Tackling a Big Dreaded Project

Oh ya’ll! It’s time for the finish line! It’s time to get these last few – I mean “many” – things put up from where we had the flooring put down and had moved things out of the way and out of china cabinets and corners and so forth.

I’m the reality blog here. So you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. But here is what I’m working on today. I’ll show you the after tomorrow. Yes tomorrow! That means it will hold me accountable right? Will I do it? Or will I fail? That is the way to get things accomplished. Just put it out there to the world and tell everyone tomorrow you will show a pic of what was accomplished today. BAM! Accountability set! Also I will set some music in there and also going to set up and infuse some oils in the diffuser! And I’ll keep the end result in mind at how wonderful it will be.

It tires me out thinking about how many trips this is, in and out of this sun room, putting things where they go. In some cases, there is no where for it to go or things have been put where they go. So it’s not simply moving it into “it’s spot” but creating a spot for it.

And some things will have to go down stairs in the basement.

I have 3 rugs that I will no longer be using. I still like them. Just don’t really need them but rugs are expensive so I hate to give them away. I guess they will go downstairs in the basement as well. And let me tell ya, Mom’s stuff is down there on top of any storage we already have, so there is not much room left downstairs. Maybe I’ll give you a glimpse of that one day too. You will think we are hoarders. Well, some of us might be, lol. Anyway we will have to work on the basement once we get Mom settled, and her stuff out, then we can deal with ours. Maybe take some stuff over for the yard sales her community will have.

How to Get a Big Project Done?

  • Set up Accountability – like I’ve done here today but maybe you have a spouse, friend, partner, or other social media?
  • Set up some “feel good music”!
  • Diffuse oils with “energy” types of essential oils – like citrus scents
  • Picture what it will look like when finished
  • Break it down in sessions if needed. If I didn’t have today I’d probably try to put up “5” items a day til finished on work days.
  • Take small breaks to do something fun – like fix popcorn – or a cup of tea or coffee – or take a walk
  • Avoid getting into a Saturday Netflix binge watching and big meals that will rob you of your work or zap your energy.
  • Start the project early in the day
  • Think about the exercise you are getting in
  • Hydrate while working with a big huge cup of water over ice with a straw in it!
  • Open the windows and enjoy nature while working

That’s my tips and that’s what I’m going to be doing today!

Other Projects and Fall is Coming!

Anyway, I plan to do laundry today, and change George’s sheets, get outfits ready for next week, get vitamins restocked, and pick out a few recipes to fix.

We only have two places to go this weekend: church and grocery. So for once, I’ll have some time to get things done. Maybe, just maybe, I will have time to work on video and the big TO DO List.

But first things first. I want to get this sun room tackled and get the house dusted and vacuumed and ready for fall decorating.

YES! FALL is coming ya’ll. And Sept 1 – I not only put up my whites to the off season closet, but I’ll bring in some longer sleeve shirts to the back of my in season closet, and will pull out the fall decor and create and transform the house.

Then Oct 1 brings another round of off season clothes with a few sweatshirts and sweaters and the short sleeves go to the off season closet. Truth be known this occurs a little bit at the time as both of these closets are upstairs.

I need to be working on the fall and Christmas bucket list. ;-). It’ll go up probably Oct 1. I’ll keep Sept as a summer month so we can continue to work on the summer bucket list.

So, I have my work cut out for me today but I’m happy to be here at home. Happy to get to work on “my nest”.

Saturday’s are so important. Especially Saturday morning and early afternoons where the energy level is highest. And then, it’ll be time for relaxing!

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

What you got going on, this Saturday??????? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it, and get to do what you want to do.

Back tomorrow with a picture of what I accomplished. 😉

3 responses to “Tackling a Big Dreaded Project”

  1. Yes! Fall is near. We already have some red & yellow leaves. That’s crazy talk y’all.
    I have faith in you. You will conquer your sunroom. Actually considering the fact your entire house was upended, I think you did great thru the whole process.
    Give yourself a bit of credit. 🤗

  2. Hi Sonya, Hope you aren’t interrupted by hearing this come into your blog ! You certainly don’t want to stop to see what we have said !! I hope you manage to get everything putto there final resting place today so that tomorrow you can enjoy the day. Hope you do decide to do something with your rugs, it is a shame to give them away, over here in our village we have a web site that we can post in things we want rid of either by selling or giving away don’t you have anything like that for Mount Juliet and district ? I look every day, not that I really want or need anything but you never know,!! Certainly better than letting the moths get into your rugs…
    I’ve told you earlier what I’ve done with loads of Nick Nacks….it felt so good to be rid and thie place looks so much better and less cluttered…..
    I was expecting my niece Beth over this afternoon however she thinks she has got food poisoning, she has been ill since Thursday she called the Dr. But didn’t get any real advise that she didn’t know herself …like taking plenty fluid. But nothing even water is staying down, she even has a pain in her tum, she felt so bad last night during the night she was thinking of calling the NHS help line but she knows how busy they are so didnt Max she says has been great holding her head etc as she was sick. She is such a strong girl it’s not like her to be so poorly. Please keep her in your prayers…thank you xx. Enjoy the rest of your day, hope Mum goes to church with you and dosnt make a fuss…….God Bless. Xx

    • Oh no I hope Beth is ok. Food poisoning I’ve had once and I vow never again. It made me picky about what to eat. George gets irritated with me as I won’t eat anything past the sell by date hardly. Yes I stopped to read comments! It gives me a lift to my day! We definitely have too many nic naks!

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