Candied Rib in Mount Juliet, McKay’s Haul, Czann’s New Nashville Brewery, and Our Bucket List Update

Sauces of The Candied Rib, Mount Juliet

We really enjoyed our day yesterday. I was feeling a bit of anxiety not having much time at home this weekend. I did manage to get the laundry washed (not folded and nothing ironed), but we sure enjoyed our time celebrating George’s birthday. (See previous blog entries over the last few days.) Now it’s time to fast! lol.

We went to the Candied Rib after church yesterday. The food was great. They are newly opened and are not serving their entire menu yet. They were a little harried – working the kinks out – and ran out of ribs before Noon – and they close at 2. (Yikes, I know that made them anxious, as “ribs” are in their title). But everyone, including the customers were nice. I think we are all getting used to the scramble of Covid and actually are pushing to help those new restaurants who are trying so hard to come to this area with its recent boom of new growth. I told George for Christmas shopping, I want to shop local. I know we’ll buy on Amazon too, but I really want to at least try to support the locals if we can find things that we want to give people for Christmas. A lot of them are Mom and Pops. And we need that. A community needs that. But the Candied Rib has something special and they will work through this! Word of mouth is spreading about this place and they will be more prepared in the weeks to come. It’s fine line I know with the COVID blow up that is happening and just starting to reach our community in the last week or so. But what they have going is “take out” and that should enhance their business in a big way.

What I liked about the Candied Rib was they had good smoked meats and they had a great salad. It was farm fresh greens. I can’t find good fresh greens like I had yesterday and the carrots and cucumbers —- oh yeah. Mom laughed when I said “wow this tastes like a real cucumber”.

Farm to Table ingredients on my Simpleton Salad from Candied Rib with Smoked Chicken added

Now I kinda wished I’d added the tomato basil soup! Next time. This actually filled me up though. It had chic peas.

McKay’s Bookstore Haul and George’s Trading Secrets

Then George and I went to McKay’s bookstore because he loves the place. Let me just go into detail about George and his beloved McKaye’s.

1. He actually has an excel spreadsheet of all the things he wants to buy: books, CD’s, movies, and so forth. He keeps it going and crosses off what he finds and then adds things to it and takes it back next time to look again. They may not have it one trip but the next they might.

2. He goes to yard sales and buys books, CD’s, games, DVD’s and all the things that they take and buy from you at McKay’s – and he gets credit on his account.

3. He had $365 worth of credit yesterday. I got to help spend some and he always encourages me to find things. I am just behind on the reading!

4. He goes every chance he gets. It’s on the OTHER side of Nashville so it’s hard to get to and I guess he probably goes about once a quarter.

5. He listens to the CD’s he buys on his commute and puts songs on the CD’s that he likes, on his iTunes, and then trades the CD back to McKay’s.

6. Of course he also reads books and turns them back in as well.

So he loves his transactions and interactions with McKay’s.

Here’s my haul. George was impressed that I took longer than he did. Usually I’m having to wait for him. I go to the travel section and the audiobook section normally, and I added the Puzzle section and DVD Movie section yesterday. Yesterday the crowds were horrendous. There were too many people around the audio book section so I gave up. I didn’t want to be THAT close to people. I’m fully vaxxed but still it’s only 60 to 80 % effective. And I think I can still pass it on to others, if I have understood correctly. So yeah – I opted out on the Audio. I get it “free” anyway – well it’s not actually free but I get an audio a month through audible that is already paid for through the monthly app fee. I have a credit to use up now.

Here’s the Books and DVD’s:

And here’s the Puzzles. They are not all Ravenburger and they could have pieces missing. But I went for it since we had the credit. The Christmas puzzle was one I had on my Amazon Wish List.

Then we went to CZann’s new brewery location. It was easier to get to and park and much bigger than the downtown Nashville location. It also had an outside seating area to it. It used to be a church I think. It looks that way at least. Nice brews as always. We will try to make it back for the Pumpkin Ale, coming before too long! It’s juuuussst right! We look forward to it every year. Missed it last year.

George imitating the Czann pic.

So….we managed to dodge most of the rain somehow the last couple of days. Somehow! Thank you Lord for the protection. And we have some tropical systems that will be bringing us a lot of rain this week.

On the way home last night we brought in the family pack of Captain D’s. And that was good but oh my – I paid for it last night. I just can’t eat fried food like that. Also didn’t sleep too well.

