Clutter vs. Clean and Weekend To Do List

Dialogue With Myself After Putting the China Back in the China Cabinet

I’m not sure how I had it in there before but it looks awful, lol! I tried so hard to make it display but then I had too much to cram in there. It looked fine before. Now it looks detestable. Why can’t it look like it did before. It was better than THIS! But I’m tired of fooling with it. And quite frankly I just have decided not to care. I’ll be giving up this china cabinet later in the year anyway. I’m getting two of Mom’s corner cabinets and we’ll have to move some things around to make it work but I think I’ll have more room for the china. Ughhhh. It is what it is. But I’m disappointed in myself. I’ve arranged this numerous times and it worked out fine before. I’ve determined that I’ve lost my touch at decor now. Well that is the way I feel. ::sigh:: Truth or not. I had to really push it all together when I added the cups and glasses. Maybe if I could put the cups out of site toward the back and bring the glasses forward? Ughhhh, this is going to drive me blasted mad. I won’t be able to let it go will I? Not even for two months? Maybe one afternoon after work with a glass of wine, I’ll give it another try. I was rushed, I was tired, and honestly just really too tired to care last night when I tossed it all in. I mean I tried to make it look nice as I went, but I rushed it. Ok, I’ll give it another try but…..when the time is right and I’m in the mood….maybe! Either that or just remain insane about it. (Insert Eye Roll Emoji Here.)

Lighting is horrible here as it was early in the morning with no sun yet and having to rely on living room light and is the iPhone just not taking good pics anymore? Did one of their updates change something? My little 8S is not cutting the mustard anymore. It used to be automatic and make things better. Anyway got the glassware back in this cabinet.

So most of our high function areas are put back together but the living room and sun room areas. Just debris, boxes, some NicNacs and things that came from under beds, behind doors, in corners, nooks and crannies, closet floors and such. So yeah – still quite a bit to be worked back in or taken downstairs or wherever. A lot of it is George’s, but some of it is mine also.

But at least these spaces are functional: kitchen, den, and dining room table, and bedrooms. You have to have some clean functional rooms to start with so you don’t go completely mad. I cannot stand clutter. I’ve learned to put up with some as George thrives on clutter ::sigh:: George does have his computer set up at the end of the dining table but we can at least eat a meal there. I thought I took a pic of the den this morning but I guess I didn’t. Duh! Oh well.

I have to laugh as I got the pub table cleaned off last night after work with the glassware put up. And I got up this morning and George is already putting his normal clutter there. You can still see the drying towels. lol

So I guess I’ll work some on this today. Today is a home day for me as we will be gone a lot tomorrow. More on today’s to do list here in a few. So I’ll get as much picked up as I can as long as I can get my “must do’s” done. Are you tired of seeing pics of my house yet? lol

BBQ Dinner

I’ll back up to say that yesterday was a busy day at work. I was busy doing both Thurs and Friday. Some of the payroll issues have died down since the plant moved and the management team changed some. So luckily not having to spend a LOT of time on that anymore. Just normal human data error issues remain. And that will always be there. What do they say + or – 3% is good for an error rate? lol. But very little to “fix” yesterday from everyone’s input or lack thereof. So I was able to focus on getting most everything done and I had finished the month end taxes on Wednesday. So it was a great day to be off Thursday. I needed it so bad and got a lot done at home. I was really beginning to feel off balanced – like I was always at work and my to do list and home list responsibilities were growing and combusting and I could never whittle them down. So it gave me a chance to at least get our house back functional. Anything else was gravy.

