a local roadside market with mostly Amish goods from Scottsville, KY. We used to go every year but it’s a little far for us now. So it’s nice to see this place, although pricier since its the middle man. I loved the photo opportunity and these Mum’s will be in full bloom soon.

Don’t pick up the peaches! See the sign?

You know how we love to go in and “pick our produce”, smell it, feel it, inspect it, thump it – lol, well we live in a different world with the “dreaded illness” out there so….you have to approach your roadside stand with a bit of mystery. So far there were no rotten veggies in the bottom of the basket, but we’d never know til we got home. Ha! I did touch a zucchini and George quickly scaled me and pointed me to this sign below.

Of course I laughed imagining me asking the clerk, “hey could you lift this to my nose please?” My guess is they would answer your questions and sell it to you. And we spent some money in there buying jams, pies (Mom) and squash, and zucchini, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

There was something about these boxes that made me want to take a pic. I suppose it’s because it strikes a memory of seeing them out on the Amish farms and in the little stores there in Scottsville, KY. There were 8 or 9 stops on the Amish market routes and we would visit each one. I remember trying not to go wild at each market b/c we wanted to buy something from each one. Soon we had come to learn which markets had which veggies that were the best of the best! While they all had a bit of everything usually, one had more pumpkins, one had more baked goods, one had the best variety of beans and jams, one had better tomatoes and so forth. I treasure these memories now. It was a Saturday we all looked forward to. But we have different excursions now, although less frequent these days, and I am ok with our excursions.

An Old Fashioned Drive in Diner at Snow White Drive In

Oh we really enjoyed ourselves here. What I unfortunately did not get a pic of as too many people would have been in the photo, was to get a pic of the picnic tables outside under the awnings on the let side of the building. There were some in front too and I didn’t see if there were any on the other side. But you could also eat in your car. We were lucky and got a picnic table away from others and in the back side where there was a field and a nice breeze coming through. At low 80’s in the shade and breeze, not much humidity, it was perfect!

They have been known to have excellent BBQ but they had all sorts of things that you would expect an old fashioned diner to have. All kinds of sandwiches, burgers, fries and onion rings, salads, ice cream, and even breakfast!

We also headed out to see Mom’s house and to go to a few shops in Lebanon. We didn’t want to tire Mom out too much. George and I would have parked and shopped all day in Lebanon, lol. We just hit about 3 or 4 and then headed back home. We stopped at Aldi on the way also.

I have decided to wait and share more of the pictures during the week as it gives me something to post. So you can look forward to seeing a few things from the shops in Lebanon, TN this week.

But I do want to say again how much it helped all of us yesterday to just get out there some and see what all we could get into. We sort of had a few plans but the Amish market was a surprise stop and one of the best. So GET OUT and just GO and see what all you can get into when life just feels like it needs a splash of something different.

George and I are doing a filming video today of what all is in our freezer! We’ve been talking about it for weeks. So I need to try and do something with my hair and makeup and lighting. I ordered that RING LIGHT finally, to give more lighting. We are going to film it from two angles – using my iPhone and the camera. This should be interesting. Because we keep adding things to the top of the freezer but we have not been to the bottom in ages.

So I need to go stage this and myself! I’ve not even opened the Amazon box the RING LIGHT came in. It might be something else entirely, lol.

Later today we are going out with BIL and SIL to a brewery, out to eat, and to see their new place. Excited to spend time with them.

Meanwhile in Texas

We faced time with Little Roo yesterday. He’s so “almost there” with the crawling. But not yet. He is just turning circles on the carpet. He’s loving to eat too. We watched him eat on FaceTime too. We have spent some good time on face time and I’m so appreciative of my daughter doing this for us. It’s almost like we are there, not quite but better than nothing. Special times. We just stop what we are doing and watch. The best thing is when he looks at the phone and smiles at us. Nothing makes us SMILE so big as to when he sees us and smiles. What a joy!

What are you up to this fine Sunday?

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  1. Oh Sonya, I’m so so happy that you had such a wonderful day yesterday, and that you shared it with us. Of course we don’t have such interesting places as your Amish to go visit…..There are farmers markets in all the small town/villages around, naturally Box is just too small for the. But Corsham and Chippenham have them. They are ok but again nothing like as fresh or good as at your Amish markets…..Today we have had a lovely day. We welcomed our new minister and his wife to church. I had of course met him when we did the zoom interview but it’s not quite like meeting someone,,,,in the flesh….so to speak. He is thinner than I thought, and slightly taller, he is a very smartly dressed which is nice. ( Our previous minister was far from tidy ! But was so nice she will be hard to beat).. he has a nice voice and reads very clearly all plus points. When we all,came out of church he was standing outside with his wife and spoke to everybody asking their names etc. by the time I got out he recognized me and said..we’ve met havnt we ? I said yes, I’m on the Leadership team….we will be meeting again soon I’ve no doubt …Everybody seemed of the same opinion…Time will tell if he will be able to give us good care etc. Once home Mary made a cup of tea and I made her a peanut butter filled roll. I just had a yoghurt …Very soon now I’m going to make a stir fry for Sunday dinner which is our usual tradition….it’s the one day that we also have a drink, we both like Pink Gin with lemonade !! Mary has just gone to get it from the freezer…..We are both going away in the morning to Edinburgh. Peter of course is driving it’s just to far for me to drive now. I used to think nothing of it but these days have gone I’m afraid. It usually takes about 6 hours but we will have to add on a bit more as we are dropping Mary off at her friend Jennys before we go back a bit to where Fiona lives. I’m hoping we avoid the worst of the work traffic, leaving at 7.30 going through Bath to get up to the M4 motorway then to Bristol where we connect with the M5/6 all the way almost to Scotland. Here comes Mary so I’m going now….God Bless. Take care. I’m taking my I pad with me so hopefully I will be able to connect to you….

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