Bucket List

We assessed the Bucket List yesterday and we are doing pretty good! Better than we usually do. We have checked a lot off. We are over zealous in our planning. These are mainly just options. But surprisingly we are checking lots of them off.

And I had to laugh when I looked back at my photography session for you all. I have a store in my bedroom:

The Week Ahead

I was thinking this was an easy week with no appointments but there are a few once I turned the calendar. I have a hair appt Wed evening. And we have a wine reception, a special meal and touring an old plantation property with our financial advisor on Thursday. It’s the neighborhood that he lives in. We are excited about that. And then this weekend, I think we have nothing and I’d like to keep it that way. Also Thursday George takes Mom for the PreDry Wall Walk Thru of her new house. I’m grateful he is taking that one. As I have all the doc appts.

Prayers Needed

Little Roo’s Day Care teacher has COVID and also there are some other people that I know that have it that don’t want it mentioned. So please pray for these folks. Little Roo’s day care teacher is hospitalized. Also prayers needed for Katy and Cody who are struggling and scrambling to find day care. She started back to school this week, so horrible timing. And Cody, although works nearby on the ranch, still has responsibilities he has to attend to. So they are having to drive to another city where someone at their church has taken a couple of days. But help this situation. We are far away and can’t help. Even if they were here, we work too but it’s just a bad situation.

And I’ll be doing payroll tomorrow, so no blog post. Wednesday I may post, if not it’ll be Thursday. Haven’t been able to work on the video in several days. It’s just been too busy after work and my weekend was all taken up this weekend. I will have to do housework in the evenings on the evenings I have available anyway – today and tomorrow only it looks like. Need to iron and fold all the laundry I washed. lol. We had too much fun and now have to cram all the chores in – or they will sit and await me on the weekend. George started to make plans and I said “noooooooooo”!

Over and Out!

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  1. Akkk, no alerts on the past 3 posts!
    I would love an hour in a popshop. Oh yeah…
    My oldest sister & I LOVE circus peanuts.
    Maybe our mom use to eat them. They can be almost impossible to find most of the time. Walmart has them on occasion.
    You guys had a delicious busy weekend. Do you feel hungover today?
    This covid business is getting out of control again. It’s so depressing.
    I’m feeling this Monday:(

  2. Hi Sonya, I’m afraid I’m very late getting this written today….well actually I did start but a friend….Muriel….arrived to play her games of majhong so I stopped and I’m only getting down to doing it now…..What a wonderful week George has had of birthday celebrations, your meal at Ribs sounded fab. Certainly a place to visit again…soon…..I’m just amazed by how much you managed to fit into your weekend….in fact I’m amazed how much you always fit in to your days…I’m so so sorry to read about the news from Texas. Poor Kate it’s so much to have on her mind first the virus flying around and now not being able to get good day care for our wee one. I’m praying that things will get better soon and certainly pray that the regular carer gets better very quickly and does not suffer with long Covid which can be worse than the first infection or so I have heard. ….As I write this I’m thinking you will almost be at the end of your day. Hope it’s gone well. Take care driving home. God Bless

  3. As soon as they opened up back up, we made a decision to go to the local places that were forced to close during the lockdown So the places that seemed to thrive during the lockdown were off our list/ We have a lot of little mom and pop eatries in this area and we are going with them. One of the favorite pizza places was forced to close completely because they could not come back. Hours have changed. Closed more days due to lack of help. So we check when we we are heading out to make sure they are open that day. I believe these people appreciate their customers. One place we went the owner manager was busing tables and refilling drinks so that the staff working could take orders and get the food to the tables. I had read remarks from customers complaining that maybe owners and others should help out. We have found that they do, they are making sure their customers are being serve as the best as possib le

  4. It looks like you are set for the fall and winter months with books and puzzles.
    That’s neat the system your George has set up..
    We like Fatz baby back ribs. They are so tender they fall off the bone. Your salad sure looks good. We eat a salad a lot in the summer months.
    We have had hard rain and storms here for the past few days. Which we needed the rain. Everything was brown before the rain.
    I ordered 5 doz ears of silver queen corn. So I will be freezing corn this week.
    That is awful about Roo’s teacher. I hope she will be okay and the children won’t catch.
    I am worried sick about when Grandson goes back to School. He will be wearing a mask and washing his hands but I am still concerned. I think the teachers should get the vaccine. For their own good and everyone elses. I was not happy about getting but I did and had no side effects at all.

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