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I picked up BBQ from Whitts last night on the way home. We added wings at George’s request and that made our meal $65 for the 3 of us. I gave a $5 tip even though they handed the food out the window just because of this year and restaurants need some support. But this is actually going to last us two meals (lunch today) or maybe breakfast for some of us. We have lots of buns left over. I got a big family pack that serves 8 I think. Two lbs of meat – one BBQ and one Turkey. I added a side so we’d have slaw, beans, and potato salad, and I bought tea. The wings alone were 10 for $14.95 or something like that. Anyway I felt bad as we had talked about going out as we discussed at the dinner table the night before. We played a game at the table to see where we’d go. We selected a place called Granny’s Kitchen. George looked it up and Granny’s closed around 4 – I think it’s a meat and three only open during the day. Our 2nd place was Whitt’s BBQ which is primarily take out. I mean they may have a picnic table or two but it’s primarily drive thru. George asked me to bring it home. He had to remind me what our 2nd choice was.

So Mom still thought we were going out. She didn’t remember either that Whitt’s was our 2nd choice. She was surprised when I came home with BBQ. She was all showered, dressed, with make up on and looked so nice. I felt so bad. We have to remember to communicate more and better I guess. I told her I’d take her to Belk or somewhere if she wanted to go. We could have gone and gotten dessert. She looked so nice and ready to go. But she wasn’t mad at us (at least she didn’t seem so) and told us it was ok. She likes BBQ so no problem there. We enjoyed our dinner.

Weekend To Do List

My laundry is done except for maybe a load of sheets and another load of darks but got most of that done on Thursday as well. So here’s what’s on the list for today:

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  • Tell Alexa the grocery items I need so it’ll be there Tuesday after work when I go again
  • Wrap George’s Birthday gifts
  • Wash George’s Sheets
  • Give George a hair cut
  • Iron and Pick out clothes for work week
  • Check Smoke detector Batteries
  • Redo Vitamins for the week
  • Make Brownies for tomorrow
  • Open Mom’s big Chewy Box
  • Put Up Stuff in the House
  • Amazon Order
  • Work on My Personal To Do List (Files on PC, video work, etc.) <—–Stuff I really want to do!

So here’s the list of stuff I end up parking. Most of it are longer term things I want to remember to do. By the time I get time to do them I have forgotten what they are unless I keep a list. A lot of it has to do with blogging/vlogging/learning/growing/expanding/improving. Some of it is just for fun. Some of it is really necessary. Some of it is just Fluff. A lot of it I rarely get to. When I do get to those things far on the list, I’m proud of myself! I looooooong to get to some of these things on the list. But often feel selfish too b/c I really have to fight to get time to do videos or extra blog work. These days anyway. And spare time I once had is harder to find. But I trust that God will find a way to delight my soul.

Sunday Plans

We are headed for friends house tomorrow – Don and Lisa’s for some pool time. We are having summer “barbeque” type of items: brats and the fixings. I think George is bringing shrimp and also I suggested a rice salad. Since he likes to cook and I’m always running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off – he’s fixing those two items and I offered to make brownies. Hopefully I can make it happen. lol

Hopefully a blog on Monday morning! I’ve decided to do Every Other day again so I can get some video time back. I’m in a tail spin right now with videos. I first have to do some file organization and then there is the Roger issue. We need to stop and do a tribute. And also he’s in the introductory part. I will have to do a new introduction and cut him out. Do we do a live update or just keep going with time. I’ve not decided. It’ll happen naturally as I begin to work on it again.

But the delay has been mainly due to the flooring and having some extra responsibilities. So things will hopefully get back to normal. We have done a lot this year! And we have a lot left to do too. It’s overwhelming when you think of it. But God has decided we are up for the task I guess. He never gives us more than we can handle. And He answers our prayers always. Sometimes it’s wait, or no. But most of the time He helps us do His will and then Rewards us by delighting our souls with periodic down time. I love Him for that.

I struggle b/w doing what God wants and what I want with the time I have left on the earth. Too many hobbies.

Ahhh, I have a headache this morning for some reason and I NEVER get them. Anyway off to chug along on all these little lists so I can work on the Big List. 😉

What all do YOU have on YOUR List today??????

Meanwhile in Texas

Momma sent Little Roo a couple of books. One of them is interactive and he just loves it.

