Fairvue Plantation House, Gallatin, TN and Weekly Update

Some of you may know, that my husband George grew up in Gallatin, TN. My grandmother also lived on a farm in the area for some time. And then George and I lived in Gallatin for about 15 years or so, until we moved to Mount Juliet. So getting to visit the Fairvue Plantation house in the area, was a real treat for us last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of this home both inside and out.

That said, it is someone’s home, and so I did not take pictures of the inside. But it was gorgeous and the family that lives there is a precious family and they have so much history and enjoy sharing the history with others. What it looks like inside just takes you back to an era long forgotten. It is both modern but yet contains the genuine southern plantation feel from days long ago. Not that I would really know what that is like, lol. But one imagined, one read about in books, and as seen on TV.

We arrived extremely early not wanting to be late, me -having come from Nashville from work and then to Mount Juliet had to give ourselves plenty of time to get there. Waze took us a back way to skirt around traffic on the 109 Highway and Lebanon Rd – Hwy 70. We saw some area we had not seen before. I’m always surprised to find entire neighborhoods built aside some farmland that I had no idea. This area around Nashville, Mount Juliet, Lebanon, and Gallatin, is booming. But arriving early we took a stroll down to the lake. I wish I’d had the Canon with me! It was a little humid and a lot of mosquitos but so worth the view.

Two videos above. The first one was for instagram and the 2nd was for the vlog. I see the formatting looks better on Word Press using the sideways method of holding my phone. Good to know.

This was the icehouse. And some pics I took below on the grounds. Enjoy.

There was a wine reception, a tour of the house along with this history, and then dinner. All of it was exquisite. We met some wonderful people. We absolutely loved this evening and I will never forget it. I was also shocked at how beautiful this last picture came out all lit up at night.

Adelicia was one of the previous owners of the house – well, married to the owner of the house, who at one time was involved in slave trade, but not at the time she married him. I’m very excited to have been given this book, when I had asked about it. This should be interesting. It’s a very big book! Bigger than Gone with the Wind I think.

So we made it home a little past my bedtime last night but not too late. I am glad that it is Friday.

Other Updates from the Week

Mom fixed breakfast for dinner one night this week. We didn’t have hash browns nor potatoes to slice to make any but we had crinkle fries.

Our sweet neighbors brought over a headstone for Roger. So sweet. I need to work on the doggies little grave area and pretty it up. This was so sweet of them.

The weather has been rainy and ominous at times as these tropical systems go by to the east and frontal boundaries hover from the west and north. Making for some soupy times. George has been unable to mow as the grass is always too wet.

This cell below, was the radar of what you see above in the cloudy/rainy pic. This storm had winds blowing in both directions and wanted to rotate. You can even see a notch in the rain below. But a funnel never formed. I don’t think there was enough energy and the jet stream was not involved. But these storms dumped a lot of rain in a short time.

Meanwhile in Texas

River’s Day Care teacher is still out with COVID. She has had a rough time. The hospitals are full. She was treated and released because they did not have room to keep her. But Katy said she was getting better. Still not sure she will be back next week. So church members have helped by keeping River this week. River has had a blast. Or as most of you know him as my “Little Roo”. Short for Little Buckaroo.

And so I’ll leave you with this.

No plans for the weekend but just getting things done on the list. I worked on the vlog video some yesterday morning. I need to do some voice overs this weekend. Still trying to decide how to handle “Roger”. We want to tape a segment and do a special video and I decided we would do that “true to the time frame” of his death along with the natural timing of our videos. But since most people know he is gone I am wondering if I need to do a real time update in one of the videos. No biggie, just something I’m trying to decide.

So I’m off to finish getting ready and get to work.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. Whatchadoing this weekend yourself?

10 responses to “Fairvue Plantation House, Gallatin, TN and Weekly Update”

  1. Ho Sonya your blog took a long time to arrive today it’s just after 4 pm and usually I’m writing to you around your going to,work time….ie, as soon as your blog pops up…anyway I’m so glad you had such a fab time last night. What a wonderful place you went to. Did Mum go with you ? You didn’t say what you had for dinner, that is most unusual LOL….the photos of the…estate… looked lovely. Sorry your having some odd weather systems, it’s the same over here it’s been very cloudy and showery this week but today at least it is warm so must be thankful for that. Nothing planned for the weekend, my niece may come over, she wants to look at the power of attorney we had made quite a number of years ago New rules have come in now and we are not sure if our old ones are still valid, so she will look through the papers we have, both Beth and Max are my and Mary’s next of kin and we appointed them to take over our care if ever we were unable to do so ourselves. She was coming couple of nights ago but something came in the way.
    Glad River is enjoying being with others for care. It’s good that he is happy with others it’s bound to do him good. Enjoy your weekend whatever you get to do.
    God Bless ……( how did Mum and George get on looking at the next phase in house building ?

    • No Mom didn’t want to go. It was our financial advisor that invited us. We had pork tenderloin with a white sauce, green beans, twiced baked potatoes, a summer salad, homemade rolls, wine, and peach cobbler with ice cream. Oh and the house was coming along . Next with dry wall, brick the outside and windows.

  2. I couldn’t imagine living in that humongous estate. Wow. I would love to get lost in there. That was one fine evening.
    Our temps are going up in the 80’s this weekend. Muggy and humid. Storms.
    Not nice weather to be out in.
    I’m spoiled with AC. I have tons of things I need to do inside if I have to. There’s always something.
    River spreading the love in TX! ❣

  3. Well that estate is gorgeous ! i would love to tour something like that. Just gorgeous ! 🙂

    I love Roger’s memorial stone. How thoughtful are your neighbors!? So nice to have live near you that are kind and compassionate .

    No big plans this weekend. We went to the Christmas Tree Shop and Cracker Barrel. It has lost its flare. Actually I’m going to say that they must be very short staffed because it wasn’t up to snuff. A bit dirty and I hate dirty ! lol ( I might be a tad OCD) about restaurants !! But even the floor was a bit sticky. YUCK! So tomorrow we will put together our bathroom make over, the lawns hubby will do and some ironing for my mama. Nothing great!

    River is simply gorgeous ! I know, for a boy I should say handsome but that seems to bland. Love his smiles !

    Have a great weekend!

    • We have a big Christmas shop here that just opened. I’m just not in the mood for Christmas yet. But it’s open year round. I wonder if it’s the same one. Oh sticky floors do me in. Nasty.

  4. Beautiful place. Your dinner sounds wonderful. I love fine dining and beautiful places. I am glad your little River is okay. He sure looks happy.

  5. Thank you for your pictures of and write-up about Fairvue Plantation in Gallatin. I am a high school art teacher in MNPS, and I recently bought two windows that came out of the home. I have them in my room at school for now, and my students were impressed to see the house. They are two of the fifteen paned arched windows from the upstairs, last section from the right. From reading the history of the house and the look of the windows, they appear to date from the 1930’s restoration. I would love to have a high resolution image to blow up and place behind the windows. If this is possible, you may contact me at kelley.gibbs@mnps.org. Your first picture is the one that shows the arched window the best. Thanks again, Kelley

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