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  1. Hi Sonya, Oh what a hectic life you sure lead, even when you are writing about everything I can hear your brain rushing LOL. About your lovely China cabinets, they are lovely but I agree that they are not looking good. Can I make a suggestion, things you only use very occasionally like your lovely Christmas dishes etc. Do you really need to display them ? If you do why ? Could you not keep them for the Christmas Season and meantime pack them safely in a box. That would give you more space to display your lovely glasses ….I do think in display cases less is better than more. I had quite a clear out last couple of times a friend got everything out and washed ready to put back. I suddenly had a thought why was I keeping this and that, oh well. So and so gave it to us, do you love it ? Not really, but, so I decided as it was highly unlikely I would ever see whoever it was that gave it to me it could go to the charity shop where it would raise money for them and give pleasure to whoever bought it…or even if they bought it for a gift that they couldn’t have afforded, it’s amazing how much I put out and I have to say the cabinet looks a 1000% better. I can actually …see….everything and at Christmas I got battery lights and was able to arrange it around and about things and it looked so lovely, don’t know why I didn’t think of it before….. Your BBQ tomorrow sounds great, I presume Mum is going is going ? It will be good if you can get into the pool, that will help you to relax. I’m so looking forward to your next Vlog….but I know your having a hard time finding time to fit everything in….Mary and I should have been at a friends daughters wedding today however although there were no restrictions on number of guests, the place where the reception is stated they were still restricting numbers so poor Elizabeth had to restrict the numbers….It’s been a very wet afternoon so we are now praying that Elizabeth did not get too wet getting photographs taken. Well love must go and think of dinner. Stir fry tonight I think as tomorrow a free church I have to stay behind and help get the church ready for our farewell tea party for our lovely minister and her family ….So must go. God Bless.

    • Yes I’ll figure something out with the China but for now having to move on to other things. Mom won’t usually go to things with our friends even though we offer. She is a private sort and I think likes to be home where she can do what she wants and when she wants instead of being on our hectic schedule but she’s always welcome. Unless we declare a self outing like I did on shopping day a couple weeks back where I needed my own time.

  2. Do you have any pictures with your china cabinet in it? That might help.
    I know this will drive you crazy.
    Your flooring looks so nice. It really does.
    I love bbq. Pulled pork. Ribs. Bring it on. We don’t have that many options out here in the mountains. The price we pay for solitude. 😮
    You did the right thing by taking a day off work. When you work full time it really doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
    Rock on!!

    • I wondered that too about old pics. Not sure I had any directly on it. Maybe if the room itself. Thx about the flooring. It makes me happy. We have waited so long. Oh to live in the mountains though! 🙂 Yeah day off felt great. Have a good weekend.

  3. Hi Sonya!
    You have been busy! I love to redecorate but the “fixing” the house after is so much work! The cabinet will come together. At least its in its place and as you get a little bit more rested it will come along. A lot of times I will tackle something and not like the outcome and have to re-do it. All of a sudden the vision of what you want will pop in your head and it will be perfect!

    You are so lucky to have BBQ’s! We have barely cooked out this summer due to rain and cold. We had a nice hot spell in June and since then nothing higher than 75! This week it will be higher but calling for rain the week. The positive? The lawns and flowers are gorgeous ! So pretty! The negative is that we can’t cook out and no one is using the pool. Bummer but I hope to see some sun and heat by mid August!

    The baby is adorable! As my mom would say he is all boy! 🙂 Very cute and busy! Nothing like grandchildren!

    My list for the weekend was to help my parents who live 4 houses down from us. They are 87 and 83 and getting very old and very needy. So I cook for them usually every night and lately been cleaning their house. And next week I will start doing their laundry! Busy! But they are worth it. And they do appreciate everything I do. Thank Goodness or I would have to disown them! LOL NEVER!

    Have a great time at the BBQ!

    • It’s getting really hot down here but the nights and mornings have been pleasant. That is so sweet of you to do what you are doing for your parents. My mom is 77 now and building a house lol 😂 but we will be helping her as well.

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